List of Fellows in 2003


Name Institution Title Project Title
GONG, Qian Peking University Doctoral Candidate Japan-Taiwan relationship (1972-2000)
GUO, Wanping Nanjing University Doctoral Candidate Japan priests in China in So Period
HU, Lian Cheng Peking University Doctoral Candidate The comparative study of studying abroad in the west in modern Japan and China
HUANG, Da Hui Renmin University of China Associate Professor,Director The role of the mass media in the Japan-China relationship
LI, Hui Yang Graduate School,The Chinese Academy of Social Science Doctoral Candidate Theory and practice of the commercial registration legal system in Japan
LI, Zhonglin College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yanbian University Associate Professor Analysis and verification of sections such as energy,circulation correspondence infrastructure, industrial structure,etc. of the Duman Gang area
LIN, Guoping Department of History,Fujian Normal University Professor Comparative Study of Folk Religion in Fujian. China and Okinawa
LIU, Hui Juan Chang Chun Library Deputy Director A Survey and Comparative Research on the Study of Manchurian Literature
MAO, Hai Jian Dept.of History, Peking University Professor The Japan-China relationship under non-wartime(1896-1903)
MENG, Xiang Pei Xuhuai ward court lawyer Comparison of modernization of Civil Code of China and Japan
SUN, Jing Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison Lecturer Tipping the Balance: Japanese Media Portrayals of China and of Japanese-Chinese Relations, 1972-2002
ZHANG, Shuangfu Institute of History, The Academy of the Inner Mongolia Social Sciences Fesearcher<wbr>(professor) Studies on the Mongolian Documents in the Mongol Empire
Name Institution Title Project Title
BHARUCHA, Rustom Homi Independent Writer/Cultural Critic/Dramaturge Writer/Critic Another Asia: Tagore and Okakura
SETHI, Sunil New Delhi Television Journalist & TV Anchor Eastern Interiors: Photographic book on domestic architecture in southeast Asia and Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
SAEDIMAN, Faculty of Agriculture, Haluoleo University Head of Dept. Participatory Democracy in Japan's Consumer Cooperatives -A Study in Kyoritsusha Tsuruoka Seikyo in Yamagata Prefecture
SEMEDI, Pujo Dept.of Anthropology,Fac.of Culture Sciences,Gadjah Mada University Lecturer Tea Plantation in Indonesia During the Japanese Occupation (1942-1945)
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHEY, Hyoung-kyu Department of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science Doctoral Candidate Implementation of the Basle Capital Accord in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
CHO, Myung-chul Korea Institute for International Economic Policy Research Fellow The Impact of Economic Relations in the Korea Peninsula on Northeast Asian Countries
KIM, Ji-Yong Freelance Cultural Reviewer Influence of Japanese culture on youths of South Korea
KIM, Hyojin Ph.D. Program in Department of Anthropology,
Harvard University
Doctoral Candidate Research on the Topic of Kyoto's Machiya, their Preservation and their Role in Sustaining New Images of Kyoto and its Historical Traditions as Sites for Tourism
LEE, Dong-jun The Hankook Ilbo (The Korea Times) Staff Reporter, Political News A Study on the Decisive Elements in Japanese Foreign Policy - With an Emphasis on Japan/North Korea Ties After Cold War
PARK, Young-goo Pusan University of Foreign Studies Associate Professor Heavy-chemical Industrialization in Japan and Its Impacts on Korean Heavy-chemical Industry
YUN, Dae-seok Department of Korean Language and Literature, Seoul National University Part-time lecturer A Study on the Aspect of Literature I n Chosun Peninsula under Pacific War
Sub Title: Between the National Literature and the Pro-Japanese Literature
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHILKHAAJAV, Dagvadorj Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor of Mongolia Director of SPD Comparative Studies of Mongolian and Japanese Social Welfare System
Name Institution Title Project Title
AHMAD, Maqsood Department of Archaeology & Museums, Govt. of Pakistan Senior Architect Compatible use of traditional methods and modern techniques for the preservation of cultural property
Name Institution Title Project Title
BATALLA, Eric Vincent Celestial De La Salle University Political Science Department Associate Professor Politics and Economic Performance in Japan and the Philippines
ESPINAS, Milagros Ragos Asian Center, University of the Philippines Professor The Japanese peacekeepers in the Cambodian peace process: Shaping of Japanese policy in Indochina
Name Institution Title Project Title
HU, Tze Yue Gigi National University of Singapore, Japanese Studies Dept. Part-time Tutor The Frames of Anime-Understanding its Roles and Practices
(from Cultural, Socio-Economic and Philosophical Perspectives)
Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
KEERAWELLA, Gamini University of Peradeniya Associate Professor Japan and South Asia in the Context of New Discourse on Peace and Security
Name Institution Title Project Title
SURIYAWONGPAISAL, Saowalak Japanese Section, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Chairperson A Re-reading of Parent-Child Noh Plays
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
LE, Giang Social Sciences and Humanities University, National University at HCM Lecturer Researching on Ueda Akinari's Romances. Comparing to Records of Romances and Legends ("`?i???^) by Nguyen Du (e??�)
PHAM, Thanh Nghi Institute of Human Studies, National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities Deputy Director Promoting Human Factors in Japanese Miracle and Lessons for Vietnam


Name Institution Title Project Title
ECKERSALL, Peter Alexander University of Melbourne Senior Lecture Rethinking Theatre Culture in an Age of Globalisation: History, Praxis, and the Meanings of Modern Theatre in Japan
MARGERISON, Jill Eleanor University of Queensland Tutor Identity and Security:Japan's Foreign Policy Coping with Change
MOORE, Katrina Louise Department of Social Anthropology, Harvard University Doctoral Candidate The Medicalization of Male Sexual Dysfunction: Perceptions and Experiences of Sexuality among Middle-Aged and Older Persons in Contemporary Japan
New Zealand
Name Institution Title Project Title
GUO, Nanyan University of Otago Senior Lecturer Tsugaru: the New Direction of Japanese Modern Literature

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
GOLDSTEIN-GIDONI, Ofra Tel Aviv University Assistant Professor Changing Gender Roles in Contemporary Japan: Home, Motherhood and Work
SHAOUL, Raquel Tel-Aviv University Lecturer Japanese Foreign Policy toward Middle Eastern crises; A Comparative Analysis between 1991 and 2002
Name Institution Title Project Title
OZTURK, Ibrahim Department of Economics, Marmara University Associate Professor Globalization and the Reconsideration of the Possibilitier and Limitation of a Japanese Style Developmentalism in Transition Countries of the Central Asia


Name Institution Title Project Title
TIEBEY-DALOU, Abdoul Simon Bessingue Europe-Africa Institute(I.E.A.) Secretary General Fukuzawa Yukichi's Educational Philosophy in the Meiji era. Its Scientific and Economic Importance for Chad.
Name Institution Title Project Title
EL-SHAZLY, Alaa Essam Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University Assistant Professor Asian Historical Statistics Project
KHALIL, Karam Saiem Department of Japanese, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University Associate Professor Changes of the suicide view in Japanese modern literature from a Muslim's viewpoint
Name Institution Title Project Title
TIBBOH, Vivian Ago Public Records and Activities Administration Department Senior Staff Preservation and Restoration of Archival Materials
Name Institution Title Project Title
MADUAGWU, Samuel Nwankwo University of Port Harcourt Lecturer Proliferation of Private Primary and Secondary Schools in Japan and Nigeria
Name Institution Title Project Title
MULIRA, James Department of History, Makerere University Head of Department A Comparative Study of Japanese and East African Universities' Working Environment-for Capacity Building in Higher Education

The Americas

Name Institution Title Project Title
ROSALEN, Rachel Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Saopaulo Researcher OpricalDesires-EroptcalPassing.
An Interactive Interpretation of Japanese Icons and Urbanscape
Name Institution Title Project Title
CARTER, Robert Edger Department of Philosophy, Trent University Professor The Practice of Ethics/The Ethics of Practice
DRISCOLL, Mark William University of Alberta, Department of East Asian Studies Assistant Professor Japanese Modernism as Global Modernism: Re-situating the Erotic-Grotesque-Nonsense
PERRON, Joel Gilles University of Toronto Doctoral Candidate Okakura Kakuzo and Irreconcilable Japonismes
TAFARODI, Romin William University of Toronto Associate Professor Self-esteem in Japan and Canada: A structural analysis
Name Institution Title Project Title
DIAZ, Luis Alfonso University of Santiago Professor Research on Japanese Buddhism
Name Institution Title Project Title
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Amaury Alejandro Center for Asian and African Studies,El Colegio de Mexico Doctoral Candidate The Control of Makura-e prints in Edo period
Name Institution Title Project Title
BERGSTROM, Brian University of Chicago Doctoral Candidate Youth, Violence and Representation: Cultural Representations of Delinquency in Contemporary Japan
BERNARDI, Joanne R. University of Rochester Associate Professor Tourist Japan: Japan as a Tourist Destination 1890-1950
BIALOCK, David T. University of Southern California Assistant Professor Geographies of Sound: Music, Narrative, and Ritual in Medieval Japan
BRANDON,James R. Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Hawaii at Monoa Emeritus Professor Kabuki vs. the United States of America: A Feudal Art in Democratic Japan, 1945-1949
BRYAN, Steven Columbia University, Department of History Doctoral Candidate Civilization and Gold: The Gold Standard in Japan and Argentina, 1867-1932
EDELSON, Loren The Graduate Center, City University of New York Doctoral Candidate Women on the Kabuki Stage, 1893 to the Present
ESKILDSEN, Robert Alan Smith College Assistant Professor The Taiwan Expedition: National History, International Politics and the Birth of Japanese Imperialism
KIM, Soo University of California Berkeley Doctoral Candidate Materializing the Past: Sen no Rikyu's Tea Utensils, Portraits, and Calligraphy
LEUCHTENBERGER, Jan University of Michigan/Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies Doctoral Candidate Images of the West in Early Modern Japanese Kirishitan Kanazoshi
MARCEAU, Lawrence Edward University of Delaware Associate Professor Currents of Literary Thought in Early Modern Japan: Studies and Translations
MARR, Matthew University of California Los Angels Doctoral Candidate Transitioning Out of Homelessness in Two Global Cities: Tokyo and Los Angeles
McRAE, John R. Indiana University Associate Professor A Conceptual Map of East Asian Buddhism: The 'Prince Shotoku' Lotus Sutra Commentary in Transcultural Perspective
MEREWETHER, Charles E. Getty Research Institute, Getty Center Curator Japanese Post-War Avant-garde: Experimentation in the public sphere, - 1955-1975
NELSON, Patricia Ann University of Edinburgh Management School Assistant Professor The Evolution of the Japanese Photography Industry
NORNES, Mark University of Michigan, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures & Program in Film and Video Studi Associate Professor The Translator's Cinema
OPPENHEIMER, Sarah Ruth Yale University, School of Art Lecturer-Part-Time The Understanding of Design's Impact on Human Behavior
OTA, Pauline Ayumi Stanford University Doctoral Candidate People at Play: Edo Period Cityscapes
PASTREICH, Emanuel University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Assistant Professor The Alien Vernacular; the Reevaluation of Vernacular Writing in the Edo Period and its links to Chinese Fiction
REYNOLDS, Jonathan M. University of Southern California Associate Professor Constructing 'Tradition:' Modern Japanese Architecture and the Formation of a Viable Past
REYNOLDS, Katsue A. University of Hawaii Professor A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Debate Discourse in the Japanese Diet
RUPPERT, Brian University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Associate Professor Premilinary Study of Daigoji Scriptural Treasuries as Catalogued in Daigoji Monjo, Boxes 101-120
SHAMOON, Deborah University of California, Berkeley Doctoral Candidate A Cultural History of the Shojo in Modern Japanese Literature and Film
SHERIF, Ann Oberlin College Associate Professor Cold War Thriller: Literature, Media and the Law in Postwar Japan (1952-1970)
SPAFFORD, David University of California, Berkeley Doctoral Candidate Over the Hills and Far Away: Authority and Place in Medieval Japan
THIEL, Tamiko   Free-lance artist 3D Virtual Reality Project Construction of Western World


Name Institution Title Project Title
JANSEN, Sara Department of Performance Studies, New York University Doctoral Candidate The Other Side of History:Time, Space and Movement in Postwar Japan (1950-1980)
Name Institution Title Project Title
TSONKOVA, Stanka Bulgarian Photographic Association Photographer Embrace- Stone Garden
PETKOVA, Galia Todorova Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia Doctoral Candidate Construction of Gender, Sexuality and the Body in the Japanese Theatre
Czech Republic
Name Institution Title Project Title
KLIMA, Tomas Centre of the Far East, Palacky University Olomouc Lecturer Research concerning Classical Japanese -Textbook for Czech University Students
Name Institution Title Project Title
LECLER, Yveline Institute of East Asian Studies, Institute of Political Sciences, University of Lyon Associate Professor Japanese Firms: Partners or Competitors?
NEGRO, Marylene   Artist Neither Seen Nor Known In Japan
WIJEYARATNA, Mohan Institute d'Etudes Indiennes,College de France Researcher A Book on Religiosity
Name Institution Title Project Title
NABOR, Andreas Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA) Academic Research Staff The Attractiveness of the Japanese Capital Market for International Cross-listing
SHIM, Kunsu Freelance Composer A multimedia cohposition for Sho, 4 percussionists, sounde and visual images
Name Institution Title Project Title
LENCZ, Balazs Hungarian National Museum Senior Conservator Research on the Production and Conservation of Shikki
Name Institution Title Project Title
ORTOLANI, Andrea University of Trento Doctoral Candidate Law,language and translation in the legal system
OZUMI, Asuka Oriental Napoli University Doctoral Candidate Japanese-Italian Bilinguals:Italy resident Japanese speaking children and Japan resident Italian speaking children
TOLLINI, Aldo Dept. of East Asian Studies, University of VeniceCa Foscari Associate Professor The Writing Systems and the Chinese Characters in Ancient Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
ASHYRALIEV, Kubanychbek Toktogulovich Prosecutors Office od Okdyabrsky district, Bishkek Prosecutor A Legal Defense of the International Business. Japanese model of development
Name Institution Title Project Title
THEUNISSEN, Antonia Regina Department of Japanese & Korean Studies, Leiden University Doctoral Candidate Fujitani Nariakira and the study of syntax in late Edo Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
HUSZCZA, Romuald Dept. of Japanese and Korean Studies, Warsaw University Professor Emotive Phraseologisms in Japanese and their Polish Counterparts
MERKLEJN, Iwona Regina Instytut Orientalistycznyv, Uniwersytet Warszawski Lecturer The Media System of Postwar Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
KOVALENIN, Dmitry Viktorovich NewspaperKnizhnoe Obozrenie(Book Review) Member of Editorial Board The Analysis of Haruki Murakami's International Breakthrough and his Influence in Russia
PANTELEEVA, Marina Vasilievna Oriental Institute, Far Eastern State Technical University Acting Chief Teacher The Experience of Parliamentarianism in Development of Modern Civilization: Analysis of Social and Political Situation in Japan
SHUBIN, Valery Sakhalin Regional Museum Deputy director Study of Archaeological Monuments of Okhotsk and Jomon Culture Research Methodic
TIKHOTSKAYA, Irina Sergeevna Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University Associate Professor The Changing Social and Economical Geography of Japan: Challenges and Transformation
Name Institution Title Project Title
CABEZA-LAINEZ, Jose-Maria University of Seville Professor Urban Form and Plannning in the Japanese Asia from Nanban Momoyama to the Showa era
Name Institution Title Project Title
CREVOISIER, Alain Trapic Audio Vision Lim.Corp. Engineer Soun'dance-Buto Dancing with Sound Sculptures and Interactive Systems
Name Institution Title Project Title
FERGUSON, Harvie University of Glasgow Professor Identity and the Experience of War: East and West
HAYTER, Irena Eneva School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London Doctoral Candidate Modernism and Reflexivity in 1930's Japanese Fiction
Name Institution Title Project Title
MAKHMUDOVA, Gulnora Gulomnazarovna Business Women's Association(BWA) of Uzbekistan Deputy Chairperson Microfinance Strategy Development and Finance Access for the Low-income Households and Microenterprises

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