Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences (FY 2008-2009)

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  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2008 when the grants were awarded


Grantees Project Title
Center for East Asian Studies Renmin University of China The Forum on East Asian Cooperation 2008 China's Reform and Opening up and East Asian : Review and Perspective
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Symposium on Harmonious Economic and Social Development in China and China-Japan-Korea Cooperation
Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences International Conference on Development Cooperation in the Bohai Region
The Hong Kong Institute of Education Envisioning Japanese and Chinese Philosophical Potentials in the 21st Century

Grantees Project Title
AMARC Japan Empowerment of Communities by Internationally Collaborated Broadcasting
East Asia Environmental Information Express Messenger 4th East asia Environmental Citizens' Coference
Gakushuin Women's College International Comparative Study on Blood Managemant and HIV/AIDS -Symposium and Workshop-
German Institute for Japanese Studies Fertility and Social Stratification -Germany and Japan in Comparison-
Institute for International Policy Studies Japan's Strategy toward China in the 21st Century
International Academic Society for Asian Community (ISAC) Creating an East Asian Enviromental-Bio-Energy Community; Towards the Non-taraditional Security Common Policies and its Role of Japan
Japan Cultural Association The 6th Russian-Japanese Conference of Researchers and Journalists
Japanese Committee of The East Asian Literature Forum The East Asian Literature Forum
Research Institute for International Understanding Modern thoughts on East Asian Solidarity and the International Understanding Education
Ritsumeikan University An international joint research on the development of treatment and educational program for children with autism and pervasive developmental disorder in the East Asia
The Executive Committee of the International Workshop "Russia's Volga-Urals as a Crossroads" International Workshop "Russia's Volga-Urals at a Crossroads: Empires, Islam, Nationality
The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan Anatolia and Syria at the beginning of the 1st Millennium B.C.
The Society of Japanese and French Arts 150 years of artistic exchanges between France and Japan

Grantees Project Title
Asian Center for Woman's Studies 2008 International symposium on Women and Migration in Asia : Trans/formation of Gender, Family and state Policy
Dongseo University The International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences in Seoul
The Korea-Japan Next-generation Academic Forum
University of Kookmin International Comparative Study on the Opening of Diplomatic Documents to the Public


Grantees Project Title
Center for Study and Child Protection Southeast Asia Conference on Child Sex Tourism
Jember State Polytechnic (POLIJE) International Seminar on Reformation of Social-Economic Institution for Poor Household in Indonesia

Grantees Project Title
Faculty of Law, University of Malaya Inaugural Malaysian International Law Symposium 2008
Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia International Conference on Contemporary Scholarship on Islam: Japanese Contribution to Islamic Studies

Grantees Project Title
University of the Philippines Social Action and Research for Development Foundation Inc. (UPSARDF) Towards Integrating Islamic Thought in Social Work

Grantees Project Title
HelpAge International Asia Pacific Regional Development Centre (HAI-APRDC) Capacity Building on Social Pension Programmes to Enhance Social Protection in Old Age
SEAMEO RIHED (SEAMEO Regional Center for Higher Education and Development) The Conference Series on Raising Competitiveness: Exploring the Ideas of Creating Higher Education Common Space in SE Asia


Grantees Project Title
Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association, Sindh (PJCA) International Symposium on Photojournalism


Grantees Project Title
Bond University How Globalisation is Shaping the Asia-Pacific: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
The University of Queensland Gender and Sexuality in Aging Societies
University of Tasmania Excellence and Innovation in Japanese Literary Studies in the Australian Unversity Context

Grantees Project Title
New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Auckland The Mekong Sub-Region: Economic Growth and Community Construction


Grantees Project Title
Brazil-Japan Cultural institute The Third International Forum for Ecology
Catholic University of Sao Paulo Japanese Spiritual Heritage In Brazil - Modalities of Religious Transplantation and Cultural Adaptation since 1908
Center for Logic, UNICAMP III International Colloquium on Japanese Thought
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Faculty of Letters, Department of Oriental and Slavic Languages, Japanese Letters X I X Encontro Nacional de Professores de Lingua, Literatura e Cultura Japonesa e V I Congresso Internacional de Estudos Japoneses no Brasil
University of Brazilia Seminar and Conferences to Celebrate the Centenary of Japanese Immigration to Brazil

Grantees Project Title
Political and Social Science Faculty, University of Colima Civil Society, a Comparative Study. Japan and Mexico


Grantees Project Title
Center for Environmental Studies and Nature Conservation International Conference - Preservation of Biocultural Diversity - a Global Issue
Salzburg Global Seminar Participation from Japan in Salzburg Global Seminar Session 455, Peace-Making and Peace-Building: Securing the Contributions of Women and Civil Society

Grantees Project Title
Institute of European Studies - Free University of Brussels Japan, Europe and Asia: Strategic Partnerships and Regional Integration
Universite catholique de Louvain International Competition between Common Law and Civil Law as Sources of Advice for Legal Reforms in Developing and Transforming Countries
Universiteit Gent Remembering the Glory Days of the Nation: Sport as lieu de memoire in Japan

Grantees Project Title
The Finnish Society for Cinema Studies Imaginary Japan-Japaneseness and Fantasy in Contemporary Audiovisual Culture

Grantees Project Title
Centre de recherches sur le Japon, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales(EHESS) Symposium "Etre vers la vie"
Council of Europe Cross-Border Cinema Culture - Conference on "The Role of the Cinema in Encouraging Intercultural Dialogue"
Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient The 2nd International Kegon Gakkai
University of Strasbourg (Department of Japanese Studies-Strasbourg, France) Censorship, self-censorship and taboos

Grantees Project Title
Japanese-German Center Berlin Managing the Medusa-Global Governance Issues. Japan, US, UK, Germany: Approaches in Comparison
Japanese-German Center Berlin Education for Sustainable Development in Germany and Japan
Johann Wolfgang Goethe Univ. of Frankfurt Am Main, Department of economics and administration Cultural Power Asia: Producing Culture, Forming Identities

Grantees Project Title
Tuscia University Plurilinguism, Multiculturalism and Language Learning: Comparing Japan and Italy

Grantees Project Title
Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael Symposium on 150 years of Dutch-Japanese Diplomatic Relations

Grantees Project Title
Institute of Security and Development Policy Security and Development in Asia : New Threats and Challenges in the Post - Postwar Era

Grantees Project Title
Rylsky Institute of art studies, folklore and ethnology National Academy of Sciences Ukraine Ethnic group in the cross-cultural Japan modern culture and tradition in the Global Economy

Grantees Project Title
Department of East Asian Studies, University of Cambridge The Texture of Tokugawa Thought in its Social and Political Context
Links Japan UK-Japan Research Conference on Social Enterprise and Social Innovation
Wilton Park Wilton Park Conference 'Japan: Challenges and Opportunities


Grantees Project Title
ASCAMAJ Enable a better Comprehension of Sub-Sahara Africa by the Japanese Media so to boost the multidimensional cooperation

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