Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.12

Vol.12 (issued on June, 2002)

Contributed Theses


Gendered Language in Japanese: Learner Perceptions in Australia


Chihiro Kinoshita Thomson and IIDA Sumiko

2. The Relationship between Production and Perception of the Stop Voicing Contrast by Korean Learners of Japanese UEMURA Yoshiko
3. Lexical Acquisition of the V1 + komu by Highly Advanced Learners of Japanese MATSUDA Fumiko
4. Interrelationship between the First- and Second-Language Proficiency in Written Compositions by Young Brazilian Learners of Japanese as a Second Language IKUTA Yuko
5. Self-Analysis through a Japanese Teaching Diary OKAWARA Hisashi
6. Teacher's Performance Assessment to Facilitate the Teacher Training Reflective Process IKEDA Reiko,
OGASA Emiko,
SUGIURA Masomiko
7. Misrepresentation of Homographs Found in Japanese-Chinese Dictionaries LIN Yu Hui
8. "Responsible" Japanese vs. "Intentional" Indic: A Cognitive Contrast of Non-intentional Events Prashant PARDESHI
9. Offering Expressions in Burmese and Japanese KYI Thida
10. Rhythm and Accentuation of 'Long' Nominal Compounds: An Approach Based on Metrical Phonology INABA Seiichiro
11. A Schema-Based Analysis of the Nominative Case and Non-Canonical Sentences SUGAI Kazumi
12. The Temporal Relation and Aspect of Subordinate Clauses in Japanese HUANG Wenpu
13. A Study of the Japanese Conjunction "chinami ni" LIU Yiling
14. A Study of -nda-kedo in Japanese Conversation LEE Duck-Young
and YOSHIDA Akiko

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