List of Fellows in 2008


Name Institution Title Project Title
CHEN, Xiuwu Institute for Japanese Studies,

Northeast Normal University

Assistant Professor On Sakamotoryuma's National Consciousness
HAN, Dan College of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University Doctoral Candidate The Study of ”FUSHIKADEN” - The Impact on Literal Theory of Edo Period And the Comparison with ”XianQingOuJi”
Gong, Lili School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University Doctoral Candidate The Research on How to Construct the Strategically Reciprocal Relations Between Japan and China-from the Perspective of Envionmental Cooperation between the Two Countries
LI, Jiadong College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University Doctoral Candidate A study of Japanese society in modern Shanghai focusing on the cultural activities
LI, Yan nan School of Foreign Studies

South China Normal University

Associate Professor The Image of China in Modern Japanese literature (From 1945)
PATCHELL, Gerald Roe Division of Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Associate Professor The Geographical parameters of industrial ecology (IE)
SA, Rina School of Environment and Natural Resources, Renmin University Economics Doctoral Candidate Research on the Development of Chinaeconomiu
SHU, Fanghong Graduate School,

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Doctoral Candidate Studies on Pacifism in Post-war Japan
SUN, Jing Department of Political Science,

the University of Denver

Assistant Professor China and Japan's Charm Game - Asian Powers' New Approach to International Competition
XU, Lin Graduate School,

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Doctoral Candidate On Deploying the Power of Administration-Viewpoints on Japan's Reform of Economic Regulation
YU, Ying Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures ,Ohio State University Doctoral Candidate Literature of the Japanese Fantastic in the 1960s and 1970s
ZHOU, Yongsheng Institute of International Relations,

China Foreign Affairs University

Professor Japan's soft power study
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHANDRA SETH, Janashruti School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University Assistant Professor Ambiguos Expressions of Politeness-A Typological Study of Expressions of Modesty for Compliment response in Japanese and Indian contexts
MANCHERI, Nabeel Ajmal Japanese Studies Division, SIS

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Doctoral Candidate
Name Institution Title Project Title
ASTUTI, Meta Sekar Puji Astuti Japanese Cultural Research Center, Hasanuddin University Japanese Lecturer Japan-Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) Relations prior to 1942
LAWANDA, Ike Iswary Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia Lecturer Japanese Corporate Mausoleum in Globalization: Study of mausoleum as a symbolic archive of a corporation in Japan
SUBANDI Faculty of Language and Art, State University of Surabaya Japanese Lecturer Japan Society Perception for Kind of female language on Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHO, Jung Yun Culture & Arts Division, Goyang City

Performing Arts, Sungkyunkwan University

Doctoral Candidate A Study on Effective Operations Management of Regional Cultural Foundations: A Comparative Study on Regional Cultural Foundations in Korea and Japan
JANG, Yong Geoll Kyungnam University Associate Professor A Study on Acceptance and Acculturation of Korean popular culture in japan
KIM, Hosup College of Social Science,Chung-Ang University Professor Policymaking of Japanese ODA to china
KIM, Jung-rye Department of Japanese Language & Literature, Chonnam National University Professor A Comparative Study of Humor in Korea-japanese Classic Poems
LEE, Eugene Department of Political Science,

Sookmyung Women's University

Professor Comparative Study of Migrant Integration in Korea and Japan: Towards a Multicultural Society?
LEE, Jun Kyu University of North Korean Studies Doctoral Candidate Study about Japan-DPRK Relations in the Post-Cold War Era: Dynamism of Identity and Interest
OH,Younjung Art History Department,

University of Southern California

Doctoral Candidate Cathedrals of Art: The Japanese Department Store, 1900s-1930s
PARK, Myunghee Department of Political Science & Diplomacy

Graduate School of Ewha Womans University

Doctoral Candidate Policy Process for ODA and The Role of NGOs in Japan
PARK, Young Goo Pusan University of Foreign Studies Professor A Comparative Study on Japanese and Korean Heavy and Chemical Industrialization
SEONG, Seunghyeon College of Law, Chonnam National University Professor The Study on the Relation of Theory "Malperformance" and "Type of Non-Performance of Contract "in Historical comparative Legal Study
YUN, Hye kyung Department of Care and Education for Young Children, Kyungmin College Assistant Professor The Comparisnon Study on Nurturing Policy of Diminishing Children Society in Japan and Korea
Name Institution Title Project Title
KASIM, Zainol Abidin Bin Center for Foundation Studies in Science, University of Malaya Japanese Lecturer
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHO CHO THEIN Yangon Institute of Economics Senior Lecturer Changing Pattern of Trade Between Myanmar and Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
TRINIDAD, Dennis D. International Studies Deparment,

De La Salle University-Manila

Chairman Japan and the Integration of Southeast Asia
Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
ATHAMBAWA, Azeez Abdul Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo Senior Lecturer Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Srilanka: Comparision of the Impact of Japanese and US Foreign Direct Investment
Name Institution Title Project Title
KULSRISOMBAT, Niramon Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University Lecturer Downtown Regeneration through Partnership: Learning from the Japanese Experiences
MAHAKHAN, Nanchaya  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,

Burapha University

Lecturer The meaning of main Japanese Culture
TECHAKANONT, Kriengkrai Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University Assistant Professor Role of Japanese firms in promoting product engineering and product development capabilities in the Thai automobile industry
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
NGUYEN, Luong Hai Khoi Department of Literature and Linguistics,

Hochiminh City University of Education

Lecturer The Aesthetic Ideals of Kawabata Yasunari, in a comparison with Aesthetic Ideals of Nguyen Tuan


Name Institution Title Project Title
GAVIN, Masako Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,

Bond University

Associate Professor Forerunners of Globalisation in Japanese Society : The Life and History of Abe Isoo (1865-1949) in Comparison with his Contemporaries - interviews and data gathering at Waseda University
STAVROS, Matthew Department of Japanese Studies, University of Sydney Assistant Professor Kyoto: A Spatial-structural History of Japan's Medieval Capital
WHITNEY, Justin Robert College of Asia & the Pacific,

Australian National University

PhD Student The development of "new" norms for cooperation between sub-national government and NPOs - economic needs and crisis management practices -
WOLFF, Leon Thomas Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Associate Professor The Death of Lifelong Employment in Japan? - A Legal Analysis
New Zealand
Name Institution Title Project Title
BARKE, Andrew John School of Asian and European Languages,

Victoria University of Wellington

Senior Lecturer Politeness and Impoliteness in Japanese Conversation
CATALINAC, Amy Louise Department of Government, Harvard University Doctoral Candidate "The Electral Politics of Foreign & Defense Policy : Explaining the Changing Role and Capability of Japan's Self Defense Force"

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
MOGHADDAM KIYA,Reza Japanese Department, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tehran Head of the Department Comparative and Contrastive Study of pronunciation mistakes made by Japanese learners of Persian language and vice versa
Name Institution Title Project Title
BAR-ON COHEN, Einat Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Researcher In the Footsteps of Herrigel - the Art of Archery in Japan Today
SIDERER, Yona Department of East Asian Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Senior Lecturer The History of Chemistry Science in Modern Japan


Name Institution Title Project Title
HAFEZ, Naglaa Fathy Academy of Arts, Languages and Translation Center, Japanese Devision Assistant lecture The Influence of The Thousand and One Nights on Modern Japanese Drama
Name Institution Title Project Title
RAKOTOMANANA, Solofoniaina Ambinintsoa University of Antananarivo, English Department Japanese Teacher A Comparative Study on Communication in Japanese and Malagasy
Name Institution Title Project Title
MWAIGOMOLE, Emmanuel Asukenye University of DAR-ES-SALAAM, Institute of Development Studies   The Public and Private Sectors' Partnership for Economic Growth
Name Institution Title Project Title
MANSOURI, Mabrouk Faculty of Human Sciences of Sousse / Arabic Department Assistant Professor Religion and Identity in Tunisia and Japan: A Comparative Study with Special Focus on Islam and shinto

The Americas

Name Institution Title Project Title
NEGAWA, Sachio Department of Foreign Language and Translation University of Brasilia Associate Professor Transboundary, Recriation and Expansion of the Japanese Educational culture -Case of the japanese Educational Institutions in Brazil-
TONGU, Erica, Ayaco Sacata Education Secretary for Sao Paulo State Education Supervisor The ethnic and national identity in the relation to a school organization: a comparative study between Brazilian schools in Japan and the Japanese schools in Brazil
Name Institution Title Project Title
ALEXANDER, Jeffrey, William Scott University of Wisconsin-Parkside / Department of History Assistant Professor Brewing and Distilling Success: The Postwar Recovery and Growth of Japan's Beer and Spirit Producers
ANDERSON, David University of British Columbia, Department of Curriculum Studies Associate Professor Visitor's Memories of the Aichi World Exposition 2005: A Study of the Psychology of Long-term Memory
HORI, Genichi Victor McGill University Faculty of Religious Studies Associate Professor Little Jade: Language, Experience and Scholarship inZen
KAMEI-DYCHE, Andrew, Terence  Department of History, University of Southern California Doctoral Candidate The Making of Modern Japanese Intellectual Culture: The Publisher Iwanami Shoten, 1913-1965
KAWANO, Satsuki University of Guelph, Department of Sociology & Anthropology Associate Professor A Sociocultural Analysis of Family Formation Processes in Contemporary Japan: The Perceptions of Available Resources to Raise One More Child among Married Parents of a Pre-School Child
ONO, Tsuyoshi University of Alberta, East Asian Studies Associate Professor The Ikema Project: Toward Audio and Video Documentation of Grammar and Discourse
TIAMPO, Ming Carleton University, Art History Assistant Professor Cartographies of Gutai
Name Institution Title Project Title
TURINO RAMOS, Liset El Colegio de Mexico Doctoral Candidate Kyogen and the World of Laugh: A Study on the Comicality in sixteenth century Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
MENDOZA MARTINEZ, Emma Universidad de Colima, Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Sociales Professor Researcher Alternative forms of Political Participation in Japan
U. S. A.
Name Institution Title Project Title
BRONSON, Adam Paul Columbia University Doctoral Candidate Democracy,Science,and Everyday Life: The Institue for the Science of Thought and Postwar Japan, 1946-1996
BUSHNELL, Cade, Conlan University of Hawaii at Manoa Doctoral Candidate Doing 'Being Japanese': A Conversation Analysis of the Interactions of Highly Proficient Speakers of JSL
COOPER III,Tim Ervin University of California, Barkeley Doctoral Candidate Dissertation Research for "The Making of a Shogun"
DOWDLE, Brian, C North Carolina State University Doctoral Candidate  
DVORAK, Gregory Eric The Australian National University Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies Researcher Nanyo Nostalgia: Remembering the Reefs of Japan's Pacific Past
EASON, Paul Vincent Princeton University Doctoral Candidate Forging Fukuoka: Development and Locality and Twentieth Century Japan
EVERETT, Yayoi Uno Emory Univerity Associate Professor Postwar Avant-garde Music and Film
FLEMING, William, David Harvard University Doctoral Candidate Hiraga Gennai (1728-1780), Morishima Churyo (1754-1810), and the Intersection of Popular Literature (gesaku) and Western Studies (rangaku)in Early Modern Japan
GIBLIN, Anne University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of History Graduate Student From the Inside-Out: Social Networks of Emigration from Tohoku, Japan
GLADE, Jonathan University of Chicago Doctoral Candidate Literary Battlefield Combating Social Controls in Japanese-Language Literature, 1937-1953
JACOBSON, Justin Price University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Doctoral Candidate Japanese Transit-Orieted Development: The Framed Market and the Production of Alternative Landscapes
JESSAMYN, Abel Bowling Green State University Assistant Professor Peaceful Internationalism: The Bandung Conference and the Tokyo Olympics
KAFFEN, Philip, James New York University Doctoral Candidate The Work of Violence in the Age of the Apocalyptic Image: Cultural Politics and Contemporary Japanese Cinema
KATADA, Saori N University of Southern California Associate Professor Fragmented regionalism? Sources and implications of Japan's disjointed regional economic architecture building in East Asia
KELLEY, Erin, Eileen University of Pennsylvania Doctoral Candidate "Confronting Modernity: Shirakaba Magazine and the Japanese Avant-garde"
KHARIN, Ilya, Nikolayevich Princeton University Doctoral Candidate The emergence of the Japanese Orthodox Church
KIM, Marie Seong-Hak St. Cloud State University Professor The Making of Two Civil Codes: Ume Kenjiro's Legal Reform in Meiji Japan and Korea
KRAUSS, Ellis S. University of California, Diego Professor Sori- The Role of Japan's prime Minister
LANDIS, Andrea kay University of Michigan Doctoral Candidate A Textual Geography of Tokyo's Book Market from the Late 19th to the Early 20th Century
LAW, Ricky, Wai-Kei University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Doctoral Candidate An Alliance of Strgngers: Japanese German Relations, 1919-1942
LAZOPOULOS, George University of California-Barkeley Doctoral Candidate The Second Restoration: Liberal Nationalism in Showa Japan
LINDSAY, Ethan Claude Princeton University Doctoral Candidate The Sacred Mountain Koyasan in Early Medieval Japan
MURPHY, Joseph A. University of Florida Associate Professor Dead Serious- The Relation of Play to modern Japanese Literature
NETTLETON, Taro, Edward Fergus Universirty of Rochester Doctoral Candidate Throw Out the Books, Get Out in the Streets: Space and Subjectivity in Japanese Underground Art of The 1960s
PHILLIPS, Quitman E. University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Shuten Doji and Aspects of the Monstorous in Japan in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
SAITO, Satoru Rutgers University Assistant Professor Serialized Fiction and Literary Consumption in the Turn-of-the-Century Japan
SHOCKEY, Nathan Powell Columbia University Doctoral Candidate Body Shock: Technologies of Reading and Literary Violence in Japan, 1920-1950
STARLING, Jessica Dawn University of Virginia Doctoral Candidate Women in the Temples:Tradition and Change in Contemporary Japanese Buddhism
WALTHALL, Anne University of California, Irvine Professor Practicing Faith: The Hirata Family, 1800 to 1945
WHITMAN, John Bradford Cornell University Professor A Comparative Study of Early Heian Kunten Materials
YOKOTA, Ryan, Masaaki University of Chicago Doctoral Candidate Okinawan Nationalism: Independence and Autonomy, Diaspora and Indigenousness
ZIMMERMAN, Eve Kathleen Wellesley College Associate Professor From the Outside In: Vision of Girlhood in Modern Japanese Woman's Literature
Name Institution Title Project Title
ZAMBRANO MEZA, Gregory Simon University of Los Andes, School of Literature Professor, Researcher Crisisi of the individual: the fictional universes of Kobo Abe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Name Institution Title Project Title
DOMENIG, Roland Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna Lecturer Japanese screen practice, 1800-1920
SCHERLING, Johannes Karl-Franzens University, Graz Department of English and African Studies Doctoral Candidate Embrassimilating the other - The Pragmatics of Anglicisms in Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
DIMITROVA, Stefania, Todorova Foundation for Cross-Cultural Studies and Contacts "Madara-Bulgaria", CIREC President The Social Abilities of the Japanese High School Students
Name Institution Title Project Title
PATARI, Juho Matti Institute for Asian and African Studies, University of Helsinki Post-graduate student Social Interaction of the Tokyo Homeless
Name Institution Title Project Title
LEINSS, Gerhard Zurich-University, East-Asian-Institute Lecturer Japanese calendars - A cultural history
Name Institution Title Project Title
HENNART, Jean-Francois Department of Organization and Strategy, Tilburg University Professor The History of Japanese Direct Investments in US Manufacturing
STEVENS, Merieke Judge Business School, University of Cambridge Doctoral Candidate Dynamics of Supplier Relations: Convergenceof Supply Chain Management Approaches at nissan and Renault
Name Institution Title Project Title
SZOMMER, Gabor Alexandra Publisher Ltd. Editor The Information System of the Dutch Factory in Japan (1608-1641)
VOROS, Mihaly, Laszlo College for Modern Business Studies (CMBS) Doctoral Candidate Studies on the Development of Rural Communities in Japan and its Policy Implications for Sustainable Rural Development in Central and Eastern Europe
Name Institution Title Project Title
PIERCONTI, Jong Kuk Mauro University of Architecture of Venice IUAV Researcher Shirai Seichi and the Modern Architecture in Japan (1905-1983)
Name Institution Title Project Title
KORDZINSKA-NAWROCKA, Iwona Warsaw University Oriental Institute, Japanese Section Assistant Professor Ideal Male and Ideal Female in Japanese Classical Literature
Name Institution Title Project Title
KLIMOV, Vadim Yurievich St.Petersburg State University, Oriental Faculty, Far East History Department Assistant Professor A Study of Historical Documents concerning Russia and Japan of the early 19th century
LESHCHENKO, Nelli Fedorovna Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences Leading Researcher
MALININA, Elizaveta Evgenyevna Novosibirsk State University Department of the Oriental Studies The role and significance of art in the system of Zen outlook
PESTUSHKO, Yuri Sergeevich Far Eastern State University of Humanities, Faculty of Oriental Languages Associate Professor The Early 20th century History of Russo-Japanese Relations
Name Institution Title Project Title
MAJSTORAC KOBILJSKI, Aleksandra The Graduate Center, City University of New York Doctoral Candidate
Name Institution Title Project Title
BREZANI, Peter Research Center of The Slovak Foreign Polity Association (NGO) Analyst What Role for Japan in the North Korean Future? Six Party Talks and Beyond
Name Institution Title Project Title
MADSEN, Yasuko Dept. of Oriental & African Languages, Goteborg University Professor Intonation Structure in the Ryukyu Dialect of Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
PUTNAM, David Jerome University of Zurich Doctoral Candidate The Concept of "Transformation" in the Materializations of the Dojoji-Legend
U. K.
Name Institution Title Project Title
BREEN, John Lawrence SOAS University of London Chair Hie Taisha: Interrogating Shrines and Shinto in Early Modern and ModernJapan
GAITANIDIS, Ioannis Department of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds Doctoral Candidate The Socio-Medical Role of Shamans in Miyazaki prefecture
KASZA, Justyna Weronika Department of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds Doctoral Candidate Language, Faith and the Poetics of Evil in the words of Endo Shusaku
KOMORI, Naoko Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester Research Fellow Towards Convergence; The Impact of Global Accounting on Corporate Governance, and the Growing Significance of Financial Literacy in Japan
SWITEK, Beata University College London Doctoral Candidate The Socio-Political Identity of Indonesian Immigrants in Japan
TUCK, Robert, James Columbia University Doctoral Candidate Poetry, Novel and Genre in Meiji Japan: Ogai, Soseki and Shiki
Name Institution Title Project Title
GALAN, Nataliya Dnipropetrovsk National University, Faculty of International Economics Associate Professor Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship in Japan
SHEVTSOVA, Galyna Viktorovna Kiev National University of Building and Architecture Docent Investigation of Analogies in Initial Formation Processes of Wooden Architecture in Japan and Ukraine
Name Institution Title Project Title
RASULOV, Abdujabar The University of World Economy and Diplomacy Professor Application of Quantitative Methods to Empirical Economic Esudies for Central Asia

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