Proposal Made at “the Future Leaders Forum: China-Japan-Korea” was Presented to Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Japan Foundation has been organizing "Future Leaders Forum:
China-Japan-Korea", a dialogue program among young future leaders from the three countries, implemented jointly with All-China Youth Federation (China) and the Korea Foundation (Korea).

In the forums held in past years, 6 future leaders selected from respective countries in the field of politics, public administrations, business sectors, academics, media, and NPOs gather annually to promote mutual understanding and networking through workshops, discussion and opinion exchanges, touring through the three countries for ten days. This forum has been held eight times since its initiation in 2002 and has invited 46 people from Japan, 42 from China and 45 from Korea.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this program, a special forum was held to discuss future relations among Japan, China and Korea by the past program participants.

Photos taken at the forum

The special forum was categorized into three groups of politics, economics and civil societies. "Vision 2030 for Northeast Asia" was proposed after deliberate discussion by the past participants and presented to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of a courtesy call on the following day.

Photo of  Minister of Foreign Affairs and forum participants

Date March 28 (Wed.), 2012, 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Venue Toshi Center Hotel Room 706: Forum and Press Conference / Room 606: Reception
Theme Vision 2030 for Northeast Asia(PDF:23KB)
*Click here for English report.
Organizer The Korean Foundation (Korea), All-China Youth Federation (China), The Japan Foundation


1. Japan

Participants Year of Participation Organization/Title
Takaaki Mizuno 2002 Asahi Shimbun, Editorial Writer
Kotaro Tamura 2005 Democratic Party of Japan, Former Japanese Parliament Member
Tsuyoshi Hashimoto 2006 Policy Secretary to Takahiro Kawagoe (Member of the House of Representatives)
Masahiko Shibayama 2006 Member of the House of Representatives/Liberal Democratic Party
Eri Ishikawa 2007 Japan Association for Refugees, Secretary General
Yoko Iwama 2008 Graduate Research Institute of Policy Studies, Professor
Keisuke Suzuki 2008 Liberal Democratic Party, Former Japanese Parliament Member
Saori Miyagawa 2009 Kyodo News, Correspondent
Iehiro Tokugawa 2009 Translator/Writer
Ayumi Suzuki 2009 Coalition of Legislation to Support Citizens' Organizations, Communication Director
Naoki Kazama 2009 Democratic Party of Japan, Member of the House of Councilors
Takashi Sekiyama 2010 Meiji University, Assistant Professor
Satoshi Ukai 2010 Asahi Shimbun, International News Section, Deputy Director

2. China

Participants Year of Participation Organization/Title
Zhao Gang 2004 National Research Center of Science and Technology for Development, Science and Technology Department, Vice Director
Sun Jing 2004 University of Denver, Department of Political Science, Assistant Professor
Han Jing 2005 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, First Secretary
Zhang Nuowei 2006 Shandong RuiSen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and General Manager
Chen Zhiming 2008 CHINA DAILY/ International Department, Director
Guo Guoqing 2009 Renmin University of China/Marketing Research Center of China, Director and Professor, National People's Congress, Deputy
Ye Hailin 2009 SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES, National Institute of International Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Editorial Director
Song Yiming 2009 Youth Federation of International Department, President
Jia Jun 2009 Beijing Oriental BabyCare Consulting Co Ltd, General Manager
Liao Lichun 2010 Beijing Center Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., President

3. Korea

Participants Year of Participation Organization/Title
Jung Eui Kil 2004 The Hankyoreh Media Group, International Section, Senior Staff Writer
Lee Ha Won 2006 The Chosun Ilbo / Political Desk
Hur Sae Hong 2007 GS Caltex Corporation, Senior Vice President
Kim Hong Kook 2009 TBS, News Director
Choi Kyu Nam 2009 East Gate Partners, President
Hong Jung Wook 2010 Member of the National Assembly

Photo of forum participants
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