Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences (FY 2009-2010)

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  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2009 when the grants were awarded


Grantees Project Title
Center for Japanese Studies, Tsinghua University East Asia's Counter Measure To This Global Economic Slowdown
The Educational Committee on the History of Japan The Educational Meeting on the History of Japan
Tsinghua culture in East Asia Talks Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia: Asian integration on the basis of culture
Center for Japanese Studies, Tsinghua University An International comparative on the communication and the operation system of science and technology in modern society
Henan University Japanese Studies Center Comparison of industrialization in China and Japan
Tongji University Center foe AsiPacific Studies Public Diplomacy and Japan-China non-traditional security issue

Grantees Project Title
Japan Women's University Rewriting modern and contemporary Japanese intellectual history Project
Criminal law Society for the study of Chinese law The Congress of Japan and China on the Criminal Law Problems, 2009
Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law Public forum and panel discussion on "International Law in a Multi-polar & Multi-civilizational World : Asian Perspectives, Challenges & Contributions"
Organizing Committee for "Canton and Nagasaki Compared" conference in Japan International Symposium "Canton and Nagasaki Compared" the second conference in Japan
Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project Asia Interpretation Forum
Researchers Consortium for Japan-China-Korea Cooperation International Symposium on Japan-China-Korea Regional Cooperation: Common Risks and Solutions
Sekiguchi Global Research Association (SGRA) International Academic Symposium The Battle of Khalkhyn Gol (Nomonham Incident) in World History --Knowing the Past and Talking of the Future--
JAPAN ICOMOS National Committee World Heritage International Symposium for peace building in the world
Japan Society of Gender Studies Labour and Culture in Mekong Regions from the Viewpoint of Gender
Modern Asian Architecture Network How Should We Inherit Our Urban Environmental Cultural Heritage in East Asia?
Michigan-Japan Network to Promote an Interdisciplinary Team Approach for Support of the Elderly Japan-Korean joint Conference "Challenges and Opportunities of Aging Asia : Toward the New Social System for Aging Society"
Seigakuin University General Research Institute International Symposium: East Asian Peace and Democracy: A Study of the Construction of a Regional Social Security System with reference to North Korean Issues
International Academic Society for Asian Community(ISAC) Promoting east Asian Regional Integration through the Lessons of Europe/EU; The Roads to Non-war East Asian Community in the Era of Post-America
Committee of Cultural Typhoon Inter-Asia Cultural Typhoon 2009
Japanese Committee of The East Asian Literature Forum The East Asian Literature Forum
International Symposium "Formation of Tribal Communities: Integrated Research in the Middle Euphrates, Syria" Executive Committee, The Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq, Kokushikan University International Symposium "Formation of Tribal Communities: Integrated Research in the Middle Euphrates, Syria"
The Nabokov Society of Japan International Nabokov Conference in Kyoto
Executive Committee of International Conference in Japan International Conference in Japan, Commission of History of International Relations
German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo (DIJ) Imploding Populations: Global and Local Challenges of Demographic Change
OurPlanet-TV Tokyo Media Festival 2009
Waseda Univsrsity, Organization for Islamic Area Studies Cairo Conference: The Second International Conference New Horizons in Islamic Area Studies- Identities and Coexistence and Globalization
Japan Cultural Association The 7th Russian-Japanese Conference of Researchers and Journalists
The Global Forum of Japan(GFJ) Prospects of Changing Wider Black Sea Area and the Role of Japan
Asian American Literature Association, Japan AALA 20th Anniversary International Forum

Grantees Project Title
The center for East-North Asian Culture The present situation of the Marine Humanities in Korea, Japan, and China
Dongseo University The 6th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences in Fukuoka The Korea-Japan Next-generation Academic Forum
The Hope Institute Intellectual interchange project between Korean and Japanese civil society for maturing "The Social Designer" and making the creative society
The Korean Plitical Science Association Joint Research on the Change of Political and Policy Environments in Japan and Korea during the 2000s
Woosuk University, Korea The 4th Japanese-Korean Humanities Social Science Academic conference
Korean Association of Japanology(KAJA) Imperial Japan and East Asia Neighbors - In the perspective ideology and culture -
Public-Service Organization, Future Forum of Korean-Japan East-North Asia's surroundings changes and searching for Exchange・cooperation in 21C

Grantees Project Title
Mongolian Development Research Center Ulaanbaatar Forum for East Asia - 3


Grantees Project Title
RMI-the Indonesian Institute for Forest & Environment International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development Lesson Learned from the Fields
Panyingkul Foundation International Symposium and Workshop: Citizens' Perspectives on Japan-Indonesia Relations
The Indonesian University of Education Seminar & Workshop: Quo Vadis Traditional Arts V- Increasing Cross - Cultural Undersitanding through Arts Education

Grantees Project Title
Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore Death and Dying in Early Modern Japan Conference

Grantees Project Title
Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Peace, Human Rights and Good Governance: East Asian Democracies at the Crossroads
Neo-Angono Artists Collective Inc. A Multilateral-Country Conferene and Feasibility Workshop on Public Art as a Step Towards Creative City Development
University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology 2nd Forum on Music Research Centers in Asia

Grantees Project Title
Mekong Institute Regional Symposium on "The Impacts of Economic Integration on Rural Livelihood and Ethnic Minorities in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region"
Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) under its Mekong Partnership Project Asian Theater Forum on/for Development: A Satellite Forum-Conference at the Mekong Arts & Media Festival 2009
Asian Institute of Technology International Workshop on Gender, Migrant Workers and Citizenship in Great Mekong Subregion: Economic and Political Perspectives for a World in Crisis
Mekong Sub-Region Social Research Center (MSSRC) Seminar on Cultural Diversity of the Mekong River: Sharing Experiences from Japan and the Mekong Countries

Grantees Project Title
Ho Chi minh City National University-University of Social Sciences & Humanities-Center for Vietnamsese & Southeast Asian Studies Japanese small medium enterprise - Experiences to success
SEAMEO Regional Training Center Improving understanding of Japanese higher education & sharing best practices in curriculum leadership & development among higher education leadres in Japan, Vietnam, Lao PDR & Cambodia
Hanoi National University of Education The International Conference on the Professional Development of Teachers through Lesson Study


Grantees Project Title
Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies(BIISS) Human Security Approach to Counter Extremism in South Asia: Relevance of Japanese Culture

Grantees Project Title
Center for the Study of Developing Societies Asian Trajectories


Grantees Project Title
The Australian National University New Approaches to Human Security in Asia
The Australian Network for Japanese Law (ANJeL) International Conference on Human Rights in Asia
University of Sydney War Art and the visual representation of War

Grantees Project Title
The University of Otago Vision of Peace: The West and Asia


Grantees Project Title
University of British Columbia Conference on Japanese Immigration and Foreign Workers


Grantees Project Title
University of Vienna Family Structures and Social Benefit Schemes
Austrian Institute for International Affairs Managing Regional and Global Threats to Security Perspectives from Austria and Japan

Grantees Project Title
Institut d'Etudes europeennes- Universite libre de bruxeles (Institute of European Studies Free University of Brussels) Japan-Europe Partnership: Facing Common Global and Regional Challenges
Catholic University of Louvain Institutional Competition between Common Law and Civil Law as Sources of Advice for Legal Reforms in Developing and Transforming Countries

Grantees Project Title
Aarhus University The Global Rise of Contemporary Japanese and East Asian Visual Arts
University of Copenhagen, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies Cultural Cities: Creativity and Social Inclusion in Osaka and Copenhagen

Grantees Project Title
College de France Institute des Hautes Etudes Japonaises Symposium "Japanese Study Resources and their Circumstances"
Research Center Historie des Respresentations, Universite Francois-Rabelais, Tours(F) Weltliteratur in the Global Village? Yoko Tawada's West-Eastern Pillow Books

Grantees Project Title
Japan Center, Ludwing Maximilians University Munich International Conference on Creating Cities: Culture, Space and Sustainability
Freie Universität Berlin MISHIMA! Worldwide Impact and Multi-Cultural Roots.

Grantees Project Title
Department of Economics, Universita "La Sapienza" Roma The Development of SMEs: Policies, Actors and Problems. A Comparison between Japan, Argentina and Italy

Grantees Project Title
Vytautas Magnus University, Japanese Studies Centre Symposium and Publication : Japan as Images: Crossing Viewpoints of Europe and Japan- With the Aim of Accelerating the Comprehension of Japan

Grantees Project Title
The Leon Kozminski Academy International Symposium on Corporate Cultures

Grantees Project Title
Institute of International Relations and Social Technologies, Vladivostok State University of Economics Symposium:"Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: Japan-Russia-National Intersts, Roles and Perspectives"

Grantees Project Title
Workshop: The Japanese-South Korean Relationship European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Economics

Grantees Project Title
Center for Political Studies Challenges to Global Energy Security and Ways of Their Neutralizations in Conditions of World Economic Crisis

Grantees Project Title
University of Glasgow Towards Barrier Free Society: Japan UK Symposium for "Friendship beyond Boundaries"
Sainsbury Institute Dogu; Ancient Art and Modern Inspirations
Institute of Community and Cohesion (Coventry University) Comparative Approaches to Integration and Cohesion
King's College Seizing the Trident, Drawing the Sword: Anglo-Japanese Military Relations from the Alliance to an Interdependent World
Coventry University Human Security and Peace-building Seminar


Grantees Project Title
The Harry S. Truman for the Advancement of Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem An International Workshop on Popular Culture, Cultural Policy, and Cultural Discourse in East and Southeast Asia

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