Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.14

Vol.14 (issued on September, 2004)

Contributed Theses


A Study of Decision-making in Teacher Training: The Relationship of Program Structure and Decision-making


IKEDA Hiroko

2. Demonstrative Performance by First-generation Koreans in Japan KIM Jee-young
3. A Study of Distant Contact Situations Mediated by a Video-conferencing System YOON Ji-hyun
4. Japanese Learners’ Oral Narratives: Linguistic Features Affecting Comprehensibility KONDO Junko
5. A Proposal for Conversational Syllabuses on the Discourse Level: Lists of Discourse Skills from the Approach of Discourse/Conversation Analysis NAKAI Yoko,
OHBA Miwako
and DOI Mami
6. Development of the Discourse Function of the Japanese Conjunctive Particle kara in Learners’ Language KIYAMA Mika
7. On the Use and Function of “Bare” Sentence-final Forms in Japanese Conversational Discourse UEHARA Satoshi and
8. Let Learners Talk with Native Speakers Outside the Classroom in Your Home Country: Community Involvement Project IMURA Taeko
9. A Study of Shitsuzukeru HUANG Wenpu
10. The Acquisition of Japanese Intransitive and Transitive Paired Verbs by English-Speaking Learners: Case Study at the Australian National University MORITA Makiko
11. On the Usages of the Expression Dewanaika ZHANG Xing
12. Opinions on Teachers’ Use of the Mother Tongue in Japanese Conversation Classes in Universities in Taiwan YEN Hsingyueh
13. Exploring Drama and Theatre in Teaching Japanese: Hirata Oriza’s Play, Tokyo Notes, in an Advanced Japanese Conversation Course Denton HEWGILL,
NORO Hiroko and

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