Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.15

Vol.15 (issued on November, 2005)

Contributed Theses


The Application of Multimedia Instructional Materials by Students Learning Japanese as a Second Language: An Empirical Studyon Hunan University


LI Dali

2. A Reexamination of the Research Methodology on Interlanguage Pragmatics: The Measurement of Interlanguage as a Dynamic System ITO Emiko
3. The Backchannels Appeared at the Beginning of a New Turn in Japanese, Mandarin and Taiwanese. CHEN Tzuching
4. On the Closing of Learner-initiated Sequences in a Japanese Language Class BUNNO Mineko
5. How Does a Learner Leave a Pause When Reading Japanese Aloud?: A Comparison of English, French, Chinese and Korean Learners of Japanese and Native Japanese Speakers ISHIZAKI Akiko
6. Frame Analysis of a Group Discussion Involving Taiwanese and Japanese Participants CHEN Ming-jan
7. “kao” and “лицо”: Japanese-Russian Contrastive Study of the “face” Conception TANAKA Satoko
8. The Summary of the Meanings and Functions of the Japanese Particles “nazo” and “nanzo CHEN Liandong
9. The Change of Features of Participation in a Conversation between a Japanese Language Learner and a Japanese Native Speaker: From Asymmetrical Participation to Symmetrical Participation IWATA Natsuho
10. Survey on the Use of Computers and the Internet in Japanese Classes in the United States Yasuhiro Omoto
Miyuki Fukai
Keiko K. Schneider
11. Publication of Japanese Language Textbook in Hungary in Early Twentieth Century and Its Historical Background KONDO Masanori
12. Japanese Individualized Instruction Program: Goals and Practice YUASA Etsuyo
13. Problems Resolved in Writing by a Chinese Junior High School Student through Helper Collaboration ODA Tamaki

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