List of Fellows in 2002


Name Institution Title Project Title
Md. Abdul Wadud BHUIYAN University of Dhaka Professor Political Modernization and Democracy: Perspectives for Japan and Bangladesh
Razia AKTER BANU Department of Political Science, Dhaka University Professor Women and Politics: in Contemporary Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
Baisier ABULIMITI Department of Literature, Xinjiang Educational University, China Associate Professor Studies on ancient Uighur Language and its culture
Fu TIE   Professor  
Guo Qing LI Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Associate Professor The immigration, life and ethnicity of the piople in Fuqing city in Fujian Province in Japan
Haihong PEI Department of Physical Education Basic Medical School Jilin University Director  
Hong Yun JIN   Associate Professor  
Jun wen FU      
Ren Xu GU East China Normal University Professor A Study on Relationship Between the Formation of Shanghai City Region and Multinational Location Distribution Networks
Shao Hua LIN   Professor  
TingXu JI   Doctoral Candidate  
WenLin LU The Central Party School of Communist Party China Lecturer Japan's environmental protection and environmental philosophy
Xiao Qing CHEN   Professor  
Yun Shi MAO Management School, Zhongshan University Professor Japanese Corporate Restructuring and Implication to Chinese Enterprises
Zhen Wei CAO History Department, Fudan University Professor The nature of a new relationship between Japan and China and its historical significance.
Zhi Gang DA   Associate Professor  
Hong Kong
Name Institution Title Project Title
BHARUCHA, Rustom Homi Independent Writer/Cultural Critic/Dramaturge Writer/Critic Another Asia: Tagore and Okakura
Yuk Lan NG University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Muromachi Flower-and-Bird painting
Name Institution Title Project Title
Anita KHANNA Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi Associate Professor The Universality of Edo Literature: with special reference to Gesaku Works
Asmita Satish HULYALKAR Cornell University Graduate student Negotiating Asian Womanhood: Tsuda Umeko and the Question of Women's Education in Meiji Japan
Kudoor Chinnappa GOWDA Dept. of Kannada, Mangalore University   A comparative study on Religious Dance Performances: Hayachire Kagura of Japan and Bhuta Kola of India
Manish SHARMA Jawaharlal Nehru University Doctoral Candidate The Japanese banking system: Go's post-growth vicissitudes and ensuing reforms.
Vyjayanthi RATNAM Dept. of East Asian Literature, Cornell University Ph.D. Candidate Time and narrative in the GEMPEI JOSUIKI
Name Institution Title Project Title
Sudung Mulianto MANURUNG Japanese Area Studies-University of Indonesia Lecturer Keiretsu:Business and Culture Relationship Study on Japanese Corporate Culture
Name Institution Title Project Title
Chang Soo JIN The Sejong Institute Research Fellow The Future and Policy Change in the Internationalization of the Yen
Chang Soo YANG Seoul National University, College of Law Professor of Law Japanese civil law theories in the 1930's: Sakae Wagatsuma, Hiroshi Suekawa, and Zennosuke Nakagawa
Duk-min YUN Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security Professor The US-ROK-Japan Trilateral Security Cooperation
Eung-soo LEE   Professor  
Eun-sup LEE Pusan National University, Division of Foreign Trade Professor Comparative Study on Anti-competitive practices as Trade Barriers between Japan and Korea
Ho-duk HWANG Sung kyun kwan University, Korean Language and Literature Doctor Course Korean Modern Literature's Writing Assemblage & part duties of Japan Modern Nation & National Language
Hong, Kal LEE Binghamton University, State University of NewYork Doctral Candidate Japanese Colonial Legacy in Museum Culture in Korea:
Ki Hee SONG     Korean-Japanese Comparative Study on Foreign Cultural Policy
Kwang-soon TOH The Institute for East-Asian Studies Director A comparative study of Ri Toe-gye and Yamazaki Ansai school
Kyong-Hwan OH Department of Japanese, College of Humanities,Pusan National Univ. Professor  
Kyung-suk CHAE Hoseo University Professor A Comparative Study on the Risk Management System of Local Government between Japan and Korea
Soo Hyuk PARK The University of Seoul Professor A Comparative Study on the Environmental law between Korea and Japan and it's Cooperation
Won-suk SUN The Presidential Commission on Policy Planning Senior Researcher Searching for policy alternatives towards reconciliation of the conflict of interests among different generations in the aging society
Yeongseop RHEE Dept. of Economics, Sookmyung University Associate Professor The Asian Crisis, the Launch of the Euro and Economic Security: Options for East Asian Countries
Yong-Suh KIM Dept. Public Administration, College of Social Science, Ewha Womans Univ. Professor East Asian Cultural Community Plan; It's Theoretical Perspective and Method
Youngbae CHO Cheju National University of Education Professor A Comparative Study of Japan Folk Songs and Cheju Island Folk Songs
Young-Soon KIM Dae Yu Foundatin of Culture, Young-Um Museum of Contemporary Art Director Culture and Colonialism; Upon Korean Museum and Fine Arts
Yu-ha PARK   Associate Professor  
Name Institution Title Project Title
Md. NASRUDIN University of Malaya Lecturer Nuclear Development in East Asia: Implications for Japan's Security
Mohd Naguib RAZAK Darinco Multimedia Technology Sdn Bhd Director, Creatives Eye of Suzaku, a journey into the craft and vision of Kawase Naomi
Name Institution Title Project Title
Amarjargal RINCHINNYAM The Amarjargal Foundation Chairman The role of Japan in Mongolia's integration into Asian economy
Ariuntuya OYUNTSETSEG Poverty Alleviation Programme Office Researcher Research on the changing process of educational systems and educational practices in Japan which has reached an information intensive society -focussing on the improvement of creativity of children-
Name Institution Title Project Title
Tun SAN Department of Philosophy, University of Yangon Lecturer A Comparative Study of the Concept of Man in Japanese Philosophy and Myanmar Philosophy
Name Institution Title Project Title
Ramesh TIWARI Gorkhapatra Corporation, Gorkhapatra Daily, New Road Editor-in-Chief/journalist Media Role in Democratization & Good Governance "A comparative study of Japan & Nepal (Special Focus on Japan)"
Sadmukh Bahadur THAPA Tribhuvan University Professor The Japanese Parliamentary System - An Ideal Model for Nepal: A Compartive Study.
Name Institution Title Project Title
Makin KHAN Directorate Archaeology & Musieums, Government of Pakistan Deputy Director Comparative Study of Mahayana Buddhist Art in Anchient Uddiyana (Swat valley in Pakistan and at Nara and other places in Japan)
Noorjehan BILGRAMI Koel Chief Executive A comparative study on the two traditional cultures of Ai-zome (indigo) in Japan and Pakistan.
Name Institution Title Project Title
Ma. Luisa Escarrilla MABUNAY University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) Associate Professor V Case Histories of Japanese-Filipinos/Nikkei-jin from Panay
Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
Kulatilaka KUMARASINGHE University of Kelaniya Professor The Potential for Drawing on Japanes Traditional Theatre in the Development of a Contemporary Sinhala Theatre
M. George Alexander COORAY University of Colombo Professor International Relations of Japan in South Asia since 1951
Piyadasa RANASINGHE Dept. of Library and Information Science, University of Kelaniya Head, Senior Lecturer, GradeI Knowledge Sources for Japanese Studies in the Fields of Humanities and Social Sciences?cCreation of an Electronic Database
Name Institution Title Project Title
Montha PIMTHONG Department of Eastern Languages, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Associate Professor Social problems reflected by female characters in literature created by Japanese female writers after World War II
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
Long Quy PHAM Center for Japan Studies under the National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities Researcher, Head of Depart. Assistant Director Economic growth and distribution of income in Japan's market economy since 1945-Lessons for Vietnam
Nguyen Xuan PHAM National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Literature Researcher Cultural Situation in Hanoi, Vietnam in the period of the Co-administration of Japan and France
Tien Luc NGUYEN College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hochiminh city Head of Department Modern Japan and Vietnam

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
Mansour KHALILI-ARAGHI University of Tehran Chancellor The Relevance of Japan's Experience to Latecomer countries regarding Technology diffusion
Name Institution Title Project Title
Dalit BLOCH-TZEMACH The Hebrew University, Department of Sociology & Anghropology Doctoral Student Couple-Relation Among Young People in Japan
Shunit SHAHAL-PORAT The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Lecturer Oe Kenzaburo, Amos Oz-A Comparative Literary Study
Name Institution Title Project Title
Ahmet Mete TUNCOKU Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Education Professor Historical Determinants of the Japanese Modernization
Ali Merthan DUNDAR Hacettepe Univ. Institute of Social Sciences History Dep. Ph. D Student The Policies of Ottoman Empire and Japan on Central Asia between end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century


Name Institution Title Project Title
Lara BALADI   Photographer Aroussa in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
Devendra Singh KUNWAR University of Nairobi Senior Lecturer External Debt Burden of Sub-Saharan: Africa The Role of Japan
Julius Charo SHUTU Zamaleo Act   Research Project of the Experimental performance in the alternative space in Kyoto
Name Institution Title Project Title
Funmilola Omolara OMOTOSO University of Ado-Ekiti Lecturer Japanese and Nigerian fishing industry: A comparative economic analysis
Name Institution Title Project Title
MULIRA, James Department of History, Makerere University Head of Department A Comparative Study of Japanese and East African Universities' Working Environment-for Capacity Building in Higher Education

North America / Latin America

Name Institution Title Project Title
Christine GREINER Catholic University of Sao Paulo Professor The body in crisis in the contemporary art- Hijikata's conception in evolution.
Silvia SASAOKA A Casa Brazilian Arts & Crafts Museum Project Director The Mingei movement and present craftsmanship in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
Yves SHERIFF Theater USINE C Artistic Programmer  
Name Institution Title Project Title
Maria Angelica PEREZ GERMAIN      
Name Institution Title Project Title
Alejandro Carlos USCANGA PRIETO International Relation Center, UNAM Associate Professor Mexico-Japan Fre Trade Agreement: Toward a New Economic Partnership in the 21st Century.
Name Institution Title Project Title
Peter Manuel YAMAKAWA ESAN Business School Professor Study on Competition Issues in Japanese Telecommunication Industry
Name Institution Title Project Title
Alexander Robert BAY Stanford University, History Department Teaching Assistant The Construction of Scientific Medicine in Modern Japan: Cholera, Beriberi, and Leprosy in the Meiji Era (1868-1912)
Alexis DUDDEN Connecticut College Assistant Professor Apologetic Techniques: Legal and Historical Compensations for the Colonization of Korea
Caroline KAKIZAKI Stanford University Ph.D Candidate Tateyama's Mandalas
Christopher BECKWITH Indiana University Professor The Koguryo Language and Japanese
David (Max) Leo MOERMAN Barnard College, Columbia University Assistant Professor Maps of Meaning, Articles of Faith: Studies in the Visual and Material Culture of Premodern Japanese Religion
Dornith DOHERTY University of North Texas, School of Visual Arts Professor Constructed Landscapes of Japan
Douglas Roger HOWLAND DePaul University Associate Professor Japan Among the Sovereign States: From Idea to Action
Elizabeth Ann OYLER Washington University in St. Louis Assistant Professor Swords, Oaths, and Prophetic Visions: Narrative Cycles and the Authoring of Warrior Rule in Medieval
Gunnard DOBOZE     A Trip Across the World
Haruo SHIRANE Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University Professor Seasons and Places in Japanese Poetry
Hiraku SHIMODA Dept. of East Asian Languages & Civilizations, Harvard University Ph.D. Candidate Between Homeland and Nation: Aizu in Nineteenth Century Japan
Hitomi TONOMURA University of Michigan, Department of History Associate Professor Women and the Samurai: War, Territory, and Sexuality in Japan's Premodern Age
Hugh Barry de FERRANTI The University of Michigan Assistant Professor Tales of a biwa-hiki: Yamashika Yoshiyuki and the biwa recitation traditions of Kyusyu
Jack Chris STONEMAN Columbia University Graduate Student Saigyo as Poet and Legend: Issues in Canon Formation and Cultural Identity
James Lowry FORD Wake Forest University Assistant Professor Hoben: Re-Imagining a Central Buddhist Concept in Japan from the Middle Ages to the Present
James Robert REICHERT Stanford University Assistant Professor Crime and Punishment: Prewar Japanese Detective Fiction
Jeffrey Daniel MARET University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate Educating Affect: Emotion, Personhood, & Special Education in Japan
Jennifer Ellen ROBERTSON Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan Professor Blood and Muscle: Ikeda Shigenori and Japanese Nation-Building
Jeremy Roland ROBINSON University of Michigan Doctoral Student The convergence of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean traditions in the Tsukushi Man'yo poets
Joanne M. QUIMBY Indiana University, Bloomington Ph.D. Student Gender Identity and Performance in Modern Japanese Literature by Women
Kirsten CATHER University of California, Berkeley Graduate Student Administrations of Aesthetics in Prewar Japan - A Comparison of Censored Literature and Film
Kristen Elizabeth SCHULTZ Cornell University Graduate Student Family Structure and the Persistence of Gender Bias in Japanese Parental Educational Investments
Leo RUBINFIEN New York University   A Retrospective of the Work of Shomei Tomatsu
Lori Rachelle MEEKS Princeton University Graduate Student The Women of Japan's Medieval Ritsu-school Nuns' Revival Movement
Maki FUKUOKA The University of Chicago, Department of Art History Ph.D student Between Seeing and Knowing: Photography in Tokugawa 1848-1868
Mark Elwood LINCICOME Department of History, College of the Holy Cross Associate Professor Education and Regional Identity Formation in the Asia-Pacific
Micah Louis AUERBACK Princeton University, Department of Religion Doctoral Candidate The Asian Missionary Activities of Modern Japanese Buddhism
Mikael S. ADOLPHSON Harvard University Assistant Professor The Teeth and Claws of Buddha: Armed Monks and Religious Forces in Premodern Japan
Nicole Leah COHEN Colombia University Ph.D. Candidate Too Close for Comfort: The Japanese and Koreans of Seoul, 1910-1946
Robert Craig MARSHALL Department of Anthropolgy, Western Washington University Professor Ethnography of Kanagawa Senior Co-operative
Satoru SAITO Columbia University Graduate Student Detective Fiction and Japanese Modernity: Towards a Sociology of Literary Genres and Print Media
Sinead Rebecca Clare KEHOE Princeton University Graduate Student Honen Shonin gyojo ezu: Monummentalizing the Patriarchate
Stephen Martin FISHER Yale University, Department of Anthropology Graduate Student Selling the Seeds of Love: Courtship and Marriage in Contemporary Japan
Susan, Eiko MARUKO Harvard University Ph.D. Student Organized Crime in the Politics of modern Japan, 1868-1952
Tanya Sue MAUS University of Chicago Ph.D. Student Child Saving: Psychology and Agrarian Idealism in Meiji Social Reform (1890-1912)
Tomi SUZUKI Columbia University ??? Genre, Gender, and Modernity: Constructions of Cultural Topography in Modern Japan
Trent Elliott MAXEY Cornell University Graduate Student Nation and Religion: Christian Intellectuals and Nationalized Subjects in Modern Japan
Vinai NORASAKKUNKIT Couseling and Psychological Services, University of Penssylvania Pre-doctoral, Psychology intern Self-Construal Priming and Emotional Distress: Testing for Cultural Biases in the Concept of Distress
Yasuhiro SHIRAI Cornell University Associate Professor Universals of grammaticization and the historical change of the Japanese tense-aspect system
Yoshiko MATSUMOTO Stanford University Associate Professor Language, Old Age and Gender in Japan


Name Institution Title Project Title
Nadya Stamatova STAMATOVA Architectural and Artistic Design Studio "ADA-2-Nadya Stamatova" President Functional and Aesthetical Consideration in the Design of the Urban Environment
Name Institution Title Project Title
Gabriella LUKACS University of Pecs, Faculty of Humanities, Dept. of Communication Ph.D. Candidate Television culture and identity in contemporary Japanese Cociety
Ivan BENET Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Senior Researcher, Professor The Agricultural Policy of Japan (1950-2000)
Laszlo MAJOR Szent Istvan University, Department of Economics Assistant Professor Challenges of Trade Liberalisation in Japanese Agriculture
Name Institution Title Project Title
Aigul KULNAZAROVA Faculty of Law, Kazakh-American University (KAU) Dean Law and Policy of Integration process: Central Asia towards Regionalism and Grobalization.
Name Institution Title Project Title
Emma Simona, MORITA Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters Assistant Professor The concept of cultural sense construction in thework of YoshihikoIikegami and Eugenio Coseriu. An epistemological comparison
Name Institution Title Project Title
Aleksandra Semenovna KUDRYASHOVA JSC ' Sakhalin Shipping Company' Florist The research of the difference and similarity between 'Ikebana' and our flower arrangement
Larisa Valentinovna DRAGUNOVA The Activities Affairs Department of the State Activities of Sakhalin Region Science deputy director Research on the history of public education on Sakhalin (1905-1945)
Tatiana Nikolaevna PROUSSAKOVA Sakhalin Centre of Contemporary history Documentation Chief The History of relations between the Sakhalin oblast and the Hokkaido governorship in the 60-90ties of the 20th century.
Name Institution Title Project Title
Mike BODE   Artist  
Name Institution Title Project Title
Karen BURLAND The University of Sheffield Doctorate Student Training the Talented: an investigation into the life-transition from training to professional life in professional musicians
Name Institution Title Project Title
Vladimir Vladimirovich KINDALOV Tashkent State of Oriental Studies Senior research fellow Japan's policy of foreign economic activity regulation

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