Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.3

Vol.3 (issued on March,1993)

Contributed Theses


Patterns in News Broadcasing and Their Application to the Teaching of Japanese



2. Exploratory Japanese Language at MiddIe SchooI: Foreign Language Selection and Leaning Outcome SHIMIZU Ritsu
3. The Role of Nonlinguistic Clues in Inferencing in L2 Listening Comprehension UMINO Tae
4. Designing Tasks for Learner-Centered Teaching: Suggestions for Meaningful Tasks OHASHI Jun and
5. American Pedagogy, Japanese Cultural Expertise: A Hybrid Distance Leaning ModeI for Teaching Japanese to Americans Gerald A. Knezek,
Greg Jones,
and Angela Bills
6. Applying New Methods to Support Communicative Language Teaching Otto Maderdonner
7. Issues in Developing a Program for Japanese Language Teacher Training James H. Cook
8. Language-as-Resource for Whom? Foreign Language Planning in Higher Education: Its Goal and Implementation IINO Masakazu
9. The Background and Form of " Ga " and " Wa " : From the Viewpoints of Cognition and Expression CHUNG Sung Yeo
10. On the Grammatical Functions of the Ru-form of Predicate Verbs: Its Relation to Result-Potential Expressions ZHANG Wei
11. Description of Meaning of the Form " Darooka " JUNG Sang Cheol
12. On Noun Sentence Construction: An Attempt at Discourse Analysis SHIMAMORI Reiko
13. Absolute and Relative Honorifics: A Japanese-Korean Contrastive Study PAEK Dong Sun
14. Correspondence Between Initial Consonants in Modern Sino-Japanese and Modern Standard Chinese Character Readings, and Their Historical Origns Enju Norris
15. On the Stylistic Function of Japanese Script Evgeni V. Mayevski

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