Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.8

Vol.8 (issued on June,1998)

Contributed Theses


The Relations between Motivations and Examination Scores: The Case of University Students in Thailand


NARITA Takahiro

2. Problems of Desiderative Expressions Misused by Advanced Learners of Japanese in Contact Situations OISHI Kumiko
3. The Influence of Introductory Textbooks on Kanji Learning Strategy Use and Beliefs about Kanji Learning OKITA Yoko
4. Compound Shortening HIBIYA Junko
5. Understanding and Teaching Japanese Discourse Principles: A Case of Newspaper Columns Senko K. Maynard
6. Compensatory Lengthening by British Learners of Japanese NAGAI Katsumi
7. The Role of Metalinguistic Strategies in Contact Situations: An Empirical Study of Learners' Strategies for Solving Comprehension Problems SAIJO Miki
8. Japanese Language Use by Non-Japanese Businesspeople: Current Usage and Companies' Expectations SHIMADA Megumi and SHIBUKAWA Aki
9. A Contrastive Study of Benefactive Constructions in Japanese and Marathi Prashant Pardeshi
10. Believing, Wanting, and Feeling: Three Representational Modes of Embedded Propositional Contents YOKOMIZO Shinichiro
11. The Agent-Marking System in Passive Sentences: The Case of Non-Typical Agents ZHANG Lin Sheng
12. Speaker's Recognition of an Event and Intervention of "Koto" and "Mono" ADACHI Taro
13. Testing for Theme in Japanese Elizabeth Anne Thomson
14. The Functions of Quotation Marker "to" in Spoken Language KATO Yoko
15. Elliptical Utterance in Japanese Conversation KAI Masumi

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