Summary Report : Symposium "Cultural Communication - New Communication Tools and the Future of International Relations"

With the development of new communication tools such as social media, the exchange of information among individuals has accelerated and information can be spread worldwide quickly. The exchange of information through the internet has an enormous impact on diplomacy as well as international cultural exchange.

At the symposium hold on December 12th, 2013, we compared and discussed how these new communication tools were used in Japan, Germany and the rest of the world. How does social media affect the images of nations and the work of mass media? How can civic participation in international cultural exchange be encouraged? And what will societies and international cultural exchange look like in the future?

This report summarizes the points discussed by leading scholars and practitioners at the symposium.

Date December 12th, 2013 10:00AM~6:00PM
Venue Japanese-German Center Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Language Japanese and German with simultaneous interpretation
Organizers The Japan Foundation and Japanese-German Center Berlin
Audiences Approximately 90 people
  • Session 1:
    Changing Media and Changing Communication Styles
  • Session 2:
    New Communication Tools and International Cultural Relations
  • Session 3:
    Social Media and Diversifying Actors
  • Final Discussion
  • AIDA Hirotsugu (Kyodo News)
  • Prof. WATANABE Yasushi (Keio University)
  • Prof. SHOJI Masahiko (GLOCOM, International University of Japan)
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander GÖRKE (FU Berlin)
  • Dr. Heinrich KREFT (German Federal Foreign Office)
  • Anja TÜRKAN (ifa Research Programme "Culture and Foreign Policy" on "Digital Diplomacy" 2011-2012)

Photo: Ms.Anja  TÜRKAN, Presenting about the “Digital Diplomacy” Ms.Anja TÜRKAN, Presenting about the “Digital Diplomacy”

Photo: from the Symposium
Photo from the Symposium

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