List of Fellows in 2007


Name Institution Title Project Title
CAVE, Peter University of Hong Kong Assistant Professor Education and Individuality in Japan: The Impact of Lower Secondary Educational Reform
CHEN, Yuping Intitute for International Labor Studies, Ministry of Labor and Social Security Deputy Division Chief Study on Labor Dispute Resolution System in Japan
DU, Yang Beijing University Doctoral Candidate Study of Thought of Akinari Ueda
GU, Hongyan University of Sydney Doctoral Candidate Towards A Sustained Environmental Advocacy Coalition -a comparative study of Governmental NGOs relations in China and Japan
LIU, Fang Liang Shandong University Doctoral Candiate Reception and Transformation-Relation between Chinese Poem in Edo Period and Poetics in The Ming
LIU, Haibo East China Normal University Department of Educational Administration Comparative Study on the Education Administration System and Reform between China and Japan
LIU, Ping Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Influence of Japanese Modern Theater and Cultural Exchange between Japan and China
LU, Yanbin Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Assistant Professor, Vice - Director Civil Disputes Resolution by Administrative Bodies
MEI, Linhai Jinan University Professor Chinese and Japan Trade Valuation in Sustainable Development and Early Warning Systems
SONG, Zaixin Sichuan University Professor Study of Formation of Characteristic of Japanese Ancien Culture: Focusing on Four Seasons and Love in Ancient Poems
WANG, Qiuju Northeastern University Professor Comparative Study of Science Technology and Culture between Japan and China
WU, Haihang Beijing Normal University Associate Professor Comparative Study of Preventive Measures against Juvenile Crime in Tokyo and Beijing
XU, Jinlong Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Critical Biography of Kenzaburo Ohe
ZHU, Mang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor On Basic Structure of City Planning Legal Procedure and System in Japan With the Comparison of China
ZHUANG, Na Beijing University Doctoral Candiate Study of Japanese National Policy
Name Institution Title Project Title
BILIMALE, Purushothama American Institute of Indian Studies Director Research and Study of Japanese Culture and Performing Arts
FULORIA, Deepika Jawaharlal Nehru University Researcher Developments in Northeast Asia: Changing Dynamics of Japan-China Relations, 1990-2005
Name Institution Title Project Title
HANDAYANI, Christina, Siwi University of Sanata Dharma Lecturer Self's Being Through Consumption: Dialogical Approach in The Analysis of Self Narration of The Young People in Eastern Culture-Japan (Kyoto) and Indonesia (yogyakarta)
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHO, Yong Rea The Kukmin Daily Editorial Writer
CHOI, Wan Kyu University of North Korean Studies Dean/ Professor Major Issues in the Regime Transformation of North Korea in South Korea and Japan: Comparative Approach
HA, Jong-Moon Hanshin University Professor Trend of Labor Power Policy Immediately After The Lost War
JANG, In-Sung Seoul National University Professor Considering the University and Specialty in the Post-War Japanese Intellectuals' Notion of World Politics: Focusing on the Debate of Idealism Versus Realism
JEON, Jinho Kwangwoon University Professor US-Japan Alliance and US-Korea Alliancein the 21st Century
KANG, Jung-Woon Changwon National University Professor The State and Lessons of the University Public Policy Education in Japan
KONG, Young Tae Chinju National University of Education Assistant Professor A Study on the Status and Educational Background of Science Creativity Education at Japanese School System
KWON, Soon-Mee Korea University Lecturer The Politics of Social Pacts in the Era of Globalization: A Comparison of Japan and Korea
LEE, Geun Seoul National University Professor Theorizing Soft Power: the Case of Japan
PARK, Doyoung University of Illinois History/ Doctoral Student Confucian Conversion: Zen Apostates and Confucian Profession in Early Tokugawa Japan
YOON, Jee-Young Yonsei University Graduate Student (the Doctour's Course) The Cognition of <Nation> in Modern Japan 1868 - 1945
Name Institution Title Project Title
LIM, Kim Hui Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Research Fellow A Comparison of Discourses on Cultural Ethos in Japan and Malaysia: Nihonjinron and Malay Budi
PHAR, Kim Beng Damansara Utama College (resigned in the end of December 2006) Senior Lecturer Analytical Understanding of the Forms and Sources of Soft Power in Japan Viz China's
YAP, Yuet Ngor ? Freelance Translator The Research Regarding the Acceptance of Murakami Haruki Literature in Malaysia and Singapore
Name Institution Title Project Title
KYAW, Mie Mie SEAMEO-CHAT Research Fellow Japan-Myanmar Relation During the Second World War (Through Japanese Documents)
Name Institution Title Project Title
MEHDI, Syed Sikander University of Karachi Professor
Name Institution Title Project Title
TEEHANKEE, Julio Cabral De la Salle University Chair of Political Science Department Constitutional Continuity and Change in the Philippines and Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
HO, Chiew Hui Stanford University PhD Candidate ANNEN: the Systematization of Tendai Esotericism
Name Institution Title Project Title
SETISARN, Chomnard Chulalongkorm University Assistant Professor The Folklores and Beliefs about Domestic Animals in Japan
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
NGUYEN, Minh, Van Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences Head of Department The Changes from Traditional Religious Belief to Christianity and New Religions and Its Influence on Socio-Cultural Life: A Comparison Study Between Japan and Vietnam During 1945-2006 Period
PHAN, Hai Linh Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities Lecture Head of Department Situation of Japan Studies and Education on Japan Studies at Universities in Japan


Name Institution Title Project Title
ARMSTRONG, Shiro Patrick Australian National University PhD Japan, China anc the Structure of East Asian Trade
DALTON, Emma Louise University of Wollongong Doctoral Candidate A Consideration of the Conservative Female Politician in the Context of the Under-Representation of Women in Japanese Parliamentary Politics
HARTLEY, Barbara Toni University of Tasmania School of Asian Languages and Studies The Literature of Takeda Taijun: Self, Other and Nation in Twentieth Century Japan
OKAYAMA, Emiko University of Sydney ? Text-Image Relationship in Art, Literature and E-media in Japan
WARD, Rowena Gai University of Technology Sydney Casual Lecturer The Experience of the Civilian Japanese Living in Manchuria in August 1945
New Zealand
Name Institution Title Project Title
RYU, Yongwook Harvard University PhD State Identity and the Intensity of Territorial Disputes: How Japan's Evolving Identity Affects Terrotorial Disputes in Northeast Asia

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
SHAOUL, Raquel Dept. of East Asian Studies, Tel-Aviv University Lecturer Japan's evolving energy policy: Trends and Prospects vis-à-vis security of energy supply from Persian Gulf
Name Institution Title Project Title
ZARVANI, Mojtaba University of Tehran Faculty member Comparative Study Between Buddhism and Shi'a (Regarding Concept of Trikaya and Station of Imam)


Name Institution Title Project Title
EL-AMIR, Nilly, Kamal Cairo University Researcher Japanese and American Perspectives in Environmental Security: A Comparative Study
Name Institution Title Project Title
MWAIGOMOLE, Emmanuel Asukenye University of DAR-ES-SALAAM Institute of Development Studies the Public and Private Sectors' Partnership for Economic Growth

The Americas

Name Institution Title Project Title
MENDEZ VAZQUEZ, Marcela Ines El Colegio de Mexico, A. C./Centro de Estudios de Asia y Africa Center for Asian and African Studies/Doctoral Cand Accommodating Diversity: Latin American Nikkei and The Political Imaginary in Contemporary Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
ABI-SAMARA, Raquel National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) Researcher Urban Landscape and Contemporary Japanese Poetry
BIJOS, Leila Maria Da'Juda Universidade Catolica de Brasilia Professor Poverty, Social Exclusion and Ethnic-Racial Discrimination: A Comparative Study of the Difficulties Faced by Brazilian Dekassegui Women in Japan
OTA, Junko University of Sao Paulo Director The Cultural, Social and Historical Background of Japanese Language Change toward Edo and Meiji Periods
SHOJI, Rafael Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo Researcher Christianity among Japanese Brazilians: International Networks and their Social Integration in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
HOFER, Franz D. Cornell University Ph. D Candidate
KUNIMOTO, Thalia Namiko Athena University of California, Berkeley Ph. D. Candidate History of Art Portraits of the Sun: Violence and Nationhood in the Art of the Gutai Group
McLAUGHLIN, Levi Princeton University Graduate Student, Religion Soka Gakkai from the Ground Up: A History and Ethnography of Soka Gakkai
NANTAIS, Simon Michel University of Victoria PhD. Candidate
O'DAY, Robin University of British Columbia Ph. D Candidate
SPIES, Alwyn University of British Columbia - Okanagan Assistant Professor Global Grannies: a cross-cultural comparison of older women's reactions and responses to Winter Sonata
YANG, X. Jie University of Calgary Professor A Study on Narration of Medieval Picture Scrolls
Name Institution Title Project Title
FERNANDEZ TABIO, Luis Rene University of Havana Deputy Director US Economic Sanctions on Cuba: The Impact for Japan-Cuba Relations
PITA CESPEDES, Gustavo El Colegio de Mexico Doctor's degree student Influence of the Japanese Warrior Culture in the Development of the Japanese Society from Maiji to Showa.
Name Institution Title Project Title
PORTILLO RODRIGUEZ, Manuel Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus Professor Participation of Civil Society in Japanese Urban Development.
Name Institution Title Project Title
SANTANA, Martin ESAN University Full Professor On the road-to e-government: Improving governance and public management in Peru
U. S. A.
Name Institution Title Project Title
BECKWITH, Christopher Irving Indiana University Professor Early Old Chinese Loanwords in Proto-Japanese
BLACK, Matthew Douglas Columbia University PhD Candidate Illuminating Article 9: A Japanese Social Movement
COGAN, Gina Boston University Assistant Professor Buddhism and the Family in Nineteenth Century Japan
DAVIS-GARDENER, Angela Mackie North Carolina State University Professor Butterfly's Child, A Novel
HAVENS, Thomas Robert Hamilton Northeastern University Professor Remaking Nature as Public Space: Urban, National, and Natural Parks in Japan, 1873-Present
HELLYER, Robert, Ingels Wake Forest University Assistant Professor Green Tea and the Path to an Industrial, International Japan
HILL, Christopher Laing Yale University Assistant Professor Naturalist Literature, the Unbound Woman, and Neurasthenia
ITO, Kinko University of Arkansas at Little Rock Professor Recent Trends in Japanese Ladies' Comics - A Case of social Construction of Reality
JACKSON, David Neil Rresearcher   The Kaidan-dansu, a stairway in historical shadow
KINGSBERG, Miriam Lynn University of California at Berkeley PhD
'Opium Modernity' in Early Twentieth-Century Dairen
LIFE JR. , Theodore, Reginald Global Film Network Inc. Executive Director Cocktail Party: adaptation of the Japanese novella to a English and Japanese screenplay
LIPPIT, Miya Elise Mizuta University of Southern California Lecturer From Shadow to Illumination: Art, Literature and Electric Light in Modern Japan
MILLER, Laura Loyola University Chicago Professor Subversive script and novel graphs in Japanese girls' culture
PALMER, Jesse D. University of California Irvine PhD Candidate
SAGERS, John Hampton Linfield College Assistant Professor Pursuing Profit and Virtue in Meiji Japan: Shibusawa Eiichi's Entrepreneurial Ethics
SATO, Atsuko California State University, Los Angeles Lecturer Status of Sustainability Governance in Hokkaido: A comprehensive survey of sustainability programs and practices initiated by public, private and non-profit sectors
SHIMIZU, Sayuri Guthrie Michigan State University Associate Professor Transpacific Field of Dreams; Baseball in US-Japanese Encounters, 1872-1952
THORNBER, Karen, Laura Harvard University Associate Cultures and Texts in Motion: Reconfiguring Japanese Literature in Colonial and Semicolonial East Asian Contact Zones
TRAGANOU, Georgia Parsons The New School for Design (The New School University) Visiting Assistant Professor National Representation of War and postwar Japan through the graphic design campaigns for the 1940, 1964 and 1972 Olympics Games
TSUJIMURA, Natsuko Indiana University Professor Language change in Japanese through computer mediated communication
TUCKER, John Allen East Carolina University Professor Japanese Confucianism in the Nanzan Sourcebook in Japanese Philosophy
WALLEY, Akiko Harvard University PhD Candidate
WHITE, Merry Isaacs Boston University Professor Social Spaces and Changing Urbanity: Café Society in Japan
YOSHITAKE, Mika, Monique University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha and Bikyoto in Postwar Japan (1968-1974)


Name Institution Title Project Title
DOMENIG, Roland Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna Lecturer
KOZIOL, Gabriele Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law Ph. D Candidate Using Intellectual Property Licences as Security
Name Institution Title Project Title
PETKOVA, Gergana Rumenova Sofia University Lecturer Japanese Ethnography Textbook: Introductory Texts on Japanese Culture, Folklore, Philosophy and Way of Life for Students
RANGUELOVA, Silvia Atanassova University of Oxford Student, Faculty of Oriental Studies The Human Rights Dimension of Japan's Foreign Policy
Name Institution Title Project Title
EHLERS, Maren Annika East Asian Studies, Princeton University East Asian Studies Poor Relief in Tokugawa Japan: The Case of Ono domain
HEINRICH, Patrick Institute for East Asian Studies, University Duisburg - Essen Acting Chairman Language Shifts in the Ryukyu Archipelago
KEVENHOERSTER, Paul Johannes University of Muenster, Institute of Political Science Univ.-Professor Evaluation of Development Policy and Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Japan
ZACHMANN, Urs Matthias Japan Center, Department of Asian Studies, Munich University (LMU) Assistant Professor The Formation and Development of Legal Thought on International Law in Modern and Postwar Japan, 1919-1951
Name Institution Title Project Title
OKSBJERG, Ellen Jane School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London PhD-Student at Department of Art and Archaeology Intensive Supervision and Updating on Yayoi Archaeology at Kyushu University Plus Access to Artifacts in Japan During the Final Term of Writing PhD-Dissertation on Pictorial Engraving on Pottery in Western Japan from the Yayoi Period.
Name Institution Title Project Title
ATLAN, Corinne ? Tranlater/Writer Evolution and trends of contemporary Japanese literature from the viewpoint of a translator
KOUAME, Nathalie INALCO Associate Professor Christians in Nagasaki, Shimabara and Amakusa: from the end of the middle ages to the beginning of modern ages
LAURENT, Stephane Universite de Paris Pantheon - Sorbonne/ Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art History of Art/Associate Professor Culture, Style and Globalism: The Reception of Ornament in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
MATE, Zoltan Japanese Department, Faculty of Letters, Karoli Gaspar University Assistant Professor Aspects of the Japanese Writing System (Trends and Changes)
Name Institution Title Project Title
HOEY, Fintan Andrew Graduate School of Arts and Celtic Studies, University College Dublin School of History and Activities PhD Candidate The Foreign Policy of Sato Eisaku, 1964-72
Name Institution Title Project Title
BIENATI, Luisa University of Venice Associate Professor Urban Space and Narrative Texture: Tokyo as a Source of Inspiration in Tanizaki Junichiro's aesthetic vision in the First Two Decades of the 20th Century.
PIERCONTI, Jong Kuk Mauro University of Architecture of Venice IUAV Department of History Shirai Seichi and the Modern Architecture in Japan (1905-1983)
Name Institution Title Project Title
KARPOLUK, Jakub Aleksander Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Studies Warsaw University Institute of Art/Ph. D. Candidate The Influence of Traditional Japanese Performing Arts and Eiga Setsumei Vocal Narration on the Forming Process and Later Development of Japanese Cinema.
WOLSKA - LENARCZYK, Joanna Kamila Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Philology, Institute of Oriental Philology Dpt of Japanology and Sinology/ PhD Candidate
Name Institution Title Project Title
CIUBANCAN, Magdalena Babes-Bolyai University Linguistics/ Teaching Assistant Expressions of Causativity in Japanese Media
Name Institution Title Project Title
KOZHEVNIKOV, Vladimir Vasilyevich Far Eastern State University, Oriental Studies Institute, Japanese Faculty Professor The <onryo> Idea in Japanese History
LARIN, Victor Russian Academy of Sciences Director The China Issue in Northeast Asia Security Environment: Influence on Russia-Japan Relations in the Beginning of XXI Century
ZHILINA, Larisa Vladimirovna Omsk State University Senior Instructor Forming of Public Opinion of Japanese People about Russia and Russian People at the Beginning of 21 century (in Japanese Publications in Press of Present Time) Comparative Studies
Name Institution Title Project Title
MADSEN, Yasuko Dept. of Oriental & African Languages, Goteborg University Professor Intonation Structure in the Ryukyu Dialect of Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
GRYKUN, Yuliya Kyiv National Linguistic University Philosophy Department, Graduate student
SHEVTSOVA, Galyna Viktorovna Kiev National University of Building and Architecture Architecture/ Docent Investigation of Analogies in Initial Formation Processes of Wooden Architecture in Japan and Ukraine
U. K.
Name Institution Title Project Title
BREEN, John Lawrence SOAS University of London Chair, Japan Research Centre Hie Taisha: Interrogating Shrines and Shinto in Early Modern and Modern Japan
JAGER, Heide Manchester Metropolitan University, MIRIAD Faculty of Art and Design Resonance of the Roji: Walking Urban Backstreets as Everyday Practice, A Study of Street Space in Japan
KOMORI, Naoko Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester Accounting and Finance/ Research Fellow Towards Convergence; The Impact of Global Accounting on Corporate Governance, and the Growing Significance of Financial Literacy in Japan
SAUNDERS, Rachel, Mary Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Dept of Art of Asia, Oceania, and Africa Research Assistant Beauty and the Beasts: The Fantastical Realm of the Otogizoshi, from Hand scrolls to Printed Books
TOMPKINS, Juliet, Margaret Balliol College, University of Oxford Dphil Candidate, International Relations Dphil Thesis Title: Understanding the Evolution of the United States-Japan Alliance, 1978-2004
Name Institution Title Project Title
RASULOV, Abdujabar The University of World Economy and Diplomacy Quantitative Methods in Economy/ Professor Application of Quantitative Methods to Empirical Economic sudies for Central Asia

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