Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.7

Vol.7 (issued on June,1997)

Contributed Theses


Teaching Japanese through Parody



2. Japanese Language Learning Resources for Overseas Learners and Teachers Chihiro Kinoshita Thomson
3. A Survey on the Relationship between Strategy Use and Reading Comprehension: The Case of Reading Japanese as a Foreign Language MINAMINOSONO
4. Discourse Management in Telephone Conversations: A Comparative Analysis of Interactions of Native and Non-Native Speakers of Japanese OKAMOTO Noriko
5. The Maintenance of Information Transmission Action in Japanese Conversation LEE Li-Yen
6. "Correction" Strategies in Spoken Japanese Interaction by Japanese and French Learners IZAKI Yasuko
7. Forms of Refusal: A Comparison of Refusal Forms Used by Learners of Japanese and Japanese Native Speakers LAOHABURANAKIT Kanokwan
8. Intonation and Acquisition of Japanese Accent: Factors to Characterize the Interlanguage Intonative Pattern by French Native Speakers SHIROTA Chieko
9. The Influence of Familiarity with Non-native Speech on Native Speakers' Negotiation of Meaning MURAKAMI Kaori
10. Cue-Based Analysis on Acquisition of Wa and Ga by L2 Japanese Learners TOMITA Hideo
11. Characteristics of Chinese Sentences Corresponding to Japanese with -te (kure· kudasai): Excluding Chinese Sentences Dealing with "Qing" LI Ping
12. On the Identical Function of Bangla and Japanese Substantive Verbs as an Aspectual Marker A.B.M. Razaul Karim Faquire
13. Hesitations (Discourse Markers) in Japanese NAGURA Toshie
14. Description of the Meaning of the Intermediate Compound Verb Kiru in Its Various Uses: The Relationship between Kiru as a Proper Verb,  a Verbal Prefix, and an Auxiliary Verb LEE Kyung Soo
15. A Class of Modality in the Japanese Adverbs "Kitto" and "Kanarazu": Similarity with "Tabun" and "Taitei" SUGIMURA Yasushi
16. The Formation of the Japanese Cleft Sentence and the Unagi Sentence CHEN Fangze
17. Pre-Nominal NP-no Modifiers in Japanese: Syntactic Duality and Order of Occurrence S. Ray Mori

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