KAKEHASHI Card: a new tool to enhance communication

photo of KAKEHASHI Card 1

The Japan Foundation created “KAKEHASHI Card,” which is a communication tool to deliver Japan’s charms and deepen interactions. It can be used as name card during exchange trip and also as greeting card after returning to Japan. Moreover, it is turned into a KAKEHASHI-shaped origami, by folding along the lines. Origami is a Japanese art familiar to people all over the world, and therefore, by making a bridge-shaped paper object as a symbol of international exchanges, we express our aim which is youth exchanges between Japan and the U.S. to be more enhanced and last long.

The U.S. version: Stars and Stripes/ The Japanese version: Hinomaru

photo of KAKEHASHI Card 2

It can be used as name card.

photo of KAKEHASHI Card 3

It is turned into a KAKEHASHI-shaped origami by folding.

photo of KAKEHASHI Card 4

photo of KAKEHASHI Card 5

U.S. students received the KAKEHASHI Card.

photo of U.S. students received the KAKEHASHI Card


The KAKEHASHI Card is designed by Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER), one of the KAKEHASHI Project participants (Young Professional Creators Exchange) after planning together with the Japan Foundation.

Eisuke Tachikawa

photo of Eisuke Tachikawa

Eisuke Tachikawa undertakes broad-ranging design activities that are focused on social significance. He has won a large number of awards in international competitions, including the Design for Asia Award and PENTAWARDS PLATINUM AWARD. He serves as Concept Director for the Cool Japan Movement Promotion Council organized by the Cabinet Office and contributes to drawing up the Cool Japan Mission: “Japan, a Country That Provides Creative Solutions to the World’s Challenges.”

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