Grant Program for Developing Networks of Japanese-Language Teachers and Institutions in the Fiscal Year 2009-2010

2009 Grant Program for Developing Networks of Japanese-Language Teachers and Institutions

  • *The name of the organization and the content of the project are based on the information at the time of making the grant decision.
Country Name of Institution Name of Project Project Description
China College Japanese Teaching and Research Association The 5th Conference of the College Japanese Teaching and Research Association Explanation, researching and inter-communication between professors of the new compendium.
China Department of Japanese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong The 2nd Workshop on Japanese Teaching in Chinese Speaking Regions It forms and expands a network of young researchers who are majoring in Japanese teaching in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and improves quality of Japanese teaching in those regions.
China Peking University "Research and Expectation of Japanese and the Education of Japanese Exploited by Cognitive Linguistics" International Conference It aims; 1) to provide opportunities for meeting and exchanging of ideas and information among scholars who are interested in cognitive linguistics from Japan, China, Korea, etc.; 2) to conduct academic deliberation to develop Japanese language research and education from the viewpoint of cognitive linguistics; and 3) to create a path for the future Japanese language education.
Mongolia Mongolian Japanese Language Teachers Association Symposium on Japanese Language Education, 2009 Developing Japanese language teachers' networking and promoting the outcomes of the symposium 2008.
Indonesia The Association of Indonesian Japanese Language Education Studies Annual ASPBJI National Seminar: “Japanese language education through the contrastive linguistics” It provides and expands knowledge concerning the methodology of the contrastive linguistics in application to Japanese language education for the people involved in Japanese language education inside Indonesia and also strengthens the networks between them through the activity of the seminar.
Australia University of New South Wales JSAA-ICJLE2009 (2009 International Conference of Japanese Studies Association of Australia and Japanese Language Education) 1. To provide opportunities for meeting and exchanging of ideas among scholars, practitioners, researchers and students in broad fields of Japanese studies beyond the narrow boundaries of Japanese studies and Japanese language education.
2. To provide a venue for country and area representatives of Japanese language education and other participants to network and share concerns and innovations.
3. To provide an outlet for new research findings and pioneering practices of Japanese language education.
4. To disseminate information in regards to Australian Japanese language education to the world.
Canada Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE) Annual Conference 2009 CAJLE's mission is to promote Japanese language education in Canada. Through our annual conference, we contribute to the development of Japanese language educators' knowledge related to Japanese teaching as well as practical skills. Further, we strengthen ties among educational institutes and encourage networking among educators.
USA Alliance of Associations of Teachers of Japanese Developing and Publicizing Japanese Online Instruction Network for Teachers (JOINT) In order to continue to develop and deliver good courses online to teachers of Japanese language, we seek funding to conduct a training course for facilitators who will be able in the future to conduct online courses and provide technical support for them.
USA National Council of Japanese Language Teachers (NCJLT) Strengthening networks among Japanese language teachers and associations at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Convention

NCJLT will: 1. Promote proactive networking among local teachers by providing opportunities (workshops, sessions, 'Japan Pavilion') for networking at ACTFL.
2. Strengthen local affiliate organizations by gathering and presenting information on their activities and current issues and making a future strategy plan.
3. Create opportunity to network between local affiliates, Japanese teachers and Japanese government organizations and companies by sponsoring the "Japan Pavilion".

4. Advocate Japanese education by increasing visibility at the ACTFL convention and demonstrating strong infrastructure of Japanese education in America by sponsoring "Japan Pavilion", where cultural arts and student outcomes will be exhibited.
Costa Rica Association of Japanese in Costa Rica The 1st Central America Japanese Education Seminar To exchange information and promote networking among Japanese language teachers in Costa Rica and Central America, and to aim at higher quality of Japanese language education in the area.
Mexico Mexican Association of the Japanese Language Symposium on Japanese Language Education in fiscal 2009 This symposium on grammar pedagogy, designed to develop integrated abilities in Japanese language skills, will serve to increase teaching aptitude among instructors in this language and to expand the network of Japanese language education in Mexico and Latin America more generally.
Ireland Japanese Language Teachers of Ireland "Nihongo Kantan" Workshop of the Japanese Language Teachers of Ireland To share the effective usage of the unique Irish material "Nihongo Kantan".
Italy Italian Association for Japanese Language Teaching The 4th Conference on Japanese Linguistics and Language Teaching Fourth Conference on Japanese Linguistics and Language Teaching organized by our association aims at discussion about the latest research issues presented not only by Japanese scholars but also by European scholars.
United Kingdom The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ) The 12th BATJ Annual Conference This conference aims to provide BATJ members with the opportunity to share their studies and ideas. We welcome the specialists in Japanese language education and Japanese linguistics, in order to develop the members with professional knowledge.
Switzerland Association of Japanese Teachers in Switzerland The 17th Seminar on Japanese Language Education Its main purposes are to improve the capabilities of Japanese-language teachers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and to provide these teachers with the information about recent Japanese language education. It forms and extends a network of people involved in Japanese education inside of Switzerland.
Germany Verein der Japanischlehrkrafte an weiterfuhrenden Schulen im deutschsprachigen Raum e.V. (VJS) The 21st Training Session for Secondary School Japanese Language Teachers in German-speaking Nation To promote and develop Japanese language education at institutions of secondary education in Germany, and develop networking between local teachers, institutions, and Japan.
Germany Association for Teaching Japanese at Universities The 16th Conference of Association for Teaching Japanese at Universities The 2010 conference will consist of a research presentation, a practical report and an exchange of information. The goal of the conference is to improve the skills of Japanese teachers and the curriculum of Japanese courses taught at institutions of higher learning in German-speaking regions and countries.
Germany Verein zur Forderung des Japanisch-Unterrichts an VHS e.V. The 19th National Training Session (2010) Lecturers who are involved in recent Japanese-language education are invited from Japan to hold seminars to improve the teaching skills of Japanese language teachers at VHS (adult education schools) in Germany.
Germany AJE Association of Japanese Teachers in Europe-Executive Committee of the 14th Symposium Berlin Germany 2009 The 14th Symposium of JFL (Japanese as a Foreign Language) in Europe The symposium creates the opportunity for consolidating a wide network of people involved in Japanese language education as it attracts participants from Japan, Korea, and USA as well as Europe. It provides fora for professional development, which includes keynote lectures, a panel discussion, research presentations on theory and practice, poster sessions, workshops and social gatherings.
France Association of Japanese Language Teachers in France The 1st Formation for the Japanese Teachers in France It provides people involved in Japanese language education inside France with training, and forms and expands a network of these people.
Ukraine Japanese Teachers Association of Ukraine The 9th Japanese Pedagogy Seminar in Ukraine

1. For raising the level of Japanese pedagogy, and teaching skills of local teachers.

2. For sharing of related knowledge with the persons concerned.
Uzbekistan Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies The 2nd Turk countries’ Japanese Language Education Seminar To build a network between and to develop skills and expertise of people who are involved in Japanese language education in Turk countries, and to form the basic grounds for comparative study and development of teaching materials of Japanese and Turk languages.
Slovenia University of Ljubljana International Conference on Japanese Language Education in Southeastern Europe and Western Balkan Establishing a network of people, who engaged in Japanese language teaching of countries in South East Europe and Western Balkan, and seminar on Japanese language education.
Romania The Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Romania The 4th International Symposium on Japanese Linguistics and Methodology To provide teachers with an opportunity to present their research and to deepen the exchange with associations from neighboring countries.
Turley The Turkish Japanese Foundation Culture Center The 8th Conference for the Japanese Language Teachers in Turkey The aim of this meeting is that Japanese Language Teachers in Turkey assemble together to get training of new teaching method or assignment and also to maintain network among members through exchanging any knowledge each other.

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