Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.10

Vol.10 (issued on June,2000)

Contributed Theses


More Tactfulways of Teaching Japanese Through Andragogy


ARIIZUMI Yoshihiko

2. Foreign Language Anxiety and Perspectives of College Students of Japanese in the United States: An Exploratory Study FUKAI Miyuki
3. Perception of Japanese Long Vowels and Short Vowels by English-Speaking  Learners OGUMA Rie
4. Reading Japanese as Native and Foreign Languages: Three Case Studies by Think-aloud Method MORI Masako
5. Lexical Acquisition by Learners of Japanese: From the Perspectives of Differentiation, Generalization and Typicalization MATUDA Fumiko
6. The Acquisition of "wa" and "ga": Analyses of Compositions Written by Elementary-level Japanese Learners and Interviews YAGI Kimiko
7. JFL Learners' Referential-Form Choice in First- through Third-Person Narratives YANAGIMACHI Tomoharu
8. Discourse Strategies of "Request" in Contact Situations:In the Case of Japanese and French Learners of Japanese IZAKI Yasuko
9. Possessive Usage of Aru and Motte iru KIKUCHI Yasuto
10. Conditionals and Modality: A Reexamination of the Function of Ba and Volitional Expressions Yuki Johnson
11. The Essence and the Theoretical Possibilities of Matsushita Grammar's Polite Expression System: The Framework of the Semantics of Value PENG Guoyue
12. The Nature and Negation of "Noda" DAI Baoyu
13. Sequence Organizations of Problem-Solving in Japanese Conversations SUGIMOTO Fusako
14. An Analysis of Learners' Aizuchi: From 'Continuer' to 'Turn-taking' MURATA Akiko

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