List of Fellows in 2009


Name Institution Title Project Title
RAHMAN, Ataur Md University of Dhaka Professor The Election System and Political Reform: A Japanese Perspective for Bangladesh
Name Institution Title Project Title
BAI, Ruchun Institute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Assistant Research Fellow A Study on Japan's East Asia Cooperation Policy: from the Comparative View of the Policies between Japan and China and Japan-China Relations
CHEN, Shuangli The University of Hong Kong Ph.D Candidate Constructing Womanhood, Reinventing Modernity: Christian Girls' School and the Discourse of Girls' Education in Meiji Japan (1868-1912)
CHEN, Xiru China Writer Association Professor Study on Noma Hiroshi
CHUNG, Chien-Peng Lingnan University Associate Professor The Role of Japan in "China-led" Asian pacific regional organizations
CHUNYU, Miaoling Southwest University of Political Science & Law Professor The Research on Japanese Reformation of Public Service and its Hints for China
Ge, Jianhua Business School of China University of Political Science & Law Professor Research and Investigation on environmental operations in the distributional field ---from the perspective of recycling economy
GUAN, Quan Economics School of Renmin University of China Professor Correcting Chinese misunderstanding of Japanese economy
GUO, Dongmei Institute for Japanese Studies, Northeast Normal University Assistant Professor Albert Mosse's view of local autonomy in Japan
LAM, Wing Keung Center for Religious and Spirituality Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education Assistant Professor Rethinking History: Nishida Kitaro and Contemporary Neo-Confucianism
LI, Han Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Ph.D Candidate On the Track of Pacifism in Modern Japan
LI, Yuling Japanese Department, School of Foreign Language, Tongji University, China Associate Professor The Reception and Transformation of Tang Court Culture in the Formation of Ancient Japanese Culture
LIANG, Baowei Fudan University, School of International Relations and Public Affairs Ph.D Candidate Civilian controlof postwar Japan
LIANG, Mingxia Peking University Ph.D Candidate A Study of the Pre-WWII Process of Modern Buddhism in Japan
LIU, Jun Peking University Associate Professor Civil Society Construction, national-state Shaping in Japan and Its Inspirations to China - A Comparative Study from the Perspectives of Globalization and Regional Cooperation in East Asia
REN, Ping Zhejiang Shuren University Teacher Chushin Zekkai and the Cultural Exchange in the Early Ming Dynasty
TIAN, Xuemei Fudan University, School of International Relations and Public Affairs Ph.D Candidate Modeling"the people" in modern and contemporary Japan -from the Meiji Restoration to World War II-
WANG, Ping Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Ph.D Candidate The research of Japan's ODA policy after the Cold War
WEI, Zhijiang School of Asia-Pacific Studies, SUN YAT-SEN University Associate Professor China -Japan-Korea Security Strategic Cooperation and the Construction no Northeastern Asian Security Mechanism
WU, Xiangping Jilin Social Science Academy Ph.D Candidate Research on Japan-China Manchuria Railways Studies
XU, Peng Jilin University School of Law Ph.D Candidate Research on Japanese Civil Code System
YU, Fang South China Normal University Japanese Lecturer The Effect of Yanagida's folklore to Chinese folklore
ZHANG, Dongdong Institute of Japanese Studies Nankai University Ph.D Candidate The Japanese Social System for Woman
ZHAO, Jinghua Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Japan: 1968s Revolution
ZHI, Feina Beijing Film Academy Lecturer Fission and Pluralism of the new century--A Comparative study on the societal pursuits reflected in the movies by young Chinese and Japanese directors
ZHONG, Fang Institute for Japanese Studies, Northeast Normal University Researcher The Comparative Studies Between JapaneseEmpire Constitution and Draft Constitution by Qing Dynasty
Name Institution Title Project Title
DAS, Siddhartha Self Employed Design Consultant Relevance of Museums & Art / Cultural Centers as Urban Cultural Spaces: a Photographic Research Project
FAISAL, Mohd Jawaharlal Nehru University Ph.D Candidate Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in China: A Case Study of Manufacturing Sector; 1991-2006
MISRA, Sib Ranjan Department of Economics, Visva Bharati Professor Toward Understanding Japan's Social Serucity Measures Lessons for Strengthening India's Strategy
TANKHA, Brij Mohan Departmnent of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi Professor Religion and the Challenge of the Modern in Meiji Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
PURWANINGSIH, Sri Sunarti Research Center for Population, Indonesian Institute of Sciences Mid-Senior Researcher Reproductive Health in Border Areas in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
CHOI, Woo Yong Dong-A University Associate Professor A study on the citizen suit under the developments of decentralization
JEON, Young Soo Graduate School of International Studies, Hanyang University Research Professor A Study on estension of retirement and senior welfare (focusing on income of the elderly)
JUNG, Joon-Pyo Yeungnam University Professor Socioeconomic Status and Voting: Acomparison Between Korea and Japan
KIM, Do Hyung Sung Kyun Kwan University Ph.D Candidate Adaption and Transformation of Japan's Enlightment Tought during Korea's Modern Enlightment Age
KIM, Sang Jo Jeju National University Professor A Comparative Research on Mutual Under standing between chosun Diplomatic Delegates (chosun Tongshinsa) and Japanese Delegates
KIM, Youen Hanyang University Associate Professor South Korea-Japan Cooperation towards Building a Multilateral Security Institution in Northeast Asia
LEE, Myung Hee Silla University Professor A Study on Teaching Methods of Level - based Japanese Language Reading Skills
MIN, Byung-Geol  Seoul Women's University Assistant Professor Research in the Ukiyoe legacy and Japanese Graphic Design
PARK, Cheol Hee Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University Associate Professor Contentious Politics of Ideas and Japan's Instiative toward Asia in the Post-Cold War Setting
PARK, SooJung Local Educational Political Research Institute Researcher A Comparative Study of the Post-WWII Process of Educational Autonomy in Korea and Japan
PARK, Taeho Seoul National University of Technology Assistant Professor A Comparative Study in the Organizational Methods of Non-regularWorkers in Korea and Japan
SONG, Kyung Sook Sungkyunkwan University Ph.D Candidate Changes in the Class Relation and the State Form in Japan since 1980's -Focused on Politics of Labor Deregulation
Name Institution Title Project Title
LIE, Pek Hung Universiti Sains Malaysia Lecturer Takemitsu Film Music:an Analytical study of Musical Aesthetics in Relation to Art Film
TAN, Swee Ean University Science of Malaysia Teaching Assistant Japanese Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in Electronic and Electric(E&E) Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia(1996-2005)
Name Institution Title Project Title
DASHDULAM, Dashdeleg National University of Mongolia Lecturer Mongolia in the Japan-Russia Relations in 1930-1945
Name Institution Title Project Title
NU NU LWIN, Yangon Institute of Economics Senior Lecturer Economic Cooperation between Asean and Japan under the framework of Asean-japan Comprehensive Economic partnership(Ajcep) and itsimpact on Myanmar
Name Institution Title Project Title
POKHAREL, Madhav Prasad Sharma Tribhuvan University Professor Congnitive Similarities in the conceptralization of Objects through Classifies in Nepali and Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
SHAIKH, Khalil -U- Rahman Sciencies General Administration & coordination Dept Deputy secretary Pakistan-Japan political and economic relations in post cold war vperiod: chalenges and responses
Name Institution Title Project Title
TIONGSON, Nicanor, G. U.P. Film Institute, University of the Philippines Professor Cultural Engineering as an Integral part of Nation-building
Sri Lanka
Name Institution Title Project Title
DASSANAYAKE, Mudiyanselage Saman University of Colombo Senior Lecturer Human Resource Development Systems of Business Process Outsourcing Companies: A Comparative Analysis of Sri Lanka and Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
LEAOKITTIKUL, Rungruedee Department of Modern Eastern Languages, Faculty of Art, Silpakorn University Lecturer Relationship in Terms of Meaning between Single Verb and First Verb in Japanese Compound Verbs
SUWANRADA, Attaya Japanese Section, Department of Eastern Languages,Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Lecturer Symbolic Function of Five Elements in Heian Period's Literature
WAJJWALKU, Siriporn Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University Associate Professor The Dynamics of Japanese Foreign Aid after the Cold War, Policies, Institutions and Activities
Viet Nam
Name Institution Title Project Title
NGUYEN, Van Binh Vietnam General Confederation of Labor Legal Specialist Legal Framework for Social Dialogue in Promoting Harmonious Industrial Relations: A Cpmparative Study Between Vietnamese Law and Japanese Law
PHAM, Mai ThiXuan Vietnam Academy for Social Sciences Senior Researcher Major Changes in Japan�s Agriculture Structure since 1960, Lessons for Vietnam


Name Institution Title Project Title
CHAPMAN, David Richard University of South Australia Senior Lecturer Bare Life and Inventedn Citizens: Life and History of the 'Naturalized Foreigner' Inhabitants of the Ogasawara Islands
HAYES, Carol Australian National University University Academic Writing a literary biography of Hagiwara Sakutaro: Howling at the Moon-The Life and Work of Hagiwara Sakutaro
KING, Emerald Louise University of Tasmania Ph.D Candidate Under the Guise of Hunting Toddlers: A Genealogy of Hedonistic Motifs in Japanese Women's Writing from Kono Taeko to \watanabe Yayoi
Morris-Suzuki, Teresa Irene Jessica Australian National University Professor Grassroots Initiatives for Regional Integration: How local Social Networks build links between Japan and its Asian Neighbours
SONE, Yuji Macquarie University Lecturer Study of the Japanese engagement with entertainment robots and competition robots

Middle East

Name Institution Title Project Title
DOTAN, Oshrat Tel Aviv University Ph.D Candidate Seeing the Unseen: Vision and Perception in the Art of Mono-ha, 1968-1971
FRUMER, Yulia Princeton University Ph.d Candidate The shape of Time: The historical perception of mechanical clocks in Edo Japan
ZWIGENBERG, Ran The Graduate Center of the City University of New York Ph.D Candidate Mute Memories: Mnemonic Site of Hiroshima: 1945-1970
Name Institution Title Project Title
ATAY, Aysegul Ankara University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Language and Literature Research Assistant Japanese-ta Form and Turkish Past Form


Name Institution Title Project Title
EBEID, Ehab Ahmed Cairo University Assistant Lecturer Spatial in Japanese and Arabic
ELNOBY, Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Academy of Arts, Higher institute of theatrical Arts Lecturer Comparative study between Japanese and Egyptian theater during sixties of twentieth century-Applying on the works of Betsuyaku Minoru and Alfred Farag
Name Institution Title Project Title
IKWUEMESI, Chukwuezugo Krydz University of Nigeria Senior Lecturer Igbo and Ainu Arts and Cosmos: A Comparative Study
Name Institution Title Project Title
JOUILI, Mohamed University of Tunis Assistant Professor Japanese O.V.O.P.(isson ippin) and Tunisian ADG experiences; A comnparative study based on Moral Economy approach

The Americas

Name Institution Title Project Title
NAGAE, Neide Hissae Sao Paulo State University Professor  
WATZKA, Anne,  Stefanie Yale University PhD. Candidate Japanese professional women in the neoliberal order: Through the labyrinth of their working lives
Name Institution Title Project Title
BERTHIN, Michael Edwin London School  of Economics and Political Science Ph.D Candidate An Ethnographic Examination of Social Robots in Japan
CALLAGHAN, Sean,  Koji University of Toronto, Department of East Asian Studies Ph.D Candidate Collectivities in Conflict: Life, Nation, and Affect in Prewar Japan
CAZDYN, Eric University of Toronto Associate Professor Japanese Film Without Japan
CRAIG, Christopher Robin Jamie Columbia University Ph.D Candidate The Middlemen of Modernity: Local Notables and Rural Development, 1890-1930
LEUNG, Aegean Oi Kam University of Victoria Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship as a career path of highly educated Japanese women
MCLEOD, Ken,  A. University of Toronto Assistant Professor Narrating a Narration: Visual Kei and Japanese Identity
SERVICE, Jonathan Keith Ranta Harvard University Ph.D Candidate Modernizing Music in Meiji Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
PERELLO ENRICH, Juan Luis University of Santiago Lecturer  
Name Institution Title Project Title
PEREZ VILLANUEVA, Omar Everleny Center for Study of the Cuban Economy, University of Habana Professor Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Applying the Asian Experience to Cuba
Name Institution Title Project Title
BARRON SOTO, Maria Cristina Esperanza Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de Mexico Full Time Professor Mexico, the Philippines, and Japan In the Transpacific Trade of the Spanish Empire: The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
El Salvador
Name Institution Title Project Title
CASTELLANOS MOYA, Horacio City of Asylum Pittsburgh Writer in Exile Violence and healing in the novels by Kobo Abe and Kenzaburo Oe
Lecture Desmonoramiento: La convulsa realidad centroamericana en la ficción (Dec. 16) (PDF:471KB)
U. S. A.
Name Institution Title Project Title
ALEXY, Allison Megan Lafayette College Assistant Professor Later-life Divorce in Contemporary Japan
ARNOLD, Michael,  John University of Michigan Ph.D Candidate Sex Every Afternoon: The Body of Japanese Pink Film and the Absence of Cinematic Realism
ATHERTON, David Carl Columbia University Ph.D Candidate When the Gods  Were Human: Family, Transformative Suffering, and Other Worlds in Late Medieval Popular Religious Narratives
BARON, Robert New York State Council on the Arts Folk Arts Program Director Safeguarding Folk Culture in Japan
DENECKE, Wiebke Barnard College, Columbia University Assistant Professor "In the Footprints of Others: Japanese and Latin Writers and their own Literature"
DEPIES, Gregory John University of California, San Diego Ph.D Candidate The International Red Cross in Japan
DES JARDIN, Molly Catherine University of Michigan Ph.D Candidate Editing Identity: Literary Anthologies and the Author in Late Meiji Japan
ERDMANN, Mark Karl Harvard University Ph.D Candidate Understanding Azuchi: Oda Nobunaga's Castle, Capital and Image
FOWLER, Sherry Dianne University of Kansas Associate Professor Accounts and Images of the Six Kannon Cult in Japan
FRIEDMAN, Lindsey Gayle University of Cambridge Ph.D Candidate Jomon - Yayoi Transition: Isotopic Investigations into the Introduction of Wet-Rice Agriculture to Japan
GAGNE, Isaac Thomas Yale University Ph.D Candidate "No Gods, No Heroes?: New Religious Movements in a Drifting Japan"
GLASSMAN, Henry Haverford College Associate Professor Salvation Hewn from Stone: a study on the origin, meaning, and dissemination of the "gorin no to"
HAAG, Andre Robert Stanford University Ph.D Candidate Representing the Resistance: Narratives of Rebellious Koreans in Taisho Japan
HESSELINK, Reinier Herman The University of Northern Iowa Professor The Rise and Fall of Christian Nagasaki (1560-1640)
HEWITT, Robert Shannon Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Ph.D Candidate Didacticism and Censorship in Late Edo Fiction: Kyoden, Bakin, and the Historical Novel
KIMBROUGH, Randle Keller University of Colorado, Boulder Assistant Professor "Wondrous Brutai Fictions: Buddhist Sermon Ballads and Miracle Plays of Seventeenth-Century Japan"
McCLIMON, Sarah Jane University of Hawaii, Manoa Graduate Assistant Gunka in War and Peace: Music, Politics, and Memory, 1930-Present
MILHAUPT, Terry Satsuki Independent Researcher   Modern Kimono-A Kaleidoscopic View
MITCHELL, Arthur Moncrieffe Yale University Ph.D Candidate Subverting Language: Japanese Modernism, Modernity, and Linguistic Critique
NAKAGAWA, Ikuyo Graduate Center, the City University of New York Ph.D Candidate The Becoming of an Artist of the World: Nationalism and Internationalism in the Art and Life of Tsuguharu Fujita (1886-1968)
NEWHARD, Jamie Lynn Washington University in St Louis Assistant Professor A Market of Their Own: Books for Women in Early Modern Japan
NOONAN, Patrick James University of California, Berkeley Ph.D Candidate Creating Counterpublics: The Aesthetics and Politics of Opposition in 1960s Japan
REITAN, Richard Franklin and Marshall College Assistant Professor From Geist to Seishin: A Genealogy of Spirit in Meiji Japan
SABATINO, Michelangelo University of Houston Assistant Professor Arthur Erickson and the Discovery of Japanese Architecture
SELINGER, Vyjayanthi Ratnam Bowdoin College Assistant Professor Imagining the Shogun in Fourteenth-Century Japan
SHAMOON, Deborah Michelle University of Nortre Dame Assistant Professor Passionate Friendship: The Aesthetics of Girls' Culture in Japan
SKABELUND, Aaron Herald Brigham Young University Assistant Professor "Invisible Men: The Postwar Japanese Military, 1945-2005
TSUJIMURA, Natsuko Indiana University Professor Sociolinguistic Investigation of Language Change in Japanese: the case of the -te aru intransitivizing construction
WALKER, Gavin Cornell University Ph.D Candidate Economies of Dislocation: Area, Time, and the Crisis of Marxism in Japan, 1922-1973
WEISS, Allen S. New York University Associate Teacher "Metaphor and Metaphysics in Japanese Garden Aesthetics"
YANG, Timothy Ming-Chih Columbia University Ph.D Candidate Sciences of Modernity: Taiwan in Colonial and Postcolonial Times


Name Institution Title Project Title
SEIDL, Bernhard Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna Junior lecturer The Return of Japanese: Japanese Pop-music Lyrics and the linguistic Other
Name Institution Title Project Title
PEETERS, Bruno Henri Albert WENK, St.-Lucas Department of Architecture & Urban Planning Professor Potentials, Transferability & Re-Assessment of Japanese Planning Tools in a Context of Ageing and Shrinking Societies
Name Institution Title Project Title
KAVEDZIJA, Iza University of Zagreb Research Assistant Good life and ideal homes: Changing ideas of 'the good life' in contemporary Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
GAENS, Bart Jozef University of Helsinki, Network for European Studies Senior Researcher The Visualization of Corporate Japan in Salaryman Manga-Hirokane Kenshi's "Shima Kosaku" as a Case Study
Name Institution Title Project Title
LEVY, Christine Michel De Montaigne Bordeaux University Associate Professor Feminist History and Gender Studies in Japan today
HOUDART, Sophie Laboratory of Anthropology and Comparative Sociology Researcher Seeing The world Through Pixels. Digital Innovations in Japan
STIEFEL, Erhard artist   Study on No Mask
Name Institution Title Project Title
FERSTL, Katja Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich Ph.D. Candidate The Role of Private Photography in Comtemporary Japanese Consumer Behavier: A Age-and Gender specific Comparison
KALINOWSKI, Thomas GSIS, Ewha Womans University Assistant Professor Japan and the Global Governance of Finance:
LARSEN, Per Bojesen Chair of Japanese Economy, Frankfurt University Research Assistant Creation of Knowledge: An Evaluation of Cluster Policies in Germany and Japan
NEIBERGER, Cordula Philipps Universitat Assistant Professor Internationalisation and Embedenes in Networks
SCHMIDT, Jan Ruhr University Bochum lecturer The "Great European War"-Perception and Interpretation of World War One and of the Wartime Mobilization of the Western Powers in Japan (1914-1938)
Name Institution Title Project Title
VASZKUN, Balazs Corvinus University of Budapest Ph.D Candidate Structure and characteristics of a network economy; limits and benefits
Name Institution Title Project Title
CENTONZE, Katja Calabria University Lecturer Body-Theories and Techniques:From Japanese Performing Arts to Hijikata Tatsumi's Butoh. Perspectives on body and Media in Performance and Text.
ORSI, Maria Teresa Roma University "La Sapienza" Professor Completion of the translation into Italian language, of Genji monogatari
Name Institution Title Project Title
LESNICZAK, Marcelina Adam Mickiewicz University Ph.D Candidate Tanizaki Junichiro's Dramatic Works and Motifs of Japanese Traditional Theater observed in his literature
NOWAK, Wojciech Jerzy Adam Mickiewicz University Ph.D Candidate Word and image in the Japanese literature of Edo period
RUTKOWSKA, Iga Warsaw Univeristy Faculty of Oriental Studies Ph.D Candidate Local and Central Kabuki Comparative Studies. The Merchant Performance in Village Environment
SONNENBERG, Katarzyna Anna Jagiellonian University Ph.D Candidate The Image of Women as Presented in the Works of Higuchi Ichiyo
STARECKA, Katarzyna Violetta Warsaw University Assistant Professor Problem of patriotic education in modern and contemporary Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
RUSU, Renata Maria Babes-Bolyai University Ph.d Candidate Axis Mundi in Japanese Myths and Festivals
Name Institution Title Project Title
EGOROVA, Anna The State Hermitage Museum, Education Department Researcher Edo Period Karatsu and Mino-seto ceramics (to the study of The state hermitage Collection)
KOVALCHUK, Marina Konstantinovna Far East National University, Oriental Institute Assistant Professor The Image of russia and Britain in Japanese Newspapers of the Period of Sino-Japanese war. The Comparing Research of "Kokumin Shimbun" and "Jijishimpo" Views
MOLODYAKOVA, Elgena Center for Japanese Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences Head of Center Recent Trends in Japanese Society: Informatization and Social Tolerance
PETROV, Alexander Ivanovich Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch Senior Researcher The Japanese in the context demographic, social and economical development of the Russian Far East: 1855-1991
SHUBIN, Valery Sakhalin Regional Museum Manager of Archaeological Laboratory Study of archaeological momuments of Jomon culture research methodic
STRELTSOV, Dmitry Viktorovich Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) Professor Formation of the Image of Russia in Japan and its Role for the Political Strategy of Japan Towards Russia
TYZHINOVA, Natalia Alexandrovna Baikal National University of Economics and Law Ph.D Candidate Life Insurance in Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
SEKULOVIC, Ana Megatrend University Assistant Professor The Modern Economy of Japan
Name Institution Title Project Title
BEKES, Andrej Univesity of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts Full Professor Minami Fujio's layered sentence structure model as a probabilistic model of speaker's and hearer's competence: a corpus based study of synatatic co-occurrences in spoken and written Japanese
Name Institution Title Project Title
LOPEZ-VIDAL, Lluc Pompeu Fabra University Lecturer in Political Science Japan's Security Policy with China after the Cold War. Toward a hedging strategy
RODRIGUEZ NAVARRO, Maria Teresa Department of Translation and Interpreting, University Autonoma of Barcellona Ph.D Researcher Interculturality in the Meiji Era: Japanese authors and translators and their role as cultural mediators.
Name Institution Title Project Title
LARM, Lars Ingemar Lund University Senior Lecturer in Japanese The Concept of Chinjutu within Japanese Traditional Grammar
GUSTAFSSON, Karl Anders Stockholm University & Stockholm School of Economics Ph.D Candidate Remembrance and identity in Sino-Japanese Relations: The Case of Peace and War Museums
Name Institution Title Project Title
BRUCE, David Simon London Metropolitan University Senior Lecturer Completion of proposed book, Globalisation and the Japanese Economy based on PHD. Article dealing with Japan's experience during the Great Depression of the 1930s.
DANIELS, Inge Maria University of Oxford Lecturer Feeling at Home Urban Japan-An Exhibition
GARDINER, Michael University of Warwick Assistant Professor Japanese Modernism 1920-1970 and Euro-American Theories of 'World Literature'
GERSTLE, C. Andrew University of London Professor 'Erotic Parodies of 18th-Century Japanese womens conduct books'
HANSEN, Paul Simon University of London Researcher Domestic Animals and Family Ties in Urban Japan: Changing Kinship and 'Skinship' Across Species Bounds
Name Institution Title Project Title
BRIUKHOVETSKA, Olga National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Associate Professor Visualisation of Nuclear Trauma in Japanese Cinema
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