List of Fellows in 2005


Name Institution Title Project Title
Mahfuzul Hoque
University of Chittagong Professor Party Politics, Electoral Reforms and Democratic Consolidation in Japan: Lessons for Bangladesh
Name Institution Title Project Title
BI, Shihong School of International Relations, Yunnan University Instructor Japan's relation with the cooperation and the development of the Mekong economic sphere
CHEN, Jing Sun Yat-sen University PhD. Candidate Making Ethnic culture into tourist attractions
DAI, Hongguang Japanese Language and Culture Department of Peking University PhD. Candidate Iki and the Ethic of Tokugawa Era A Japanese Aesthetics Consciousness Study from the View of Intellectual History
LEE, Puitak Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong Research Officer & Honorary Lecturer The Networks of the Overseas Japanese Communities in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin and Singapore with Japan, 1870s-1930s
LI, Minggang The Ohio State University Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures Bungei shunju in the Early Years and the Rise of a Middlebrow Readership
LI, Xiufeng Department of Public Administration, China Youth University for Political Sciences Director, Associate Professor The Study of Regulatory Reform in Japan
LIN, Zhongjie University of Pennsylvania Ph.D.candidate City as process: Kenzo Tange and the Japanese Urban Utopias, 1959-70
PAN, Li Renmin University Assistant Professor Research on Conciousness Structure of Japanese ?Ma(?)? Viewed from the Japanese Arts
SHANG, Xia Research Institute for Japanese Studies, Northeast Normal University Professor Function of Media and Sino-Japanese Relations
WANG, Jian Institute of Modern History Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, History Laboratory of Taiwan Chief Researcher Research on the History of Japan and Taiwan Economic Relation in Post War (1945-1980's)
WENG, Ming Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Science Professor Comparison and Analysis of Agricultural Product Trade between China and Japan
Wuyungaowa History Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Researcher Research on the ?uJapanese Equivalent?v during the Ming Dynasty and ?uJapanese Language Study?vin the Korea Translation School (?????)
XIE, Zhiyu Zhejiang University Head, Assistant Professor Japanese literature in tha latter half of the 20th century
YANG, Zhaohua Stanford University Ph.D.Candidate Devouring Impurities:The Creation of A Japanese Apocryphon on Ususama Myoo in the Edo Period
ZHANG, Yijie Architecture & Urban Planning College, Tongji University Ph.D.Candidate Typological Research on Wood-made Pagodas during Asuka and Heian Period
Name Institution Title Project Title
BALARAM, Padmini National Institute of Design (NID) Visiting Professor, Freelance Designer&Researcher The Textile Route Between India and Japan Via China and Korea : Mutual Influences on Culture, Textiles, Designs and Color Symposium
THE HINDU India's National Daily Newspaper Agriculture Correspondent Study of Agriculture in Japan
Jawaharlal Nehru University Associate Professor Civil Society in Japan and India : Changing State-Society Balance
JAYARAMAN, Usha Priamvatha Banaras Hindu University Research Scholar The Translation of Humor, with Specific focus on Women's writings in Japan
PRASAD, Prashant Kumar Jawaharlal Nehru University PhD. Candidate Japan's Development Aid: A Study of Soft Aid Policy, 1992-2001
Name Institution Title Project Title
LUPI ARDIATI, Riza Universitas Padjadjaran Japanese Teacher Modern Japanese History
TJANDRA, Sheddy Nagara Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia Teacher History of Japanese Language(Sound System, Writing System)
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHO, Kyucheol Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Associate Professor The Study on the Partnership of NGO/NPOs and Government in Japan
CHOI, Sukhwan Graduate School of Law, Seoul National University Researcher A Comparative Research on the Concept of Employee through the Legislation of Labor Law in Japan and Korea
CHUNG, Kiryong International Studies, Yosu National University Assistant Professor The Social Policy of Diminishing Children and Aged Society in Japan
KANG, Sung hack Korea University Professor Japanese Permanent Membership in the UN Security Councel and East Asian Peace and Security
KIM, Hyun-chul The University of Edinburgh Social Anthropology Ph.D.Candidate Death Rituals and the Concept of Death in Contemporary Japan
KIM, Kee-Seok Department of Political Science, College of Social Science, Kangwon National University Professor From a Reactive State to a Regional Hegemonic State? A Cross-Sectorial Analysis of Japanese Foreign Economic Policy
KIM, Taigi Dankook University Economics/Professor Study on the Political Activities of Labor Unions: Comparison Between Korea and Japan
LEE, Changhyun Kookmin University Professor Cultural Flow in Northeast Asia and its Impact on the National Identitiy and International Relationship
OH, Dongil Brunel University PhD. Candidate The Aesthetical Characteristics of the Animated Performance in Japanese Animation: the Relationship between the Character and the Audience
SHIN, Mi-young Hanyang University PhD. Candidate Young Kanjii Motojiro and modern urban space
YE, Jongsuk Hanyang University School of Business/ The Beautiful Foundation Philanthropy Research Institute Professor, Director A Cross National Comparison of Philanthropic Activity in Korea and Japan
YOOK, Keun-hyo Pusan University of Foreign Studies Professor Accounting and Performance Evaluation System in Local Government: A Comparative Study of the Japan and Korea
Name Institution Title Project Title
HOOI, Lai Wan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Lecturer/ Research Fellow Current Trends in Human Capital Management - A Comparative Analysis between Malaysia and Japan
SELVARAJU, Mala School of Political Science & Institute Studies, the University of Queensland PhD. Candidate Malaysia-Japan Bilateral Relations and East Asian Regionalism
Sharifah Zarina, Binti
IKMAS, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM) Research Fellow, PhD. Candidate Comparative Study of the Japanese and Malaysian Educational System With A Focus On Primary Education
Name Institution Title Project Title
NAW, Si Blut SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Tradition Senior Officer (Research and Development) The Impact of the Japanese Occupation in Myanmar: A Case Study on Ayeyarwady Division
Name Institution Title Project Title
MANGI, Lutfullah University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan Professor & Chairman Japan's East Asia Policy in the Post-Cold War Era
Name Institution Title Project Title
Lelu, Prima
Regional Trial Court Office of the Clerk of Court The Effectiveness of Extrajudicial Settlement of Disputes/ Conflicts and Court- Reffered Mediation/ Conciliation in Japan and its Adaptability to Philippine Setting
ZAYAS, Cynthia Neri University of the Philippines Center for International Studies Officer in Charge The Rapture of the Earth and the Memories of Place Names in Akashi Island
Name Institution Title Project Title
LIM, Tai Wei Cornell University PhD. Candidate The Development of China's Modern Oil Industry
Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
Laksiri Piyadasa
Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo Dean/ Professor Japan's Role in Peace Making: the Case of Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Lecturer The Development of Female Characterization in Oe Kenzaburo's Literary Work
NETHIPO, Viengrat Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University Lecturer Comparative Study of Thaksin Shinawatra and Tanaka Kakue's Styles of Politics
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
NGUYEN THI, Oanh Institute of Han-Nom Studies, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences Research Associate The Comparative Study of Folk Elements Conatained in Konjaku monogatari shu
NGUYEN, DUY Dung Center for Japanese Studies, Vietnam Akademy of Social Sciences Assistant Professor Administrative Reforms For Improving The Competitiveness of the Economy: Comparing The Experiences of Japan and Vietnam in The Recent Years


Name Institution Title Project Title
CORBETT, Rebecca Jane The University of Sydney Ph.D Candidate The Feminization of CHANOYU in Interwar Japan
MORRISON, Tiffany Hope Flinders University of South Australia Lecturer Pursuing Environmental Sustainability at the Regional Level in Japan, the USA and Australia: a comparative analysis of integrated governance at the sub-national level
OKANO, Kaori Horne La Trobe University Senior Lecturer Multicultural education policies and practices in Japan : The dialectic of long-existing local activism and globalisation

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
GAVAHI, Abdolrahim Shahid Motahhari University Visiting Professor To Conduct Field Research and Study on Shito Religion, Practices, Rituals and Compile a Book in Persian on it.
Name Institution Title Project Title
Department of Social Sciences and Democracy Studies, Beit-College Head Examination of the Successes of Japan's Democracy through the General Attitudes and Behaviors of Japan's Political Parties at the Time of the Occupation.
DALIOT-BUL, Michal Reischauer Institute Associate in Research Cellular Phones in Japan as Cultural Playscape
Name Institution Title Project Title
TEKMEN, Ayse Nur Ankara University Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Language & Literature Assistant Professor A Contrastive Study on Communicational Expressions of Japanese and Turkish


Name Institution Title Project Title
Mohamed Ibrahim
Al-Ahram Newspaper Deputy Head of the Foreign Desk Study on the Changing Attitudes of Younger Generation in Japan, Social Withdrawal
MOSTAFA, Ahmed Mohamed Fathy Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University Assistant Professor The After War Okinawa Literature, Focus on Mr. Medoruma Shun
Name Institution Title Project Title
AGBU, Augustine Osita Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) Senior Research Fellow Technology & Africa's Crisis of Development: Exploring Japanese Technological Cooperation in the Iron and Steel Industry

North America / Latin America

Name Institution Title Project Title
CORDARO, Madalena
N. Hashimoto
Center for Japanese Studies, University of Sao Paulo Vice Director The Art of Japanese Erotic Painting and Prints
ERBER, Pedro Rabelo Cornell University PhD. Candidate Translating the Avant-garde: Political Art in 1960's Japan and Brazil
Simone, Neiva Loures
Federal University of Espirito Santo Professor A City as a Maze-The Influence of Cultural Background in the Formation of Tokyo's Urban Space
ILARI, Beatriz Senoi Federal University of Parana Associate Professor Documenting Songs and Chants of Japanese and Japanese-Brazilian Children
MELLO, Valeria Maria Sampaio State University of Ceara Professor What do Japanese Say about Japan Education in Post WWII - A Compared Study
MIYAZAKI, Silvio Y. M. Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo Professor Political Economy of Japanese Trade with Brazil, Chile and Mexico: Path to Bilateral Trade Agreements
REIGOTA, Marcos A. S. University of Sorocaba Professor Contemporary Speeches about Nature and their Relations with Environmental Education
SAKURAI, Celia Historical Museum of Japanese Immigration in Brazil Academic Coordinator Book The Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
GELLERT, James Herbert Lakehead University Professor A Comparative Study of Popular Japanese and European Folktales
KUAN, Seng Harvard University PhD. Candidate Tange Kenzo and His Circle: the Internationalization of Modernist
STEAVU-BALINT, Dominic Stanford University PhD. Candidate Seals of the Stars: Daoist Elements in Japanese Religion
TIESSEN, James Herman DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University Associate Professor Japan's Top Hospitals: The Emergence and Identification of Best Practices
Name Institution Title Project Title
MARTINEZ-RODRIGUEZ, Mauricio Los Andes University / Externado De Colombia University Lecturer Web-Encyclopedia of Japanese Performing Arts in Spanish
Name Institution Title Project Title
MENDOZA, Emma Pacific Basin Studies Center, APEC Study Center, University of Colima Professor Prospective Study of the Development and Use of the Renewable Energies within the APEC Framework
Name Institution Title Project Title
ANGST, Linda Isako Lewis and Clark College Assistant Professor Longevity, Wellness Tourism, and Ethnic Identity: Constituting Self and Society in Okinawa
Kyril Alexander
Developing Innovations in Navajo Education, Inc. Project Director Researching Agricultural Practice and Youth Education in Japanese Family Farms Relevant For Use in Navajo Agricultural Communities
CHAIKLIN, Martha University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Adjunct Associate Professor Ivory: Imports and Artistry in Early Modern Japan (1650-1850)
CLULOW, Adam Columbia University PhD. Candidate Exporting Violence: Japanese Mercenaries in Southwest Asia, 1587-1639
DAVIS, Walter The Ohio State University PhD. Candidate Wang Yiting and the Art of Sino-Japanese Exchange
ELDER, Mark Allen James Madison College, Michigan State University Assistant Professor Does Pollution have a Silver Lining? Japan's Use of Environmental Protection Policies to Promote Economic Competitiveness
FOXWELL, Chelsea Columbia University PhD. Candidate Kano Hogai (1828-88) and the Making of Modern Japanese Painting
FUJII, James Akira University of California, Irvine Professor Networks of Consumption: Metropolitan Rail and Japanese Modernity
FUJIMURA, Osamu The Ohio State University Professor Emeritus Syllable-based Phonology and Phonetics of Japanese
GAY, Suzanne Marie Oberlin College Professor, East Asian Studies Program Medieval Commerce and Pilgrimage in Oyamazaki
GORDON, June Ann University of California, Santa Cruz Associate Professor Newcomers in Japan: Schooling and Identity Negotiation
HANKINS, Joseph University of Chicago PhD. Candidate Recognition and Stigmatization: the Making of a Multicultural Japan
HAYASHI, Reiko University of Utah Assistant Professor Independent living Centers in Japan and the Support They Provide for Centers in Other Asian Countries
JESTY, Justin University of Chicago PhD. Candidate Art and Activism in Postwar Japan
KLEEMAN, Faye Yuan University of Colorado Associate Professor Imperial Japan and Cultural Hegemony in the Creation of an East Asian Modernity
LEFLAR, Robert B. University of Arkansas, School of Law Professor Patient Safety and Patients' Rights: A Comparative Study of Japan and the United States
LIFE, Theodore
Global Film Network, Inc. Executive Director Okinawa: The Treaties and the Will of People
PARTNER, Simon Christopher Duke University Associate Professor Peasants into Japanese: The Transformation of Rural Life, 1880-1910
RATH, Eric Clemence University of Kansas Assistant Professor The Eggplant and the Crane: The Development of Cuisine in Early Modern Japan
REGAN, Martin University of Hawaii, Manoa PhD. Candidate Cross-Cultural Approaches to Music Composition
SEARIGHT, Amy Elizabeth The George Washington University
Department of Political Science
Assistant Professor Tools of Trade: Japanese Trade Politics in the WTO and Beyond
SELIGMANN, Ari University of California, Los Angeles PhD. Candidate Kumamoto's Artpolis: Mediating Globalization with Public Architecture
SHIPPER, Apichai Department of Political Science, University of Southern California Professor Foreigners and Democracy: A Comparative Study of Tokyo and Los Angeles
SOLT, George University of California, San Diego PhD. Candidate Changing Dietary Habits and the Popularization of Ramen in 20th Century Japan
SZATROWSKI, Polly Ellen University of Minnesota Associate Professor Grammaticalization of Postposed Structures in Japanese Conversational Interaction
TAKAHASHI, Sayumi Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania PhD. Candidate Multimedia Embodied Textuality as Gendered Resistance in Otagaki Rengetsu, Ono Yoko and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
WATT, Paul B. DePauw University, Asian Studies Professor Yasuda Rijin and the Modern Restatement of True Pure Land Buddhism
YODA, Tomiko Department of Asian & African Languages & Literature, Duke University Associate Professor Beyond the Manichean Divide: Gender, Labor and Consumer Culture in Contemporary Japan
YONEMOTO, Marcia University of Colorado, Boulder Associate Professor Geographies of Gender in Early Modern Japan (1590-1868)
Name Institution Title Project Title
GONZALEZ LONGORIA, Silvia Lidia University of Los Andes Researcher Japanese Mass Media: Political and Social Influence in a New Century


Name Institution Title Project Title
SELLNER, Manfred B. University of Salzburg, Department of Linguistics Assistant Professor The Pronunciation of Katakana by Native Speakers of Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
DE PRADO YEPES, Cesar United Nations University - Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) Research Fellow Japan's multi-level foreign policy centred on East Asia: 1996-2004
Name Institution Title Project Title
DIMITROVA, Stefania, Todorova Foundation for Cross-Cultural Studies Nadara-Bulgaria President Japanese Patterns of Socialization in Primary Schools
Czech Republic
Name Institution Title Project Title
KRAEMEROVA, Alice Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures curator Old Photographs Research(From Joe Hloucha Collection)
Name Institution Title Project Title
DELPY, Fabienne M. Art History Department, Stanford University PhD. Candidate Eizo: Theory and Practice of the 'Camera-based Image' in Japan, 1960-1975
ITO, Hiromi Universite de Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle Lecturer Cognitive Process in Speech Comprehension in Consecutive Interpretation: Cognitive Skill Acquisition of ESTI Japanese Section Studies
Name Institution Title Project Title
DRIXLER, Fabian Franz Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences PhD Candidate Population Policy and the End of the Low-Fertility Regimes of Japan
HACKNER, Thomas University of Trier Assistant Professor The Discourse on Landcape in the Late Meiji Era
HOMMERICH, Carola Institute for Applied Social Research, University of Cologne PhD. Candidate Changing Attitudes Towards Working Life in Germany and Japan
SPIELMANN, Yvonne Braunschweig School of Art, Institute of Media Research Professor Concept of Hybrid Identity as Expression Method in the Degital Media Art-Comparative Analysis of Japan and Europe
TIDTEN, Markus SWP German Institute for International and Security Affairs Research Group Asia Senior Research Fellow Japan's Forign and Security Policy Between Global Challenges and Regional Restrictions
WEBER,Chantal Marie Japanese Studies, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Cologne Ph.D. Candidate Communication Networks Around Japanese Tea Masters-Scale Free Networks in the Way of Tea.
Name Institution Title Project Title
MEDGYES, Tamas Department of Comparative Literature, Faculty of Humanities, University of Szeged Lecturer Minimalism and its Cultural Context in Urban Environments
Name Institution Title Project Title
CAROLI, Rosa Department of East Asian Studies, Universtiy of Ca'Foscari of Venice Associate Professor The Life of the Last King of Ryukyu: Sho Tai (1843-1901) in Tokyo
MARCON, Federico Columbia University PhD Candidate The Origins of the Modern Intellectual in Tokugawa Japan
MAURIZI, Andrea University of Cagliari Associate Professor Special Construction of Travel and Narrative Frame in Heian Period Monogatari
MIGLIORE, Maria Chiara Lecce University Professor Japanese Adaptation of Chinese Sources: The Story of Wang Zhaojun
Name Institution Title Project Title
BOOT, Willem Jan Centre for Japanese and Korean Studies, Leiden University Professor, Japanese Studies Minagawa Kien: Kien Toyo, Meicyu, and Kaibutsugaku
HANSSEN, Linda Maria World Arts Museum Rotterdam Curator of Textiles Tradition and Innovation: Contemporary Japanese Textiles
Name Institution Title Project Title
ZEROMSKA, Estera Department of Japanese Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University Professor The History of Japanese Theatre (From the Origin to 1945)
Name Institution Title Project Title
Angela Varvara
Hyperion University Professor Sato-Kagura- the Symbol of Harmony between Man and Kami
Name Institution Title Project Title
BRESLAVETS, Andrei Alexandrovich Institute of International Relations of Vladivostok State University of Economics Associate Professor The Building a New World Order: Open Regionalism Concept of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation as a Key Item of Integration Process in North East Asia. Japan Aspect
Diana Georgieva
Institute of Far Eastern Studies, RAS Senior Research Fellow Specific of World View in Traditional Japanese and Russian Cultures
MAYKOVA, Nadezda Victorovna Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) Russian Academy of Science Senior Coodinator of Exhibition Department Traditianal Natural Materials Japanese and Ainu Textile
SOKOLOVA-DELUSINA, Tatiana Lvovna Translation Section, Moscow Writers Union Translator Saigyo and His Role in Development of Waka-Poetry
SULEYMENOVA, Aida Musulyevna Far Eastern National University, Oriental Studies Institute, Far Eastern Languages Chair Japanese Teacher The Works by Yosano Akiko and their Role in the Japanese Modern Literature (Tanka, Tractates on Tanka)
SUSLOV, Denis Vladimirovich Economic Research Institute Researcher The Influence of Northeast Asia Countries (Regions) Investment Potential on Inter-Regional Flows of Foreign Direct Investment
VYSOKOV, Mikhail Stanislavovich Institute of History, Sociology and Administration of Sakhalin State University Director The Historical experience of colonization of Sakhalin Island by Japan, Russian Empore and the USSR in XIX-XX centuries
Name Institution Title Project Title
Antonio Francisco
Garrigues Chair in Global Law (University of Navarra) Coordinator Revision, Updating and Commentary of the Spanish Translation of Japanese Civil Code
MUNOZ CONDE, Francisco Universidad Pablo de Olavide, De Sevilla Faculty of Law International Criminal Law and the Roma Statute
Name Institution Title Project Title
THUNMAN, Noriko Japanese Section, Department of Oriental and African Languages, Goteborg University Head of the Department, Professor Canonformation in Japanese Literary History - The Genre Haiku and Basho as Examples
Name Institution Title Project Title
ASTLEY, Ian Centre for Japanese Studies, University of Edinburgh Senior Lecturer Religion, Politics and Material Culture in Early Ninth Centry East Asia: The Implications of Kukai's Shorai Mokuroku
LISCUTIN, Nicola Linguistics and Culture, School of Languages, Birkbeck College,University of London Lecturer in Japanese Studies Preparation for the Compilation of a Reader in Japanese Cultural Studies and a Bibliographical Essay Entitled Introduction to Cultural Studies in Japan
PIZZICONI, Barbara School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Lecturer Beyond Honorifics: Changing the Discourse on Japanese Politeness
SCREECH, Timothy (Timon) Benjamin Mark School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Reader Obtaining Pictures: Production, Display in the Art of Edo-Period
WAGNER-TSUKAMOTO, Sigmund Anton University of Leicester Lecturer Moral Agency, Pluralism and Institutional Economic Reconstruction: The Case Study of Japan

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