JENESYS East Asia Future Leaders Programme E: Migration and the Role of Community amid the Global Financial Crisis

Photo of JENESYS East Asia Future Leaders Programme participants

The Japan Foundation has conducted the "East Asia Future Leaders Programme" under the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme from 2007 to 2012.
It is a short-term exchange scheme which specifically targets young intellectuals and practitioners of particular activities aged up to 35 years in East Asia. Each program focuses on a specific theme and emphasizes a series of discussions on thematic issues common to the region, and interaction with Japanese experts and citizens with specific backgrounds.
Promising youths from the relevant fields with the related expertise expected to become the leaders of the next generation visit Tokyo and other localities, sharing every moment of study tour program together and nurturing a bond among the members. The program aims at developing mutual understanding and building networks among the 16 participating countries including Japan, a host country.






E: Migration and the Role of Community amid the Global Financial Crisis

15 youths from the 13 countries were invited to Japan and 19 including 4 of Japan participated in the program. Those who actively involved with migration and the role of community amid the global financial crisis in the fields of NGOs, academia and educations, public administrations, and media spent 13 days together and fostered solidarity. The young leaders of each country visited Tokyo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Fuji, and exchanged their views with the counterparts in Japan.

Program Period

May 12 to May 24, 2009

List of Participants

Country Name Institution
Brunei DK. Elina Zuraidah Pg. Kamaluddin QAF Brunei Sdn Bhd
Indonesia Leolita MASNUN Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI),
Research Center for Society and Culture (PMB)
Laos Amphaphone SAYASENH National Economic Research Institute
Malaysia Renuka T. BALASUBRAMANIAM Messrs T. Balasubramaniam Bar Council Human rights Committee
Myanmar Maw Maw Tun International Organization for Migration (IOM) ,
Phang Nga and Ranong Office, Thailand
Philippines Minette Angeles RIMANDO International Labour Organization (ILO)
Singapore ChunTian, Ng Ministry of Manpower
Thailand Saranya CHITTANGWONG International Organization for Migration (IOM) ,
Phang Nga and Ranong Office, Thailand
Vietnam Nguyen Viet Dung Nguyen Viet Dung
Australia Rasika Ramburuth JAYASURIYA Victorian Multicultural Commission, Secondment from the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet
Australia Linda Petrone Victorian Multicultural Commission
New Zealand Hannah MALLOCH NZ Government, Department of Labour
China ZHANG Shuyang CCTV-4, International Broadcast Center
China LIU Xiao Fang Beijing Vantone Foundation
Korea KIM Oi Hyun The Hankyoreh
Japan Hitomi Takaki Nagoya University, Associate Professor
Japan Yukiko Abe Waseda University, Master Course
Japan Ralph Ittonen Hosoki Tokyo University, Doctor Course
Japan Sayaka Kikuchi Japan Association for Refugees


Date Program
May 12 (Tue) Arrival in Japan
Welcome Dinner
May 13 (Wed) Orientation
Introductory Lecture by Programme Advisor
Country Report from the Participants
Welcome Reception
May 14 (Thu) Visit to the Office of the Coordination of Policies on Foreign Residents, Cabinet Office
Lecture by Dr. Yoshiko Inaba, Lecturer at Hosei University & Mr. Shigeyuki Yamamoto, the Representative of NPO Kyojukon
Visit to NPO Minna no Ouchi and Exchange with migrant children
May 15 (Fri) Lecture by NPO Japan Association for Refugees
Lecture by Federation of Workers’ Union of the Burmese Citizens in Japan (FWUBC) and Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan (BRAJ) and meet with refugees
Visit to Japan-Brazil Academy (Brazilian School)
Lecture by Ohizumi International Education Skill Diffusion Center
Discussion with Prof. Chizuko Kawamura, Professor at Daito Bunka University
May 16 (Sat) Visit to Sun and Sand Advisors Co. Ltd and Discussion with Indian expatriates
Leave Tokyo for Kanazawa & Stay in Kanazawa
May 17 (Sun) Visit to Higashi Chaya Town, Oumi-cho Market, Myouryu Temple, Kenrokuen, Kanazawa Castle Park
Leave Kanazawa for Nagoya & Stay in Nagoya
May 18 (Mon) Visit to Nagoya Immigration Bureau, Bara Kyoshitsu (Rose Classroom)
Visit to Multi Cultural Center (FREVIA) of Kani City
Visit to Part time Bank
May 19 (Tue) Mid-program wrap up and Discussion / Brainstorming for Group Presentation
Visit Meiji-Mura
May 20 (Wed) Feedback from Program Advisor on the Group Presentation and Discussions
Leave Nagoya for Fuji & Stay in Fuji
May 21 (Thu) Visit Myoushouji Temple and a lecture on the “Machi no Eki (Neighborhood Station)” project of Fuji City
Field Walk (Visit several “Machi no Eki” in Fuji city)
Visit Yoshiwara Honjuku (Inn) / Town Management Yoshiwara and lecture on the history of the Inn, the Tokaido Road and community activities
Tokai Seishi Kogyo Co. Ltd and talk to some of their migrant workers
Leave Fuji for Tokyo & Stay in Tokyo
May 22 (Fri) Work on Group Presentation
Courtesy Call to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
May 23 (Sat) Group Presentation
May 24 (Sun) Departure from Japan


『Migration and the Role of Community amid the Global Financial Crisis』
The report book includes the overview of the study tour, keynote lecture of the program advisor Dr. Yasushi Iguchi, and group presentations and individual reports of the participants.

  • Published by: The Japan Foundation
  • Date: December 2009
  • ISBN: 978-4-87540-113-1
  • A4 format, English, Not for Sale

JENESYS Programme
  • *This is a part of JENESYS (Japan - East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) Programme.
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