Japanese-Language Education around the Globe - Vol.18

Vol.18 (issued on June, 2008)

The academic papers section


The New Role of Native Japanese Speaking Teachers in Asia ―From the View Point of Nativeness and Japaneseness―



2. To What Extent does Knowledge of Sino-Vietnamese Words Have a Positive Effect on Japanese Learning in Native Vietnamese Speakers? ―Analogy Between Sino-Vietnamese Words and Sino-Japanese Words― MATSUDA Makiko
THAN Thi Kim Tuyen
NGO Minh Thuy
MIKAMI Yoshiki
3. Characteristics and Influences on Japanese Language Learners’ Image of the Japanese ―A Comparative Analysis of Korean University Student Learners and Non- Learners― OH Jeong-bae
4. An Analysis of the Request Behaviour of Japanese and Turkish Students Exhibiting Consideration for the Interlocutor AKDOGAN Pinar
5. Contrastive Study on a Turn−taking System for Multi−participant Discussion between Japanese and Chinese JIA Qi
6. What Efforts to Maintain One’s Native Language Stimulate Cognitive Development in Both Japanese and One’s Native Language? A Study of Juvenile Native Speakers of the Chinese Language MU Hong
7. The Influence of Groupwork Experience upon Language Learning Beliefs of Chinese LearnersAn Empirical Study Provided for Japanese Major Students of a Core Subject YANG Jun
8. Alternation of the Object Markers “Ga” and “O” in Potential Expressions AOKI Hiromi
9. The Influence of “Problem-posing Learning” upon a Native Japanese Speaker’s Positive Attitude toward Multi-cultural Coexistence: A Case Study by PAC Analysis HANBARA Yoshiko
10. The Acquisition of Non-deictic Demonstratives between Learning Japanese as a Second and as a Foreign Language The Case of Taiwanese Learners of Japanese SUN Ay-Wei
11. The Value of Causative Sentences in Japanese and the Tibetan Amdo Dialect from the Perspective of Japanese Education Zha Xi Cai Rang

The practical / current-status reports section


A Study of Kanji Error Analysis of Malaysian Japanese Students



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