Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.9

Vol.9 (issued on June,1999)

Contributed Theses


Expanded Teaching of the Passive Voice


OGAWA Yoshimi and ANDO Setsuko

2. Japanese Volunteers' Participation in Overseas Japanese Language Educational Activities : Issues and Roles of Teachers Chihiro Kinoshita Thomson
and Hiromi Masumi - So
3. What is Possible in the Peer Response Activity?: The Case of Intermediate  Japanese-Second Language Students IKEDA Reiko
4. Authentic Voices: Insights into a Japanese Education Practicum David Chapman and Barbara Hartley
5. Needs Analysis in Australian Universities WAKABAYASHI Hideaki
6. The Role of Kanji Knowledge Transfer in Acquisition of Japanese as a Foreign Language MATSUNAGA Sachiko
7. Teaching Acts to Support Learning: Extracting Students' Positive Voluntary Utterances NOHARA Miwako
8. An Empirical Contrastive Study of the Passive in Japanese and Korean: Through an Analysis of the Usage Rate in TV Serial Dramas and Newspaper Columns HEO Myeongja
9. The Changes in Passive Expression in Modern Japanese and Korean Languages: Centering on Novels YOON Ho Sook
10. The Selection of "Ga" and "Wa" in Japanese Texts NAGAI Aiko
11. Particle "nagara": Comparedwith"temo" CHEN Fen Hui
12. A Study of naka and uchi OSHIMA Hiroko
13. The Use of Back-channels by Advanced Learners of Japanese: Its Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects MUKAI Chiharu
14. A Study of the Relation between the Start of Narrative and Turn-taking LEE Li-yen

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