Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.4

Vol.4 (issued on June,1994)

Contributed Theses


On "Humanistic Techniques ": A Study for Non-Native Teachers of the Japanese Language in Secondary Education



2. Alternative Methods and Japanese-Language Education: Its Application and Adoption at the Japonicum in Germany MURAI Makiko,
Pinnau-Sato Heike,
and SATO Kazuhiro
3. Communication Strategies in Elementary Japanese Language Textbooks: A Strategy of Asking Back Chihiro Kinosita Thomson
4. The Effect of Signaling for Understanding Technical Text in Japanese YAMAMOTO Hilofumi
5. Kanji Teaching to Kanji Area Students: Focusing on Korean Students Studying Japanese CHO Hee ChuI
6. The Effects of a Reading Strategy and Reciprocal Peer Tutoring on Intermediate Japanese Reading Comprehension MORIMOTO Takiko
7. The Application of Elaboration Theory of Instruction to Japanese-Language Education NAKAGAWA Chiemi
and James Quinn
8. The Importance of Form in the Teaching of Kanji Aldo Tollini
9. Japanese Cloze Tests: Toward Their Construction Masako O. Douglas
10. Is the Reading Comprehension Performance of Learners of Japanese as a Second Language the Same as That of Japanese Children? An Analysis Using a Cloze Test Sayoko Yamashita
11. Discourse Functions of Japanese Connectives: A Contrastive Analysis of Keredo and Noni IMAO Yukiko
12. An Analysis of The Syntactic Structure of "Sakana-wa tai-ga i-i" CHEN Fangze
13. On Mieru, Mirareru, Mirukoto ga Dekiru Li Jin Lian
14. A Study of the Topic of Sentences TANIMORI Masahiro

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