Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences (FY 2011-2012)

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  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2009 when the grants were awarded


Grantees Project Title
School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiaotong University The United States and the Asia Pacific region: Security Strategy and China-US Relations
TongJi University Center for Asia-Pacific Studies Promotion of a "Mutually Beneficial Relationship Based on Common Strategic Interests"
Korea Research Institute, Sun Yat-sen Asia and Pacific Institute, China 1st International Forum on East Asian Community - Crss-border Cooperation and the Peaceful Settlement of Diputes in East Asia
Center for Japanese Studies, Tsinghua University A Study on Chinese Society and Japan from a Frame of Reference: An International Symposium on the Centennial of Revolution on 1911
Insutitute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science The New Structure in East Asia and the China-Japan-US Relations
The Japanology Center of Inner Mongolia University Feasibility Studies of Multicultural Symbiotic Status and Development in Northeast Asia: Constructing a Communication Platform in the Other's Perspective
Center for East Asian Studies Renmin University of China The Forum on East Asian Cooperation 2011: The Construction of the Security System in Northeast Asia
Center for Japanese Studies, Tsinghua University View Japan of Post-war from Movie Prespective

Grantees Project Title
Centre for Asian Pacific Studies, Lingnan University China's Strategic Intentions and Grand Strategic Shifts: Implications for East Asian Security
Chinese University of Hong Kong Japanese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline: Teaching and Research
Asian Migrant Centre Limited (AMC) Regional Conference on Significant Changes in Asia Labour Migration in the Last 20 Years and Questions and Perspectives for the Future
Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Prospect of Peace in East Asia: Filmic Representation in Japan, China and Korea

Grantees Project Title
Broadcasting Creaters Association of Japan 11th Japan, China, Korea TV Production Forum Sapporo
General Research Institute of the Convention on the Right of the Child Asian Forum on the Rights of the Child
East Asia Environmental Information Express Messenger East Asia Climate Forum 2011
The Sloth Club East Asia Life-Peace Conference
Sekiguchi Global Research Association (SGRA) International Forum: Towards the Frontier of International Japan Studies - The Soft Power of Trends, Languages & Stories -
The Academic Society For Asian Symbiosis International Symposium of the Academic Society for Asian Symbiosis
Japanese Association for Resarch in Family Nursing Inviting Family Nursing Experts of Asian Countries and Holding Special Session by them at 10th International Family Nursing Conference
The global Forum of Japan Japan-ASEAN Dialogue:Japan-ASEAN Cooperation in the Changing World/Region
Seigakuin University General Research Institute Peace and Democracy in East Asia--Regional Cooperation in Response to the Problem of North Korean: Issues and Outlook
Japan Association for Cultural Economics Research Workshop on the Creative Economy: A Perspective from Cultural Economics in Asia
Northeast Asia Transportation Corridor Promotion Network (NEANET) Symposium for the Acceptance of Different Culture (in View of Understanding Japanese Culture in Mongolia)
East Asia Research Institute The 12th East Asia International Symposium
Organizing Committee of the 1911 Revolution and East Asia The 1911 Revolution and East Asia
Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies The 6th International Conference of Okinawan Studies
NPO China-japan Academy Community center The Centennial Symposium of Xinhai Revolution: Re-examination on Asianism Modern Nationalism
Japan-China Relations Academy of Japan The Holding of a Symposium with China-Japan Historical Relations Academy of China
Organizing Committee for the International Conference of the 1911 Revolution The International Conference of the 1911 Revolution
Art Promotion Society OKINAWA The International Exchange Projects as for the Possibility of the Child and the Youth Theater
Japan Society for Intercultural Studies (JSICS) The Japan Society for Intercultural Studies 10th Anniversary Special Symposium "Culture as a Strategy and Intercultural Studies"
Yamanashi Gakuin University The Present and Vision of Local Governance in East Asia
Societe Japono-Francaise de Sociologie Generation of Culture in the Era of Globalization - the Tolerance for Cultural Diversity and Peace-building
Eurasia 21 Research Institute The new international order and the Pacific area VLADIVOSTOK FORUM-2011
Doshisha University Civil Law Reform and Consumer Protection in the Global-Market Age
Future Design Institute, Kanazawa Institute of Technology Africa×Japan×World II:Space for Transforming Violence into Peace
Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation International Symposium on Business Archives
Comimittee for the International Conference on"Dialogue on the Human Rights under the Globalization between Japan and France" Dialogue on the Human Rights under the Globalization between Japan and France
International Cross-Cultural Society (The second)Russian-Japanese Conference of Specialists in Academia and Journalism
Japan Association for Middle East Studies Middle East and East Asia ina Global Context
2010 SHIZUOKA BREMEN ART PROJECT excutive committees SHIZUOKA BREMEN ART PROJECT 2011 DCWAS「でくわ(出会)す」Symposium
Citizen Council for Creative City Sapporo Challenge for Creation of Arts and Industries, and Citizen Participation through Media Art
International Art Festival Osaka for Children and foreign countries International Symposium "What Art can do for the Children Now."
Tokai University The 2nd Japan-Peru University Presidents' Meeting
The International House of Japan Japan Specialist Workshop "Access to Modern Japanese Culture and Society" 2012
Hamamatsu Gakuin University Symposium : "Examine the Transnational Identity of Nikkei through the Second Generation Migrants"
The Japan-US Committee of Eurasian Studies Building Eurasian Border Studies in Collaboration with the US and Europe

Grantees Project Title
Busan Film Commission,BFC 4th Asian Film Policy Forum
Hanyang University, Global Center for Jpanese Studies Comparative Perspectives on Edo Studies 
The Association of Japanology in East Asia Conference and Symposium: On East Asian Culture and 'Kojiki' and 'Nihonki'
Instisutu of Japanese Syudies-Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Japannese College 50th Anniversary: International Academic Symposium
The Korean Association of Contemporary Japanese Studies Japan's Third Way after Neo-liberalism: Remodeling Japan's New Governing Framework for Overcoming the Disparity Society
The Hope Instutute Korea Japan Community Intellecutual Exchange Program for Promoting Community Business using Cultural Creativity
Korea Saaociation of Senior Welfare centers Korea-Japan Interrelationship of Crisis Prevention and Response Program Development for the Elderly
Seoul International Friendship Organization Seminar on "Asakawa Brother!s Study of Korean Arts & Crafts in Colonial Period"
Public-Service organization, Future Forum of Korean-Japan Social Business in Korea and Japan: Searching for East Asian Network
Dongseo University The Korea-japan Next-Generation International Conference

Grantees Project Title
International Institute for the Study of Nomadic Civilizations Erdenezuu:Past, Future and Present
Mongolian Developmemt Research Center Ulaanbaatar Forum for East Asia-4


Grantees Project Title
Research Center for Population, Indonesian Institute of Sciences Indonesia-Japan Workshop on "Transnationalism and Small Islands: Issues and Challenges"
Faculty of Psychology, Sanata Dharma University International Conference on "Exploration of Asian Indigenous Perspective: Communalties and Differences"

Grantees Project Title
Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia The 25th Asia-Pacific Roundtable

Grantees Project Title
Interactive & Digital Media Institute, National University of Singapore Application of Japanese Culture / Design to Singapore Society

Grantees Project Title
Museo Pambata Foundation, .Inc. Children's Museum address Environmental Protection and Climate Change
University of the Philippines, Visayas International Conference and Workshop on the Role of Fisheries Education in National Development
Pananaw ng Sining Bayan, Inc. Locus Redux: Speaking Across Contexts (Learnings and Negotiations in Writing and Teaching on Art)
Community Development Society of the Philippines Inc. Workshops on Building Cultures of Preparedness and Resilience in Environmentally Challenged Communities

Grantees Project Title
School for Welllbeing Studies and Research, Chulalongkorn University International Exchange Platform: RE-THINKING PROPERTY: Pathway to a Well-Being Society scenario?
Institute of Asian Studies and the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Sites of Modernity: Asian Cities and their Evolution through Trade, Colonialism and Nationalism

Grantees Project Title
SEAMEO Regional Training Center (SEAMEO RETRAC) The Social Value of Educational Technology in Southeast Asia: An Intellectual Exchange Conference among Cambodia, Japan, Lao and Vietnam
Vietnam Academy of Social Science, Institute forNortheast Asian Studies, Center for Japanese studies Workshop "Knowledge through Fieldwork and Human Sciences"


Grantees Project Title
Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) Prospects for Peace and Security through Regional Cooperation in 21st Century South Asis: The Role of Japan
Jahangirnagar University Towards Oriental Theatre Studies

Grantees Project Title
Sikkim University Globalisation and Cultural Practices in Mountain Area: Dynamics, Dimensions and Implication
Indo-Japan Association for Literature & Culture (IJALC) Yonejiro, Ishikawa Takuboku, Rabindranath Tagore & S.Yatsyan Ajneya: The Torchbearers of Indo-Japan Cultural Ties


Grantees Project Title
University of Sydney, School of Languages and Cultures, Department of Japanese Studies Australia and Japan at War in South-East Asia (1941-1945)
Griffith University - Griffith Asia Institute Australia-Japan Annual Dialogue and Workshop : Overcoming Misperception in Australia-Japan Relations
University of Wollongong-Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies (CAPSTRANS) Before and After Defeat:Japan as the Occupier and the Occupied. Crossing the 1945 Divide.
Southern Cross University, Centre for Tourism Leisure and Work (CTLW) Indigenous Cultural Industries as a Model for Peace-Building in the Pacific - 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Vanuatu
Murdoch University - School of Social Sciences and Humanities Japanese History Workshop 2011:Networking with Researchers in Australia, the Region and Beyond
School of Architecture, University of Queensland The 28th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand
School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne Understanding Japan's Dynamic Decade:A proposal for an International Summit and Publication on Japan's Art and Culture in the 1960s
University of Sydney What Were Women Fighting For? : Nyonin Geijutsu (1928-1932)


Grantees Project Title
Department of East Asian Studies, University of Alberta Lovable Losers: The Taira in Action and Memory
University of British Columbia Japanese Education in the Era of Globalization:Enduring Issues in New Context


Grantees Project Title
Japan Brazil Cultural Institute 2011 International Forum Ecology and Education


Grantees Project Title
Austrian Japan-Society for Science and Art (AAJ) Kinema Club Conference XI "Japanese Cinema Spaces and Film Environments"
Salzburg Global Seminar Economic Growth and Social Protection in Asia: How will welfare systems best develop in Asia? What lessons learned can be exchanged between Asia and Europe?

Grantees Project Title
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University Leuven), Japanese Studies The EU-Japan Relation in the Context of Developing East-Asian Regional Cooperation
Universite Catholoque de Louvain Institutional Competition between Common Law and Civil Law as Sources of Advice for Reforms in Developing and Transforming Countries

Grantees Project Title
EHESS Paris Is Deindustrialization a Fatality? Lesson from Industrial Dynamics in Japan and Korea
Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient(EFEO), French School of Asian Studies Religious Character of the Ways and Landspace of Holy Places as Imaginative Creativity's Source -Comparative Studies
Council of Europe; Children's Rights Policies Division Building a Europe for and with Children - Monaco+5 High Level Conference on Children's Rights
UMR8155 Centre de Recherches sur les Civilisations de l'Asie Orientale Ofuda-The Japanese Pantheon in Miniature ("Ofuda-Images pieuses du Japon")

Grantees Project Title
German Association for Social Science Research on Japan Conference on "Ethics"
The Organizing Committee on International Symposium in Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Japanese / German Relationship International Symposium on the Evolution of Trust in Celebration of The 150th Anniversary of the Japanese / Geman Relationships
Heinrich-Heine-University, Duesseldorf Social Impacts of Globalization-a German-Japan Comparison
University of Cologne, Faculty of Arts and Humanities Culture in perspective - Japanese language education and culture translation

Grantees Project Title
Vytautas Magnus University Symposium "Japanology within asian studies in Lithuania:Historical perspective and present situation"

Grantees Project Title
The Polish Instisute of International Affairs Facing the challenges of a new global order: A Japanese perspective
Polish Association of Aesthetics(PAA) Aesthetics in the World:the 1st Polish Japanese Meeting:Exchanging Experiences,The Aesthetic in Cultures

Grantees Project Title
Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University Japan:Pre-Modern,Modern,Contemporary.A Return Trip from the East to the West-Learning in,about and from Japan

Grantees Project Title
Center for Asisn and Far Eastern Studies(CAFES), Faculty of Political Sciences The Meaning of Borders in the Age Globalization:Europe and Asia

Grantees Project Title
Grupo de Investigacion Complutense Arte de Asia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Artistic Creation as a Bridge between East and West

Grantees Project Title
University of Gothenburg (Nordic Association for the Study of Contemporary Japanese Society (NAJS)) New Scandinavian Research into Contemporary Japanese Society

Grantees Project Title
Learning from Tokyo Study Group Learning from the diversity and the multiplicity of a small area in a high-density residential district in Tokyo.

Grantees Project Title
Leiden University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Japanese Studies Interdisciplinary Conference "Food in Zones of Conflict"

Grantees Project Title
Center for Political Studies (CPS) Regional Security in Central Asia as a Factor of Maintaining Global Stability

Grantees Project Title
Center for Media, Culture and Creative Practice at Birkbeck College,University of London 'Art Theatres: Spaces for Intercultural and Intermedial Cinema' Symposium
University of Warwick/Seijo University Japanese Literature and World Literature(follow-up conference)

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