A Wild Haruki Chase: Tokyo Program

A Wild Haruki Chase: How the World Is Reading and Translating Murakami

Tokyo Program

Public Symposium

Saturday, March 25, 2006, 13:00-18:00
Building 900, Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo Access
(3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
1,000yen (to be used for the printing cost of the distributed pamphlets)

Day one on March 25 is an open event where American author Richard Powers will give a speech about the cosmopolitan nature of Murakami's works. Powers' speech will be followed by a panel discussion featuring translators and critics who will talk about the impact of Murakami's literature in various countries across the world, as well as episodes involved in the publication of his works.
The symposium will be held mainly in Japanese, though some speakers including Powers will give thier speech in English (English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be prepared).

  1. (1) Keynote Speech by Mr. Richard Powers, American Novelist
    “Haruki Murakami's Global Distributed Self-Mirroring Subterranean Neurological Soul-Sharing Picture Show”
    Facilitator: Motoyuki Shibata
    Commentator: Leung Ping-kwan (Hong Kong)
  2. (2) Panel Discussion by the Translators from around the world
    Facilitator: Shozo Fujii
    Panelist: Corinne Atlan (France), Kim Choon Mie (Korea), Dmitry Kovalenin (Russia), Lai Ming Chu (Taiwan) and Jay Rubin (U.S.A.)
  3. (3) Book-Jacket Design around the World / Comparison of Japan’s image
    Facilitator: Mitsuyoshi Numano
  4. (4) Haruki in Moving Images
    Facilitator: Inuhiko Yomota


Sunday, March 26, 2006, 13:00-16:00
Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo Access
(3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
*Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 will take place at the same time.

Day two is directed at students, researchers and those who are working in the field of literature or translation. Participants will be asked to attend one of the two workshop groups. The first will discuss how translators see the charms of the Murakami world, while the second group will discuss the globalization of Murakami's works and representation of Japan’s images.
Main language used is Japanese, though some speakers use English.

Workshop 1
Room: Gakusai Koryu Hall
The Joy of Murakami’s Works: From The Perspective of Translation”
Facilitator: Motoyuki Shibata and Mitsuyoshi Numano
Speaker: Erdös György (Hungary), Mette Holm (Denmark), Jonjon Johana (Indonesia), Tomas Jurkovic (Czech), Ika Kaminka (Norway), Dmitry Kovalenin (Russia), Lai Ming Chu (Taiwan), Serguei Logatchev (Russia), Jay Rubin (U.S.A.) and Ye Hui (Malaysia)
Workshop 2
Room: 18th Building Hall
The Murakami Boom and Globalization: Is This Japonisme or Universal Literature?
Facilitator: Inuhiko Yomota and Shozo Fujii
Speaker: Corinne Atlan (France), Angel Bojadsen (Brazil), Ted Goossen (Canada), Uwe Hohmann (Germany), Kim Choon Mie (Korea), Leung Ping-kwan (Hong Kong), Ivan Logatchev (Russia), Anna Zielinska-Elliott (Poland), Alfred Birnbaum (USA)
*Announcement of a new participant (Workshop 2 Representation)

How to take part

For day one on March 25 and for day two on March 26
Those interested in taking part should apply by either E-mail or Fax, completing the following information.

(1)choose A–E for the events you would like to attend (2)full-name (3)address (4)phone number (5)occupation.
A. Symposium
B. Workshop 1
C. Workshop 2
D. Symposium and Workshop 1
E. Symposium and Workshop 2

The deadline of the application is March 1 (wed.),
Addressed to :ACE JAPAN (Fax (03) -5562-4423 or by E-mail)

Inquiries about the events should be directed to Europe, Middle East and Africa Division, the Japan Foundation E-mail

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