List of Fellows in 2006


Name Institution Title Project Title
GALAY, Karma Centre for Bhutan Studies Senior Researcher Develop a set of Indicators for gross national happiness
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHAN, Ka Sik Sun Yat-Sen University School of Business Competitiveness of Food Industries: Case Study on Soy Sauce Manufacturers in a Globalising Market
CHEN, Duan Duan Xiamen University Professor Conscious and expression
DIAO, Xiaolong Tsinghua University, Department of History Doctoral Candidate Tradition of Chinese Courtesy in Japan
DONG, Bing yue Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor The Japanese Russor war in Literatures and Thoughts: Based on Overseas Students in Early Qing Dinasty and Japanese Modern Writers in the Same Period
FENG, Tong Central University for Nationalities Doctoral Candidate Cultural Heritage Protection Policy and System in Japan and its Suggestion to China
GONG, Yingchun International Law Department, China Foreign Affairs Universtity Lecturer Sino-Japan Comparative Study of Marine Policies
HUANG, Ying College of Foreign Languages, Ocean University of China Associate Professor Representation and Structure of Utopia in the Literature of Kenji Miyazawa
JIN, Ming Quan College of Literature & Journalism, Chongqing Normal University Professor A Study on Overseas Education in Japan for Chinese Economic People in the Early 20th Century
LIN, Xiao Guang The Institute of International Strategic the Party School of C.P.C Professor Northeast Asia area safe research: Discusses from the six directions to the Local multilateral safety mechanism concurrently discusses Chinese and Japanese both countries the function
LING, Wei Ci Zhejiang University Doctoral Candidate A Study on the Frame of Social Right of Housing Security in China: Comparing with Japan
SUN, Min Dept. of Japanese Language and Culture, College of Foreign Language and Culture, Peking University Doctoral Candidate Japanese Theory of Kunio Yanagida
WANG, Jun Institute of Education of Central University for Nationalities Professor Comparative study on International Understanding and Cross-cultural Education between China and Japan
WANG, Ye Yang Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Researcher, Professor Roots of Cultural Ideas of Historical Values Difference between Japan and China
WEI, Dahai Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Reseacher Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Chinese Culture
WU, Songmei School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Shandong University Lecturer Picture of the Women in The Tale of Genji
ZHAO, Zi Xiang Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences Professor Comparative Study on Cultural Difference and Conflict Between China and Japan
ZHOU, Nian li East China Normal University, College of Preschool & Special Education Associate Professor Research for Inclusive Care & Educational Theory and Practice in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
BHATTACHARYA, Swapan Kumar Indian Institute of Public Administration Associate Professor Exploring Bimstec-Japan free trade option towards Asian Economic Community
MUSTAFA, Huda Hudita Nura Emory University Assistant Professor,Anthropology Africa and Japan: New Cultural Exchanges in Tokyo Cultural Institutions
SHARMA, Ashish Jawaharlal Nehru University School of International Studies Japanese Policy Towards South East Asia: A Study of Indonesia and Vietnam(1991-2005)
VYAS, Susmita University of Delhi Department of Buddhist Studies Interaction between Buddhism and Hinduism in Perspective of Pureland School and Vaisnavism
Name Institution Title Project Title
ANWAR, Etty Nurhayati Japanese Studies Program, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia Lecturer Structure of Buddha's Faith in Kamakura Period-Characteristic and Development of Religion Culture in Japan
DWIANTO, Raphaella Dewantari Atma Jaya Catholic University Lecturer,Business Administration Social Planning of urban Communities for sustainable cities of Asia-an empirical study on local cities in Japan through comparative sociological point of view
Name Institution Title Project Title
BAIK, Chang Jae Seoul National University Department of Political Science Bandwagoning and Proactivity in Japan's Policy toward U.S.-Japan Alliance
CHO, Sung Youn Department of Sociology, Cheju National University Professor The Role and Identity of the Japanese Koreans in the Japanese New Religion
CHOI, Young Ho Youngsan University Associate Professor A study on organizing process and activities of 'Korean Association in Japan (CHOREN)' in Fukuoka and Yamaguchi right after the end of the war
CHUNG, Yong hwa Institute of Korean Studies, Yonsei University Research Professor Modern Transformation of Sino-centrism: Comparative study of Japan, China and Korea
KANG, Hyoung Kee Department of Public administration, Chungbuk National University Professor A comparative study on the Policies of the cultural industries between Kyoto and Kanazawa in Japan
KIM, Chul Soo Euha Womans University Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation Lecturer (1)A change of a Japanese political party system (2)Recognition for Korea in Japan
LEE, Ji Hyun Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Lecturer A study on Japanese culture focused on Romanticism -Through Mishima Yukio
LEE, Sung Whoan Japanese Studies Dept., Keimyung University Professor A Study of Kando (Chientao) Problem under Manchukuo
PARK, Jung-Wei Department of Education, Wonkwang University Professor Comparative Study on View of The World Showing in History Textbook between Japan and Korea
POE, Baek Kyung Hee University, the College of Hotel and Tan'sm Management Associate Professor A Research and Study on Correlativity between Reality of Coverage on Korea by Japanese Media and Change of Awareness toward Korea
SON, Kisup Seoul National University Senior Researcher Japan's Foreign Aid Diplomacy in the 21 Century: International & Internal Structural Change and Grope for New Vision
YOON, Jae seon Institute of Japanese Studies, Hallym University Professor Comparative Study on Regional Development Promotion between Japan and Korea
YOU, Inchon Chung-ang University Associate Professor A study on the character creations and the Artistic presentation in the dramatic performance between Korea &Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
HASHIM, Rosnani International Islamic University Malaysia Professor Englishization of education as a strategy for meeting the challenge of globalization: A comparative study of Malaysia and Japan's response
Name Institution Title Project Title
Thida Kyu Yangon Institute of Economics Lecturer, Department of Economics The Role of Infrastructure in Economic Development of Myanmar(1988-2005): A Comparison of Prewar Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
ROMA-SIANTURI, Dinah Tapia De La Salle University Assistant Professor, Literature Reconstructing 'Vanishing' Japan in Contemporary Travel Narratives: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
TIGNO, Jorge Villamor College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines Associate Professor, Political Sciences Japan Through Gaijin Eyes: The Perspectives of Filipinos in Osaka in the Context of Evolving Transnationalism
Name Institution Title Project Title
LAM, Peng Er East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore Senior Research Fellow Japan's Conflict Prevention and Peace-Building in Asia: Searching for an Active Role
Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
KANAGASABAI, Kajendra Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo Senior Lecturer/Coordinator for MBA Market Orientation and Organisational performance: A Comparative study between Srilanka and Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
METHASATE, Namthip Japanese Section, Department of Eastern languages, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Lecturer 'Thai' in Japanese Fiction
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
NGUYEN THI, ThanhTam HaNoi Foreign Trade University, VietNam-Japan Human Resources Center Japanese Course Manager Promotion of human resource development in Vietnamese market economy: a lesson from Japanese corporate growth
TRAN, Han Giang Institute for Family and Gender Studies-Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences Director, Department Gender & Society Culture  


Name Institution Title Project Title
FILUS,Dorothea Magdalena Monash University Japanese Studies Centre Research Fellow Religious Education in Japan
HARTLEY, Barbara Toni Queensland University Lecturer The Literature of Takeda Taijun: Self, Other and Nation in Twentieth Century Japan
JOHNS, Adam Lucas Australian National University Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government The Development and Promotion of Content Industries in Asia Pacific

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
AKBARZADEH, Daryoosh National Museum of Iran Head of Research The Cultural Relationship between Japan and Iran in Ancient Times: Reconsidering Iranian Culture Found in Japan on the Material and Textual Sources
Name Institution Title Project Title
EIEDAT, Mohammad Khair Suleiman The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Jordan Assistant Professor Cultural Identity and Political Reform
Name Institution Title Project Title
DAHER, Massoud Abdallah Lebanese University Professor Japan's Modern History 1853-1945


Name Institution Title Project Title
SOLIMAN, Alaaeldin Elhassan Cairo University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Japanese Language and Literature Assistant Leturer Possessive constructions-Egyptian Arabic and Japanese Language Contrastive Study

The Americas

Name Institution Title Project Title
COSTA, Adriana Lisboa Fabregas da Faculty of Letters, University of the State of Rio de Janeiro PhD Candidate The Traveler (a novel): Accompanying Basho on his Narrow Road to Oku(Oku no Hosomichi)
GARCIA DOS SANTOS, Yumi Faculty of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences, University of Sao Paulo PhD Candidate Between autonomy and dependence: Single mothers of Brazil, Japan and France
YOSHIDA, Luiza Nana Center for Japanese Studies, University of Sao Paulo Professor The Space in Hojoki
Name Institution Title Project Title
LINLEY, Matthew Australian National University Doctoral Candidate Can Public Diplomacy Affect Foreign Policy Attitude? A Comparison of Japanese Public Diplomacy in China and South Korea
MUTAFCHIEVA, Rositsa McGill University PhD Candidate The Construction of Buraku Vernacular in Contemporary Japan
OMORI, Hisako McMaster University PhD Candidate Modernity, Globalization, and Negotiated Identity: An Ethnographic Study of Roman Catholicism in Contemporary Japan
YAMADE, Yuko Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Montreal Lecturer Japanese Women Translators in Meiji Japan: Origin of Women's Writings and Cultural Translation
Name Institution Title Project Title
CARO RESTREPO, Esperanza National University of Colombia Assistant Professor Sustainable Architecture Tool for the Colombian Humid
Name Institution Title Project Title
CORTINA, Castellanos Monica Center for Studies on Asia and Oceania Researcher Japan's Role in the Development of Southeast Asia
Name Institution Title Project Title
MEZA, Virginia Department of Asian African Studies, El Colegio De Mexico Professor One Century of Japanese Language Teaching in Japanese Elementary School
Name Institution Title Project Title
BLEED, Peter University of Nebraska, Lincoln Professor New and Emigrant Trends in Japanese Paleolithic Research
BOGEL, Cynthea Jean University of Washington Associate Professor The Cultural Life of Imported Buddhist Objects: Shoraimokuroku and Their Artistic Legacy in Japan
BOGNAR, Botond University of Illinois Professor Recent Changes in Japanese Society and The New Urban Architecture in Japan
BOROVOY, Amy Beth Princeton University Professor Japan Studies and the Anthropology of the Self
BUTLER, Lee Brigham Young University Adjunct Associate Professor The Hineno Community: Life, Work, and Contestation on a Sixteenth-Century Japanese Estate
ENDO, Mika University of Chicago PhD Candidate Children Writing Life: the Rise of Seikatsu Tsuzurikata in the 1920s and 1930s
FLUECKIGER, Peter Andrew Pomona College Assistant Professor Poetry and Empathy in Eighteen-Century Japanese Literary Thought
GAINTY, Denis University of Pennsylvania PhD Candidate Martialing the National Body: Rethinking Nationalism, Power, and Agency in Modern Japan 1895-1945
GUNDRY, David James Stanford University PhD Candidate Saikaku's Century: Morality, Social Class and Style in Japanese Literature of the Early Edo Period
KALAFSKY, Ronald Vincent University of North Carolina, Charlotte Assistant Professor Innovation, Firm-level Dynamics, and Location-based Factors within Japan's Machine Tool Sector
KUBOTA, Ryuko The University of North Carolina Associate Professor Forming Identities in an Imagined World: Women and the Business of Learning Eikaiwa in Japan
LIM, Sungyun University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Family, Law, and Household Registration in Colonial Korea
LINCICOME, Mark Elwood College of the Holy Cross Associate Professor and Chair Peripheral Visions: Imagining Asia in Japan and Australia, 1853-1933
LOFTUS, Ronald P Willamette University Professor Addressing the Postwar: Reading Japanese Women's Autobiographies and Memoirs
McCLURE, William Tsuyoshi City University of New York Graduate Center Associate Professor Transfer in the acquisition of the English progressive
McMORRAN, Christopher Michael University of Colorado, Boulder PhD Candidate Migration and Gendered Construction of Identity: Reproducing the Home for Tourists in Rural Japan
MEHRA, Salil Temple University School of Law Associate Professor Prosecutors vs. Otaku: The Internet, Intellectual Property Rights and Criminalization
NELSON, John Kenneth University of San Francisco Associate Professor Buddhist Altars: Refuge and Renewal for Contemporary Times
OKURA, Nana Yale University PhD Candidate White Collars, Gray Hairs: Recontextualizing Salaryman Identities in Metropolitan Japan
ORTABASI, Melek Su Hamilton College Assistant Professor Disseminating Modernity: Language and Doubt in Yanagida Kunio's Native Ethnology
SCHNELL, Scott Randall The University of Iowa Associate Professor Mountain Ascetic as Environmentalist Exemplar: The Rediscovery and Popularization of Banryu Shonin
SURAK, Kristin University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate Tea Ceremony and Gender in Modern Japan
UEDA, Atsuko Princeton University Assistant Professor The Literature of Literary History: Bungei hihyo in Post-World War�UJapan
WILKINS, Gretchen Lee University of Michigan Professor Urban Flicker: Projects on the City
YAMAMOTO, Miyabi University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Japanese Images of Colonial Korea
Name Institution Title Project Title
QUINTERO, Ednodio Jose University of Los Andes Professor Junichiro Tanizaki as a Paradigm of the Modern Japanese Novel


Name Institution Title Project Title
VAN GOETHEM, Ellen E.M.A. Dept. of Languages & Culture of South and East Asia, Ghent University Assistant Professor The Influence of Religious Thought on the Transfer to and from the Nagaoka Capital
Name Institution Title Project Title
TODOROVA, Stela Atanasova Dept. of Economics, University of Agriculture Associate Professor Agricultural Policy of Japan and Bulgaria during the Period 1950-2005/Comparative Analysis
Name Institution Title Project Title
BARBARO, Paolo Centre for the Studies of Japanese Religion PhD researcher Japanese Pilgrimages: a Regional Survey of the Kii Peninsula
YATABE, Kazuhiko Universite Paris 7 Assistant Professor Contemporary Japanese society and the second modernity - experimental study on the aspects of Individualization processes in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
HEINDORF, Viktoria Munich University, Japan Centre Research Assistant Skill Formation and Human Resource Development in Response to the IT Revolution. The Case of Japan
HUMPERT, Rafael Piotr Geschwister-Scholl- Institute, University of Munich PhD Candidate The Japanese-Chinese Relations under the Sign of the Nexon-Shock(1971-197)
JAHN, Gisela Department of East Asia, Institute of Art History Freie University Berlin Visiting Lecturer Traditional Japanese Ceramics, 1900-1989-Tradition and Inovation
GRAJDIAN, Maria-Mihaela University of Cologne, Japanology PhD Candidate The Floating World of Japanese Love-Anime, Identity, and Japan
PAUER, Erich Marburg University, Center for Japanese Studies Professor The College of Engineering in early Meiji-period(M3-18)- Establishment, organization and graduates anf their contribution to modernization
SCHMIDT, Carmen, Elisabeth University of Osnabrueck Department of Social Science, Senior Lecturer University Reform in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
BINCSIK, Monika Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts, affiliated with the Museum of Applied Arts Curator of Japanese Art Collection Japanese Art Trade in the Meiji Period - collecting Japanese Applied Arts, especially Lacquer artworks in Europe, focusing on Hungary
Name Institution Title Project Title
CARIOTI, Patrizia Oriental University of Naples Associate Professor The Overseas Chinese in Nagasaki between the 16th and the 17th Centuries: A Preliminary Investigation
COCI, Gianluca University degli studi di Napoli L'Orientale Part-time lecturer Innovative geniuses of modern Japanese literature, Kobo Abe, Kenzaburo Oe and their successor
GOTTARDO, Marco Columbia University PhD Candidate Mapping popular religion in Tokugawa Japan: Birth, Death, and Re-birth on Mt.Fuji
LOBETTI, Tullio, Federico School of Oriental and African Studies(SOAS), University of London PhD Student Faith in the Flesh: Body and ascetic practices in contemporary Japanese religious context
SAMARANI, Guido Ca'Foscari University, Department of East Asian Studies Professor The Italy-Germany-Japan Alliance and the Sino-Jaoanese War: the 1940.1945 period
Name Institution Title Project Title
GODART, Gerard, Rainier, Clinton University of Chicago History Origins of Modern Japanese Philosophy: Problems of Translation and Demarcation in the Meiji Period
Name Institution Title Project Title
JAZWINSKA, Maria Polish Academy of Sciences Postgraduate student Collection and Interpretation of Iconography of Japanese Textiles
ZULAWSKA-UMEDA, Agnieszka Institute of Oriental Studies, Warsaw University Associate Professor Studies on Tsukeai in Japanese Haikai Poetry and Prose
Name Institution Title Project Title
FRENT, Rodica Monica Faculty of Letters, Babes-Bolyai University Assistant Professor Yasunari Kawabata, Yukio Mishima, Haruki Murakami - the Poetic Mechanism of the their Literary Success Abroad
Name Institution Title Project Title
KHISAMUTDINOV, Amir Aleksandrovich Far-Eastern State Technical University Professor The Influence of Japanese Culture on the Russian Far East: Historical and Anthropological
LIM, Sofya Chununovna Sakhalin State University Professor The Role of Education in Contemporary Social Adaptation of Indigenous Peoples in Russia (Sakhalin), Japan (Hokkaido), and North America (Canadian Arctic and Alaska)
PALKIN, Alexei Dmitrievich Moscow Institute of Economics and Linguistics Associate Professor Linguistic Consciousness of the Japanese and Russians in Comparison
SANINA, Ksenia Gennadievna Far Eastern National University, Institute of Oriental Studies Associate Professor The Genesis and Development of Modern Japanese Literature during Meiji Era: Traditions and Modernity
SNITKO, Tatiana Nikolayevna Rostov State Economics University Professor Attitude toward the WORD in the Japanese and the Russian Cultures
VOYTISHEK, Elena Edmundovna Novosibirsk State University, Institute of Archaelogy and Ethnography Head of Faculty of Oriental Studies Game Traditions in the Intellectual Culture of Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
CRESPIN PERALES, Montserrat Faculty of Philosophy, Barcerona University Fellowship Researcher The Kyoto School of Philisophy in the History of Contemporary Philosophy
TAKAGI, Kayoko Madrid Autonomous University Associate Professor Collecting bibliobraphy and documents for the translation of Genji Monogatari into Spanish
Name Institution Title Project Title
CARLQVIST, Anders Institution of Japanese Goteborg University Dept of Oriental and African Languages Ancient Izumo in the Process of the first Japanese National Building.
Name Institution Title Project Title
COOK, Emma, Elizabeth SOAS:School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) PhD Student Freeters in contemporary Japan: An Ethnography of challenged masculinities
DAY, Kikutsubo G.M.M School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London PhD Student Remenbrance of things past : The ancient Shakuhachi in comtemporary contexts
FUKUKAWA, Kyoko Bradford University School of Management Lecturer The communication and practice of Japanese coporate social responsibilities
TAKAGI, Siu mei University of Cambridge PhD Student Woman, literacy and reading in early Edo period
Name Institution Title Project Title
GAFUROVA, Hakima University of World Economy and Diplomacy Japanese Teacher Suiside in Japan through Japanese Literature and Society
KHALMURZAEVA, Nadira Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies Japanese Teacher Study of Japanese Language
NARKHODJAEVA, Nigora Faizullaevna Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies Teacher The Conception of Personality in Akutagawa Creation

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