List of Fellows in 2004


Name Institution Title Project Title
HASANUZZAMAN, Al Masud Jahangirnagar University Professor Parliamentary Democracy and Political Development in Japan: Lessons for Bangladesh
Name Institution Title Project Title
BAO, Zhiming Central University for Nationalities Professor A Research on Ecological Migration in Inner Mongolia as a Remedy to Desertification
DU, Chuang Guo The School of Political Science and Public Administration, Shanxi University Associate Professor A Comparative Study on the Reform of Special Administrative Corporation in Japan and Public Institution in China
MAIMAITIAILI, Wubuli Cultural Heritage Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Deputy Director of Cultural Heritage Protection Study on Interaction and Comparison of Central Asia Silk Road Heritages and Japanese Heritages
NG, Kwok Wai The University of Sydney   Transformation of Togaku (Tang music) Modes from Tang-period China(618-907) to Modern Japan: Concentrating on the Modal Groups of Hyojo, Oshikicho and Banshikicho
PANG, Deliang Center of Northeast Asian Studies, Jilin University Professor, Manager  
PIAO, Jianyi Institutue of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Assistant of Chief  
QIN, Na Editorial Department, Journal of Shanghai University Editor A Comparative Study on Lifelong Education between Shanghai and Osaka
SHEN, Xiao Min Institute of International and Comparative Education, East China Normal University Associate Professor  
WEI, Yulin Guangdong University of Foregin Studies Professor  
YI, Qing Nanjing University Department of History  
YU, Suqiu Renmin University of China Dean of Japanese Langage  
ZHAO, Xiu Juan Dept. of Japanese Language and Culture, College of Foreign Language and Culture, Peking University Doctoral Course The Enpression Space of Inoue Yasusi Literature-Focus on His Historical Novels about China
ZHENG, Jing Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Associate Professor  
Name Institution Title Project Title
ANANTH, Priya Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University Doctoral Course Development of time expressions in Japanese Second Language Acquisition - Interaction of tense-aspect in toki 'when' clauses
CHAWLA, Ashok Kumar National Institute of Science Communication & Information Resources (NISCAIR) Technical Official Comparative Study of Japanese-Hindi Compound Word in the field of Management & Relationship between their Constintuting Elements
JAIN, Sushama School of Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University (J.N.U) Professor Concept of Reincarnation in Writings of Mishima: an Interpretation from a Popular Indian Perspective
MISRA, Sib Ranjan Department of Economics and Politics, Visva-bharati University Professor & Head Employment Adjustment Mechanism Through Economic Restructuring - Lessons for India from Japanese Experience.
MUNGILA HILLEMANE, Bala Subrahmanya Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science Associate Professor Inter Firm Linkages between SME, and Large Firms in the Manufacturing Sector of Japan: Its Role in the Promotion of Technological Innovations and Economic Performance.
SHEEL, Ranjana BJK Institute of Buddhist & Asian Studies Senior Fellow Political Empowerment of Women in Japan and India
VARMA, Lalima Center for East Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharulal Nehru University Chair person, Associate Professor Japan's Eco-Strategic Aid to South Asia: Objectives, Limits and Gains
Name Institution Title Project Title
HUJATNIKA, Agung Selasar Sunaryo Art Space Curator Understanding Japanese Contemporary Art
WIRYOPRANOTO, Suhartono History Department, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Gadjah Mada University Professor Kaigun Bukanfu: Support to Indonesian Independence
Name Institution Title Project Title
AZUMA, Shoji Language and Literature, University of Utah Associate Professor A Study of Emerging Political Discourse in Post-war Japan
KATADA, Saori School of International Relations, University of Southern California Associate Professor Japan's Turn to Regionalism: Driven by Domestic-International Political Nexus
NAGASHIMA, Yoichi Department of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen Director Mori Ogai's Translation of Norwegian Plays into Japanese - Works by Ibsen and Bjorn son
OHASHI, Jun University of Melbourne Lecturer Comparative Pragmatic Study of Japanese and Australian Speech Act of Thanking
TAKEYAMA, Akiko Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Research Assistant Catering to Desires: Commodified Intimacy in Tokyo Host and Hostess Clubs
TAMURA, Keiko Australian War Memorial Australia Japan Research Project A Study of Organization and Changes in Western and Asian Foreigners' Communities in Kobe in the First Half of the 20th Century
TANAKA, Michiko Center for Asian and African Studies, El Colegio de Mexico   Politics and Political Thoughts in Japan, 1983-2003 (preliminary research)
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHOI, Hyokyung Department of EALC, Indiana University-Bloomington Doctoral Course Cross-Cultural Construction of Japanese and Korean Identities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century
CHOI, Soon Ja Kookmin University Graduate School, Education Doctoral Course  
JANG, Wonho Department of Urban Sociology, College of Urban Sciences, The University of Seoul Associate Professor Transformation of the Political Culture in Japan
KIM, Young Rae Department of Political Science, Ajou University Professor Comparative Study on Political Participation of Citizen's Group in Japan and Korea
OH, Dong Ryong   Journalist  
OH, Seong Cheol Department of Primary Education, Cheongju National University of Education Associate professor A Comparative Study on Colonial Primary Education in Korea and Taiwan under the Japanese Rule, 1895-1945
PAI, Hyung Il East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, University of California Associate Professor Collecting Japan's Antiquity: Archaeology, Ethnography, and Heritage Management in the Korean Peninsula (1900-1943)
PARK, Seo Hyun Department of Government, Cornell University Doctoral Course The Issue of Sovereignty and International Relations in Asia: The Case of Japan and Korea
SEO, Jaekil Seoul National University, Korea Doctoral Course A Study of the Broadcast Literature of the Chosun Broadcast Association (JODK)
SON, Dong Ju Pukyong National University Professor  
Name Institution Title Project Title
GOH, Pek Chen Multimedia University Faculty of Business and Law Intellectual Capital and Japanese Economic Development
MUSTAFA, Rujhan, Bin Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Faculty of Economics and Business The Political Economy of East Asian Economic Integration
Name Institution Title Project Title
BATSAIKHAN, Ookhnoi Institute of International Studies, Mongolian Academy of Sciences Head and Research Fellow The Influence of Japan in the Settlement of Mongolian Independence since in the 20th Century
Name Institution Title Project Title
HUSAIN, Sabah Lahore Arts Foundation Trust Director, Associate Professor Creative Print and Papermaking.
Name Institution Title Project Title
TAN, Rosalina, Palanca Japanese Studies Program and Economics Department, Ateneo de Manila University Associate Professor, Director Japan-Philippines Partnership to Address Climate Change: Opportunities in the Clean Development Mechanism
Name Institution Title Project Title
LOO, Tze May Faculty of History, Cornell University Graduate Student Treasuring Okinawa: Shuri Castle and the Practice of Valuation in the Making of Modern Japan
Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
PERERA,Vitiyala Ilesinghage Don Jothi Institute of Workers' Education, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Senior Lecturer Impact of Mechanization on Industrial Relations in the Port of Colombo, the Port of Kashima, Japan and the Port of Felixstowe, United Kingdom
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHIRASOMBUTTI, Voravudhi Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Assistant Professor, Eastern Languages The investigation of methodology in Japanese sociolinguistics
SMANCHAT, Sitthichai Chulalongkorn University Guest Lecturer Shamuro-Zone Siam Textile Designs in Japan 16-18 AD.
WUWONGSE, Warintorn Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University Professor How Have the Japanese Children Changed-The Present School Education and Socialization in Japan
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
LUU, Trinh Ngoc Institute of World Economy (IWE), World Economic Problems Review Vice Editor-in-Chief Educational Reforms for Improving the Quality of the Human Resource in Japan and Vietnam in the Recent Years: A Comparative Study
TRAN, Nhung Thi Center for Japanese Studies, Center for Social Sciences and Humanities Researcher Social Security Issues in Japanese Market Economy


Name Institution Title Project Title
BOTSMAN, Daniel Vernon History, Harvard University Associate Professor The Idea and Practice of Freedom in Meiji Japan
DE MATOS, Christine Mae University of Western Sydney Humanities The British Commonwealth Occupation Forces and labour reform in the Allied Occupation of Japan
LETTEN, Linda Kay La Trobe University Asian Studies Medieval Representations of Yokobue: Tracing Interpretations of the Feminine Ideal

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
KOWNER, Rotem Department of Asian Studies, The University of Haifa Head of Department Modernizing Bodies: Japanese Reactions to Western Racial Discourse during Meiji Era(1868-1912)
Name Institution Title Project Title
MAJDOUBEH, Ahmad Yacoub Department of English, University of Jordan Professor, Director of LC & OIRP Japanese Literature in English: Primary Texts and Criticism
Name Institution Title Project Title
AKBAY, Okan Haluk Dept. of Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Erciyes University Department Head A Contrastive Study on the Argument Structure and Thematic Relation


Name Institution Title Project Title
HAMZA, Isam Mohamed Reyad Japanese Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University Associate Professor The Oriental View toward Other Cultures - a Comparative Study between Japan and Egypt-
Name Institution Title Project Title
MWENI, Ashina Kibibi   Free-lance Culture Dynamics and their Role and Impact on Television Soap Operas

The Americas

Name Institution Title Project Title
NAGIB, Lucia Multimedia Dept., Institute of Arts, State University of Campinas Associate Professor The Japanese Nouvelle Vague and Corporeal Realism
Name Institution Title Project Title
EDGINGTON, David William Centre for Japanese Research, University of British Columbia Director Multicultural Planning in Japanese Cities
GRIFFITHS, Caitilin, Judith University of Toronto Doctoral Course Itinerant Nuns and Monks of Medieval Japan
HUR, Nam Lin Department of Asian Studies, The University of British Columbia Associate Professor Zen Monks and the Japanese Invasion of Chosen Korea, 1592-1598: The Case of Seisho Jotai
MONNET, Livia Rodica Department of Comparative Literature, University of Montreal Professor Women's Cinema and New Media Art in Contemporary Japan: History, Theory, Criticism, and a Digital Archive
Name Institution Title Project Title
AMYX, Jennifer Ann University of Pennsylvania Associate Professor Institutional Legacies and System Transition in the Japanese Political Economy
ATKINS, E. Taylor Northern Illinois University Associate Professor The Dual Career of Arirang: Korean Resistance Anthem, Japanese Pop Hit
CANNELL, David Richard University of California, Irvine Doctoral Course Haikai Poetry in Genroku Japan: Social Practices and Institutions
EASON, David Anthony Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles Graduate student The Culture of Disputes in Early Modern Japan, 1550-1700
FARRIER, Anna-Marie Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University Graduate Student Circulating Fictions: The Novels of Natsume Soseki and the Gothic
FIELD, Norma E. Asian Languages & Civilization, University of Chicago Professor The Living Legacy of Japanese Proletarian Literature: One Hundred Years of Kobayashi Takiji
FREEMAN, Laurie Anne University of California, Santa Barbara Assistant Professor Information Technology and Democracy: A Comparative Study of Japan and the United States
FREIRE, Charles Patrick Department of History, University of California, Berkeley Graduate Student Religion and Civil Society in Modern Japan, 1938-1955
IKEDA, Satoshi Department of Sociology, University of Alberta Associate Professor Japan's Failed Modernization and the Crisis of Ideology: East Asian Regional and World System Analyses of Seclusionism, Emperorism, and Corporocentrism
KASULIS, Thomas Patrick Comparative Cultural Studies, The Ohio State University Professor Japanese Philosophy: A History and Sourcebook
KAWASHIMA, Ken Department of Asian Studies, University of Toronto Assistant Professor Colonialism, Culture and Korean Labor Power in Japan (1917-1937)
MARRA, Michael Ferruccio East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of California (UCLA) Professor Philosophers and Poetry: The Aesthetics of the Kyoto School
MCCORKLE, Corey, J   Free-lance For Greater Velocity Grace
MCDONALD, Keiko East Asian Languages and Literature Dept., University of Pittsburgh Professor Women Making Films: Japanese Female Directors
MCKNIGHT, Anne East Asian Studies, McGill University Assistant Professor Nakagami Kenji and Postwar Minoritarian Literature
MUELLER, Laura Jean Department of Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison   Entertaining Virtue: The Naturalization of Confucianism in Edo Print Culture
PINCUS, Leslie Beth Department of History, University of Michigan Associate Professor On the Critical Edge: A Genealogy of Alternative and Oppositional Initiatives in Japan's Twentieth Century
ROSENBERGER, Nancy, Ross Department of Anthropology, Oregon State University Professor Japanese Women Negociating Changes across the Life Course
SCARANGELLO, Dominick John Religious Studies, University of Virginia   Collaboration, Contestation, and the Inventions of Tradition at a Japanese Sacred Mountain
SHAPIRO, Michael Isaac History, University of California at Berkeley   Taisho Democracy, Korean Nationalism, and Cultural Rule
STANLEY, Amy Beth East Asian Language and Civilization, Harvard University Doctoral Course The Countryside and the Pleasure Quarters: Urban and Rural Exchange in Tokugawa Japan
THOMAS, Julia Adeney Department of History, University of Notre Dame Associate Professor Photography and Democracy: between History and Sex in Occupied Japan
UNGER, J. Marshall Dept. of East Asian Languages & Literatures, The Ohio State University Professor, Chair Language Contact in Early Japanese History
UYEDA, Tanya Tomoko Asian Conservation Studio, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Assistant Conservator Mounting Styles of Nikuhitsu Ukiyo-e Hanging Scrolls
ZWICKER, Jonathan Elias Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Michigan Assistant Professor Tears of Blood: Melodrama, the Novel, and the National Imaginary in Nineteenth-Century Japan


Name Institution Title Project Title
OFFENHUBER, Dietmar Ars Electronica Futurelab Key Researcher Loop City - an interactive description of the city as set of repeated actions
Name Institution Title Project Title
ROBBEETS, Martine Irma Department of Comparative Linguistics, Leiden University   Is Japanese Related to Korean and the Altaic Languages?
Name Institution Title Project Title
DOBOROVIC, Zvonimir Queer Zagreb Artistic Director Queer Art and Deconstruction of Heteronormativity in Contemporary Japanese Performing and Visual Art
Czech Republic
Name Institution Title Project Title
LABUS, David The Institute of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University Special Assistant Yokoi Shonan and the Process of Transformation of Sense of Identity
SALOVA, Dita Centre of Comparative Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University Lecturer Health and Illness in Ancient Japanese Culture (Chapters of Yasuyori Tamba's Shimbo)
Name Institution Title Project Title
NUKKE, Maret Estonian Institute of Humanities Lecturer No Theatre in Contemporary World
Name Institution Title Project Title
HORELI, Laura     BROADCAST! Project
Name Institution Title Project Title
AVELINE, Natacha National Center for Scientific Research / Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Lyon II Assistant Professor Optimization of Land Holding and Diversification of the JR Companies
GOSSOT,Anne Department of Japanese Studies, Bordeaux 3 University Teacher, Dept. Director The Birth of Japanese Modern Design Theory
Name Institution Title Project Title
MATTEN, Marc Andre Department of Chinese and Japanese Studies, University of Bonn Doctoral Course The Construction of Nationalism among Chinese Students in Japan (1895-1911) and the Problem of National Identity
SCHAEFER, Fabian Institute of East Asian Studies, Leipzig University Doctoral Course 'Media-Theory' in Pre-War Japan: The Discursive Space of Newspaper Studies and Sociology in Germany and Japan
SCHOLZ, Stanca Emilia University of Trier Professor Noh and Kyogen as Contemporary Theatre
Name Institution Title Project Title
KLONOS, Georgios Stanford University   Shugendo: Ominesan during the Tokugawa Period
Name Institution Title Project Title
KRASZNAHORKAI, Laszlo Gate of Dharma Buddhist University Chairman The Metaphysical Values of Japanese Gadening Reflected in Modern Japanese Aesthetics
Name Institution Title Project Title
DE PALMA, Daniela Faculty of Oriental Studies, University La Sapienza Lecturer Japanese People's Attitude toward Imperial Institution in the late Showa and Heisei Periods
NETTI, Giorgio   Composer Complex Sound in Japanese and European Cultures: One Mouth, Two Voices
NOVIELLI, Maria Department of East Asian Studies, Ca' Foscari University Researcher Hypermedia and Japanese Cinema in 1990s
PATALANO, Alessio University of Paris, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes - Sorbonne Doctoral Course The Importance of Intelligence Resources in the Evolution of the Japanese Contemporary Approach to Seapower
Name Institution Title Project Title
KOUBANYTCHBEKOVA, Baktygoul Osh State University Doctoral Course Administrative Law Development and Government Regulation
Name Institution Title Project Title
TEEUWEN, Mark Faculty of Arts, University of Oslo   Ritualizing Text: Shinto-Ryu in Medieval Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
JABLONSKI, Arkadiusz Marek Department of Japanese Studies, Chair of Oriental Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University Assistant Professor Semiotics and Pragmatics of Contemporary Japanese Honorifics
MEYER, Stanislaw University of Hong Kong Doctoral Course Social and Cultural Changes in Modern Okinawa and the Policy of Assimilation
Name Institution Title Project Title
ANARINA, Nina Grigorievna Russian Academy of Theatre Art Professor History of the Japanese Theatre: a Comprehensive Study
ISHCHENKO, Marina Sakhalin State University Associate Professor The Japanese in Sakhalin: Ethnological Aspects of Problem
KOROBTSEVA, Ekaterina Sergeevna Department of Sociology, University of Oxford Doctoral Course The Puzzle of the Relationship between Marriage and Childbearing in Contemporary Japan
ZHURAVSKAYA, Tatiana Mikhailovna Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design Professor Japanese Craft and Design-Tradition and Innovation
Serbia and Montenegro
Name Institution Title Project Title
SEKULOVIC, Ana Geo-Economic Dept, Megatrend University of Applied Science Associate Professor Regional Development under Economic Globalization
Name Institution Title Project Title
CALCIO-GANDINO, Flavio, Andrea Japanology, University of Zurich Doctoral Course The Edo Period Townhouse and its Preservation in Ensembles: The Preservation District for an Important Group of Historic Buildings of Imai
Name Institution Title Project Title
CROSS, Barbara School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Doctoral Course Pre-Modern Japanese Popular Fiction and its Relationship with Performance
DODD, Stephen Department of Japan and Korea, SOAS, University of London Head of Department Visions of Modernity in the Works of Kajii Motojiro
MACDONALD, Alastair Glasgow School of Art Professor, Head of Department Inclusive Design: Creating Accessible Products, Environments and Services for a Dynamically Ageing Population
MARTIN, Phillip Neil   Composer Disseminating Gagaku
Name Institution Title Project Title
PYANOVA, Elena Viktorovna History Department, Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies Senior Lecturer Japan in International Community after the World War II- Japanese Community in Uzbekistan before and after Independence

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