Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.5

Vol.5 (issued on April,1995)

Contributed Theses


Attitudes toward Bilingual and Multicultural Aspects of Japanese-Language Policy and Teaching to Non-Native Children in Japan


NOYAMA Hiroshi

2. How ShouId the Japanese Language Be Taught in European  Universities?: Invitation to an 'Irregular Immersion' Program TAKESHITA Toshiaki
3. A Case Study of the Effectiveness of the "Audio-Tape Correspondence" -An Example: A "Japanese for Business" Course in Hong Kong UEDA Kazuko
4. Communication Strategies: Are They Worth Teaching? OHASHI Jun
5. The Effectiveness of Journal Writing in Learning Japanese in a University Setting SAKAMOTO Emi
6. Against Marking Accent Locations in Japanese Textbooks HASEGAWA Yoko
7. Kanji Learning Strategies and Student Beliefs on Kanji Learning OKITA Yoko
8. Study of Kanji Pattern Recognition and Kanji Acquisition among Non-Kanji Area Students TAKAGI Hiroko
9. A Comparison of Phonemes and Prosody in the Evaluation of Spoken Japanese SATO Tomonori
10. Rethinking Kanji: A Comparative Approach Stefan Kaiser
11. "To" and "Ya" CHIN Boi
12. A Study of the Particle "Bakari" CHEN Lian Dong
13. Two Types of Adversative Connectives in Japanese: Tokoroga and Shikashi HAMADA Mari
14. A Classification of the "TE-sentences" in Relation to the Degree of Subordination KATO Yoko
15. Contact Situation between Brazilian Workers and Japanese: A Case Study Ellen NAKAMIZU
16. Comparison of Attitudes toward Back-Channel Behaviors between Koreans and Japanese YIM Young Cheoul
and LEE Sun Min

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