JENESYS East Asia Future Leaders Programme M: Energy Security: Working Toward the Development of Sustainable Energy Management System

Photo of JENESYS East Asia Future Leaders Programme participants

The Japan Foundation has conducted the "East Asia Future Leaders Programme" under the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme from 2007 to2012.
It is a short-term exchange scheme which specifically targets young intellectuals and practitioners of particular activities aged up to 35 years in East Asia. Each program focuses on a specific theme and emphasizes a series of discussions on thematic issues common to the region, and interaction with Japanese experts and citizens with specific backgrounds.
Promising youths from the relevant fields with the related expertise expected to become the leaders of the next generation visit Tokyo and other localities, sharing every moment of study tour program together and nurturing a bond among the members.The program aims at developing mutual understanding and building networks among the 16 participating countries including Japan, a host country.






M: Energy Security: Working Toward the Development of Sustainable Energy Management System

23 youths from the 13 countries were invited to Japan and participated in the program. Those who actively involved in energy securities in the fields of NGOs, academia and educations, public administrations, arts, and journalism spent 12 days together and fostered solidarity. The young leaders of each country visited Tokyo, Oita, Okayama, Osaka, and exchanged their views with the counterparts in Japan.

Program Period

March 5 to March 16, 2012

List of Participants

Country Name Institution
Cambodia KIN Sothea Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy
Cambodia Vathana MOY Mnistry of Environment
Cambodia San SOPHAL Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy
Indonesia Nanang Triagung EDI HERMAWAN Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency
Indonesia Budi SANTOSA PT. Andalan Rekadaya Social Indonesia
Laos Vannasack SATTAKOUN Department of Energy and Mines, Champasak Province
Laos Sonevilay KHOUNTHAM Energy and Mines Office, Vientiane Province
Malaysia Mohammed Emir Fadzley Bin ROSELEY Chief Minister's Department of Sarawak
Malaysia NG Yeen Seen Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute
Myanmar Wint Thiri SWE Ministry of Energy
Philippines Kamama Duma EDZLA Alliance for Mindanao Off-grid Renewable Energy
Philippines Eduardo Dela Rosa  MAGDALUYO, Jr University of the Phillippines
Singapore Muhammad Suhaimi Bin ISMAIL Energy Market Authority
Thailand Kanlaya NAKLUNGKA Healthy Public Policy Foundation
Thailand Pakorn LERTSATIENCHAI Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute
Australia Valerie Marie-Pierre SAGE Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Australia Jennifer Sharyn BECKMAN Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
Australia Rikki Dominique WEBER Geoscience Australia
New Zealand Tania Joy HOOD Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
New Zealand Timothy Charles TAYLOR Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
India Vagish SHARMA Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
China ZHANG Xing Planning Division, National Energy Administration
Korea KIM Hyo Jae Plant Facility Team, Incheon International Airport Corporation


Date Program
Mar. 5 (Mon) Orientation
Welcome Reception Party
Mar. 6 (Tue) Country report by participating countries on “Energy Security”
Keynote Lecture: "Global Context & Challenges" Dr. Yukari Takamura, Professor of International Law, Nagoya University
Visiting Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise (shops lining the street up to the temple)
Mar. 7 (Wed) Visit & Lecture: "Renewable Energy and Power Conservation Promotion Plan", Ministry of the Environment
Meiji Jingu Shrine
Home Visit: “Experience Lifestyles and Energy Saving Activities in Everyday Life"
Mar. 8 (Thu) Lecture: Tsunagari Nukumori Project, Energy Green
Transfer from Shinjuku to Ogawa-cho, Saitama
Visit & Lecture: NPO Foodo Katsuyo Center
Transfer from Ogawa-cho to Kawagoe
Mar. 9 (Fri) Visit & Lecture: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Visit & Lecture: Japan Airport Techno Co., Ltd.
Tour of the Panasonic Center, Odaiba
Mar. 10 (Sat) Individual Site Visit
Mar. 11 (Sun) Transfer from Haneda Airport to Hatchobaru Geothermal Power Station
Tour of Hatchobaru Geothermal Power Station
Transfer from Hatchobaru Geothermal Power Station to Beppu
Stay in Beppu Hot Spring, Oita
Mar. 12 (Mon) Transfer from Beppu to Yufuin
Visit & Lecture: NPO Kaze no Harappa
Transfer from Yufuin to Beppu, Umijigoku, Jigoku Meguri
Transfer from Beppu, Oita to Kurashiki & Stay in Okayama
Mar. 13 (Tue) Transfer from Kurashiki to Mizushima by bus
Lecture: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Transfer from Mizushima to Korakuen by bus
Transfer from Korakuen, Okayama to Osaka by bus & Stay in Osaka
Mar. 14 (Wed) Tour of Osaka Station City: Osaka Terminal Building Co., Ltd
Preparation for group presentations
Mar. 15 (Thu) Group presentations
Closing remarks by Advisor, Dr. Yukari Takamura
Farewell lunch
Mar. 16 (Fri) Departure of participants from Osaka

JENESYS Programme
*This is a part of JENESYS (Japan - East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) Programme.

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