Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.1

Vol.1(issued on March,1991)

Invited Theses


Towards New Perspective in Japanese Language Teaching


J. V. Neustupny

2. Issues in ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and OraI Proficiency Interview MAKINO Seiichi
3. Desiderata for a New Generation of Nihongo Kyôzai in Germany Kay J. Genenz

Contributed Theses


Logic of Japanese Demonstratives



5. Inside vs. Outside Information: An Analysis of Sentence - Final Elements  in Japanese MURAYAMA Yasuo
6. Request and Invitation: Expressions of the Beneficiary in Japanese and English HIMENO Tomoko
7. On the Aspect of Sentence-Final Verbs in Modern Japanese ZHANG Ping
8. The Teaching of Japanese and Japanese Honorifics: The Point of View of  Honorific Avoidance MIYAZAKI Satoshi
9. Indirectification of Benefactive and Directional Verbs in Japanese ÔNO Kiyoharu
10. Descriptive and Communicative Elements of Language: A Proposal for a New Approach to Grammar HESHIKI Kazumi
11. Helping Students Acquire Reading Proficiency: A Model that EmpIoys  Learning Strategies ITÔ Hiroko
12. Classroom Decentralization: One View of the Communicative Approach JIN Rongyi
13. DeveIopment of Japanese Programs for Graduate Students in America's  InternationaI Business Programs SAKAKIBARA Yoshitaka
14. Do Second-Language Learners of Japanese Process Kanji in the Same Way as Japanese Children? Mary FIaherty
15. Techniques and Strategies for Teaching Culture in Japanese Classrooms HIJIRIDA Kyôko / Diane Uyetake
16. Language and Culture Learning with "Kyoto, Nara: Hyper-Travel" HIRATA Kayoko
17. Experience with Teaching the Japanese Language to Elementary SchooI  Children in Hungary Ilona Kiss
18. Teaching Japanese at a Public High School as an ACT Teacher of the Jorden Method KAWAI Yasushi

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