Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.6

Vol.6 (issued on May,1996)

Contributed Theses


A Study on the Effect of Adjunct Questions in Reading Comprehension of Story-Type Text: An Experiment for Development of Hypermedia Material


KINJO Naomi and
IKEDA Nobuko

2. Theories and Proposals Regarding the Preparation and Creation of Teaching Materials Aimed at Promoting Japanese Cultural Understanding, with an Emphasis on the Comprehension of Dialogue in Social Context TANAKA Tomoko
and SHIN Kimie
3. Critical Pedagogy and Critical Literacy in Teaching Japanese KUBOTA Ryuko
4. Strategies for Dealing with Difficulties in Lecture Comprehension MIZUTA Sumiko
5. The Accuracy Order of Japanese Particles in Elementary Level Compositions: An Analysis of Particles, Particle Functions and Functional Groups YAGI Kimiko
6. The Impact of a Study / Work Programme in Japan on Interactive Competence in Contact Situations Yuko Miyazoe Wong
7. Peer Interaction in an Adult Second-Language Class: An Analysis of Collaboration on a Form-Focused Task HANEDA Mari
8. A Theme-Based Approach: Curriculum Design for Teaching an Advanced Course of Japanese as a Foreign Language Douglas Ogawa Masako
9. Hiragana Hurdle: Are We Perpetuating the Problem? Ruth Davies,
Jenny Ward,
Pauline Smith,
and KATO Kumi
10. Some Aspects of Students' Behaviour When Reading in Japanese Michelle Hall
11. Sentence-Final Form of Japanese and English: On the Function of "To Omou" and "I Think" ASANO Yuko
12. Functions of the Overlap Utterances in Japanese Daily Conversation IKOMA Sachiko
13. SPOT: A New Method of Testing Japanese Language Proficiency KOBAYASHI Noriko,
and YAMAMOTO Hilofumi
14. The Influence of Japanese on the Use of Honorifics in Korean Companies KANG Suk-Woo

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