Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences (FY 2010-2011)

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  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2009 when the grants were awarded


Grantees Project Title
Center for Japanese Studies, Tsinghua University The Potentials of an East Asian Community and the Trilateral Reletion of Japan, China and the United States
China Women's University Comparison between China and Japan: Achievement of Professional Women's Work and Life Balance
Institute of Comparative Studies of Chinese and Japanese Culture Convergence, Co-exixtence and Interaction: the 2nd International Symposium on Comparative Studies of Chinese and Japanese Culture
Institute of Education, Renmin University Japan Studies Forum in Beijing
Institute of Foreign Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Beijing Conference of Japanese and Chinese young Writer 2010
Northeast Asian Studies Academy of Jilin University The Seminar of the Construction of East Asia Community and the Role of China-Japan
School of Internatiolnal and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiaotong University China-Japan-US Relations and East Asian Community
Japanese Studies Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong Searching for Modernity and Identity in Japan-China Cultural Flows in the Modern Period
Lingnan University The Twin Rise of China and Japan and the Future of the East Asian Order

Grantees Project Title
Committee for the International Conference on "Dialogue on Law and Development between Japan and Brazil" Dialogue on Law and Development between Japan and Brazil - A review of the experience of Law and Development in South America from the global
Committee of Cultural Typhoon Cultural Typhoon 2010
East Asia Environmental Information Express Messenger 5th East Asia Environmental Citizens' Conference
East Asia Research Institute The 11th East Asia International Symposium
Executive Committee for Istanbul Conference on Historical Cities in Euro-Asia Corridor International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and History in Euro-Asia Corridor
Future Design Institute,Kanazawa Institute of Technology Africa × Japan × World: Spaces for Transforming Violence into Peace
Himalaya Archive Japan The Symposium: Questioning the Contemporary World from the Himalayan World: the Contradiction in the Global Community, the Possibility and Role of the Himalayan Culture
Japan Association for Middle East Studies Meeting Place of Two Oceans(Majma' al-Bahrayn):Multi-dimensional Understanding of Middle East
Japan Association for the Study of Russian Language and Literature International Conference for the Centennial Anniversary after L.Tolstoy's Death and Commemorative Forum
Japan Committee of the East Asian Literature Forum Japan China East Asian Literature Forum 2010 in Kitakyushu
Nonprofit Organization Japan-Russia society Japan-Russia International forum of rectors of the ⅩⅩⅠ century
OAG Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur-und Völkerkunde Ostasiens Deutsche Japanforschung-Bilanz und Perspektive
Ritsumeikan University On a prospect of East Asia and Korea Peninsula under Neo-Internationalism
The committee of the International Symposium on Inclusive Urban Management through Art The International Symposium on Inclusive Urban Management through Art
The International House of Japan Japan Specialist Workshop "Accsess to Modern Japanese Culture and Society"
The Japan P.E.N Club 76th International PEN Congress Tokyo 2010,Literary Forum & Seminar "The Environment and Literature-What can words do?"
The preparatory committee of the second French-Japanese Meetings for decentralized cooperation The second French-Japanese Meetings for decentralized cooperation
WWF Japan World Sustainable Coastal Management Method Symposium in Shiraho

Grantees Project Title
Asian Center for Women's Studies Asian Women and Craft
Center of Northeast Asia Cultures, Pukyong National University Seeking Northeast Asia From Borders and Island
Dongseo University The 7th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences in Kwangju the Korea-Japan Next-generation Academic Forum
Future Forum of Korean-Japan Public-Service Organization, Future Forum of Korean-Japan
Hope Institute Interectual interchange Project between korean and Japan Civil Society for Training 'The Community Designer' and Making the Sustainable Community
Korean Association of Contemporary Japanese Studies Examinimg the year of 2010 for the opening of New Centennial: Post 2010 Relations between Korea and Japan viewed from the perspective of 'present history'

Grantees Project Title
Mongolian Academy of Sciences Institution of International Studies The Third International Symposium in Ulanbaatar "Mongolia - Japan in the Past and the Present: Focusing on the 20th Century"


Grantees Project Title
Police Science Studies, Postgraduate Program, University of Indonesia "Learning from Japan" 3rd International Symposium 2010 Enriching the Way to Crime-Free Society: the Creation of Safe and Secure Urban Living Environments

Grantees Project Title
Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) The 24th Asia-Pacific Roundtable "Strengthening Comprehensive and Cooperative Security in the Asia-Pacific"

Grantees Project Title
Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO) X3-Expertise and Experiences Exchange
Psychosocial Support and Children's Rights Resource Center Islam, Childhoods, and Building Cultures of Paece in Southeast Asia
Sikhay Kilos Development Association 2nd Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Community Development "Enriching CD Education amidst the Global Economic and Environmental Crisis

Grantees Project Title
ASEAN University Network (AUN) The Workshop on University's Social Responsibility and Sustainability from ASEAN-Japan Perspectives: Sharing and Caring for a Better Community
SEAMEO-SPAFA Youth Action on Climate Change

Grantees Project Title
Institute of Literature (IL)
Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)
Modern Asian Literatures Read through Modern Western Theories: Applications, Compatibilities, Challenges and Opportunities
Vietnam National Univercity Ho Chi Minh City, Univ. of Social Sciences and Humanities-Center for Vietnamsese & Southeast Asian Studies Japanese Small & Medium Sized Enterprise - the way to success


Grantees Project Title
Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) Promoting Security Sector Reform in South Asia: Lessons from Japanese Experience

Grantees Project Title
Center for the Study of Culture and Society Asian Culture Industries: A Comparative Study of India, Japan and South Korea


Grantees Project Title
Australian National University Women's Voices - Advocacy and Change through Artistic Expression
Australian National University Securing Food Futures in the Asia Pacific: Evaluating Regional Frameworks for Food Security
Bond University Centennial Commemoration of the High Treason Incident - Looking Backward from Australia
Murdoch University Course in Reading Older Forms of Japanese


Grantees Project Title
University of Toronto Canada-Japan-Korea Social Policy Research Collaboration Symposium: Policy Innovations for Successful Societies


Grantees Project Title
Japan Brazil Cultural Instituto The International Forum for Environmental Education
University of Brasilia 8th International Congress of Japanese Studies in Brazil / 21st Brazilian Meeting of University Professors of Japanese Language, Literature and Culture


Grantees Project Title
Austrian Institute for International Affairs Global Cities in a Global Village: The City, the State, and the International System
Institute of Water Management, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Tenth Annual Conference on Integrated Disaster Risk Management: Sharing IDRiM experiences from different cultural environments
Salzburg Seminar The Future ob Asian Security in the 21st Century

Grantees Project Title
Tallinn University Literary theory from the point of view of Japanese literature:Memories,Evocations,Ghosts

Grantees Project Title
Centre des livres d'artistes/Pays paysage Forest and Landscape
Council of Europe, Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage Intercultural cities: the future is diversity
Foundation France-Japan de l'EHESS The Youth facing the crisis, A Europe-Japan perspective
PHANIE,Center of Anthropology and Image Freeze Frames-For a Combination of Cinema and Photography

Grantees Project Title
University of Cologne Intercultural Crossover,Transcultural Flows:Manga/Comic

Grantees Project Title
Modern East Research Centre, Leiden University Sovereignty and Humanitarian Intervention in the International Society of East Asia-historical legacies and new dynamics

Grantees Project Title
The House of Literature The Murakami Haruki Festival

Grantees Project Title
Adam Mickiewicz University International Conference in Japanese Studies -Japan: New Challenges in the 21st Century

Grantees Project Title
Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography RAS The Second Russian-Japanese seminar "Natural Resource Development, Population and Environment in Russia: Their present and Future in Relation to Japan"

Grantees Project Title
ECPD-European Center for Peace and Development of the University for Peace established by the United Nations The Sixth ECPD International Conference "National Reconciliation, Ethnic and Religious Tolerance and Human Security in the Balkans"

Grantees Project Title
Japanese Divison,Department of Languages and Literatures, the University of Gothenburg International Workshop "Translation as culture"

Grantees Project Title
Tashkent State Institute of Law Importance of Legal assistance of Japan in building legal system of Uzbekistan

Grantees Project Title
University of Oxford The 20th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference
Wilton Park Japan: Increasing its International Role?


Grantees Project Title
The Moroccan Association of Asian Studies The first Africa conference on Japanese studies

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