Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences (FY 2007-2008)

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  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2007 when the grants were awarded


Grantees Project Title
Center for East Asian Studies, Renmin University of China The Forum on East Asian Cooperation 2007 "Changing East Asia and USA: Chance and Challenge"
China Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) 2007 International Summer Symposium and Lectures on Social Policy
Forum on Asian Civilization Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Conflicts among Places and Cultural Identifications in the Modernizing Processes of Asian
Southwest University of Political Science & Law International Symposium on Harmonious Society and Crisis in the Time of Globalization
Tongji University Re-building Mutual Recognition in the New Era of China-Japan Relations: To Overcome the Hatred among the Two People

Grantees Project Title
Development Education Association and Resource Center 'Sustainable Development' Glocal Workshop: Improving Positive Citizenship for Community Development
Executive Committee for International Conference on Cultural Heritage in Ethiopia 2007 International Conference on Cultural Heritage in Ethiopia 2007
Executive Committee of ALFP (Asia Leadership Fellow Program) 2006 Alternatives in Action in Asia: Critical Analysis and Message Transmission Utilizing Audio-Visuals
French Bureau of the Maison Franco-Japonaise International Symposium: Japan-China in the Globalization Era: Development Strategies and Economic Relations
Genron NPO The Beijing-Tokyo Forum
German Institute for Japanese Studies Migration and Integration - Japan in a Comparative Perspective
Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, International Christian University The Significance of Cultural Exchange Between Japan and India: What is Prosperity in the Global Age?
International Association for the Study of Asian Community (IASAC) Asianism in the Age of East Asian Community, its Past and Present; Okakura Tenshin and his Successor
Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) International Conference & Symposium: What Japanese Civil Society Can Do Toward 2008 G8 Summit in Japan
Japan Association for Cultural Exchange Unification of Human Intellect project 2007 / Forum on Intellectual Unity 2
Japan Cultural Association The 5th Russian-Japanese Conference of Researchers and Journalists
Japan Environmental Council Workshop on Remedies for Environmental Damages
Kyodoren The Exchange Conference for Disabled People of Asian Four Countries
Kyushu Economic Research Center Japan-Korea Strait Zone Symposium 2007
Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture International Symposium: The Challenge of Religious Pluralism and Dialogue: The West, the Middle East, and Japan
New Trends of Architecture in Europe and Asia-Pacific Committee New Trends of Architecture in Europe and Asia-Pacific 2006-2007
Ryukoku University International Conference Organizational Committee International Conference on Global Business and Economic Development
Seigakuin University General Research Institute Japan-Korea-China Joint Seminar: A Study of the Feasibility and Strategy of a Potential North Korean Reformation in Reference to the Nuclear Experiment
Shokei Gakuin College Social Support for the Rights Protection of Children and their Participation in Social Activities in Asian Countries
The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ) The Japan-Black Sea Area Dialogue "Japan and the Black Sea Area in the Rapidly Changing World"
The Japan P.E.N. Club International Conference on Disasters and Culture
The Japan-Vietnam Association The Japan-Vietnam Forum for Intellectual Exchanges on Culture and Education
The Steering Committee for UMAT Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations

Grantees Project Title
The Korean Association of International Studies 10 Years after the Asian Financial Crisis: Changes and Continuity
The Sejong Institute (Japan Center) Korea-Japan Future Forum 2020

Grantees Project Title
Mongolian Development Research Center Ulaanbaatar Forum for East Asia
School of Foreign Service, National University of Mongolia Environmental Security in East Asia


Grantees Project Title
Research Center for Regional Resources - The Indonesian Institute of Sciences Questions of Nationalism and Cultural Identities in the Present Day Asia

Grantees Project Title
Asia ACTs Against Child Trafficking Enhancing Child Protection from Trafficking through Database Development
Museo Pambata Foundation First Asian Children's Museum's Conference "Bridges of Peace"

Grantees Project Title
ASEAN University Network (AUN) Workshop on Enhancement of Intellectual Property Teaching in ASEAN
Chulalongkorn University International Conference on Globalization, Competitiveness and Human Insecurity in Rural Asia
Sathirakoses Nagapradipa Foundation The 3rd International Conference on Gross National Happiness "Towards Global Transformation-World Views Make a Difference"

Grantees Project Title
Ho-Chi Minh City University of Law Japan-Vietnam Law Intellectual Exchange Conference


Grantees Project Title
Indo-Japan Association for Literature & Culture (India) Transcending Cultural Aestheticism: Exploring Literary Exchanges between India & Japan in Poetic Forms and Content
Institute of Economic Growth (India) Reviewing Theatre History: Disciplinary Agendas, Cultural Arenas, Institutions in South and South-East-Asia

Grantees Project Title
International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) Workshop on Management and Resolution of Violent Group Conflict in the Context of Terrorism


Grantees Project Title
School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland Mediating across Difference: Asian and Oceanic Approaches to Security and Conflict
University of Queensland The Girl, the Body, and the Nation in Japan and the Pacific Rim
University of Sydney Symbolizing Authority in Japan: Premodern, Modern, Postmodern (A Japanese History Workshop)
University of Wollongong-Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies (CAPSTRANS) Occupying 'the Other': Australia and Military Occupations from Japan to Iraq

Grantees Project Title
New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Auckland Maritime Cooperation in East Asia: Competing Understandings of Human Security


Grantees Project Title
University of British Columbia, Centre for Korean Research Popular Culture Flows in Contemporary Northeast Asia
York University Cinema/Movement The Interaction between Artistic and Social Praxis in Japanese Filmmaking


Grantees Project Title
Brasil-Japan Cultural Institute The 2nd International Forum for Ecology
Paulista State University (UNESP-Assis Campus, Sao Paulo) XVIII Encontro Nacional de Professores de Lingua, Literatura e Cultura Japonesa e V Congresso Internacional de Estudos Japoneses no Brasil

Grantees Project Title
Catholic University of Chile Chile-Japan: 110 Years of Friendship. International Seminar and Cultural Week


Grantees Project Title
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) The 7th Annual IIASA-DPRI Conference on Integrated Disaster Risk Management "Coping with Disasters: Challenges for the 21st Century�h
Salzburg Seminar Session 445 Challenges to the International Monetary System: Rebalancing Currencies, Institutions, and Rules

Grantees Project Title
Institute of European Studies - Free University of Brussels Japan-European Union: A Strategic Partnership in the Making

Grantees Project Title
Estonian Foreign Policy Institute Discussing Russian Foreign Policy with the Baltic and North-European Countries

Grantees Project Title
Council of Europe International Symposium on "Image of Others in Ourselves in History Teaching in the Context of Globalization"
French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations Paris Symposium of Japan France Tale of Genji Research: Scenes, Narration and Time in Tale of Genji - From the Viewpoint of Opacity

Grantees Project Title
Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf Japanese Diasporas-Diasporas in Japan
Japanese-German Center Berlin Forgotten Territories in Japan and Europe
Japanese-German Center Berlin From Dialogue of Cultures to a Global Culture of Dialogue

Grantees Project Title
National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden Siebold Collection Working Conference

Grantees Project Title
Norwegian University for Science & Technology (NTNU) Eldercare in Japan and Norway

Grantees Project Title
Jagiellonian University Civilization of Evolution. Civilization of Revolution. Metamorphoses in Japan 1900-2000

Grantees Project Title
Moscow State University Public Administration in the Social Sphere of the 21st Century in Russia and Japan - Tradition and Innovation

Grantees Project Title
Japan Library Group, Tenri Workshop Preparatory Committee Tenri Antiquarian Materials Workshop for Overseas Japanese Studies Librarians
Sensory Trust The ASK Project


Grantees Project Title
Department of East Asian Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem The International Conference on Japan in Honor of Professor Ben-Ami Shillony

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