Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.11

Vol.11 (issued on June, 2001)

Contributed Theses


A Study on Improving Communication Ability in Conversation Classes: An Approach through a Discussion Program


ARAI Yoshiko

2. Basic Research on the Use of the Mother Tongue by Taiwanese Teachers of Japanese: An Analysis of Conversation Classes YEN Hsingyueh
3. An Attempt to Construct a Japanese Pronunciation Anxiety Scale: The Case of University Students in Thailand OGAWARA Yoshiro
4. Fossilization of Interlanguage and Mechanism of SLA MORIYAMA Shin
5. Discourse Development Structure of Letters of Apology: Contrastive Analysis between Letters by Intermediate-Level Japanese Language Students and Japanese Native Writers NISHIMURA Fumiko
6. Discourse Analysis of Utterance by Advanced- and Superior-Level Japanese Non-native Speakers and Japanese Native Speakers Based on ACTFL-OPI Criteria OGIWARA Chikako,
SAITO Mariko,
MASUDA Masako,
and ITO Tokumi
7. The Use of Information from Background Reading Texts in the Writing of  Korean Learners of Japanese: A Comparison of Proficient and Less-Proficient Readers HACHIWAKA Sumiko
8. Test Anxiety in Japanese-Language Class Oral Examinations MACHIDA Sayuki
9. Aizuchi Used in Discussions: Differences between Native Japanese and Korean Learners of Japanese LEE Sun-a
10. A Study of the Difference between Japanese and Korean Adversative Clauses "Nagara" and "Myonso" in Japanese Educationas a Second Language JUNG Hyeseon
11. A Contrastive Study of the Grammaticalization of Receptive Verbs: The bekommen-Passive in German and the Morau-Causative in Japanese NISHINA Yoko
12. A Semantic Analysis of Adverbs and Adverbial-Expressions: "Omowazu",  "Muishikini," "Wareshirazu," "Shirazushirazu," "Itsunomanika,"  and "Itsushika" LEE Tackung
13. Expressions of Anger: A Semantic Analysis of "Hara ga tatsu,"  "Atama ni kuru," and "Mukatsuku" BABA Noriko
14. On Subjectivity of Sentence-Final Elements in Modern Japanese: "Yooda,"  "Sooda," "Bekida," "Tsumorida," "Kamoshirenai," and "Nichigainai" SUGIMURA Yasushi
15. Foreign Students' Japanese and Cultural Acquisition: A Study in Cultural  Influence on Images and Language YAMAGUCHI Kazuyo

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