Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education (AELE) No. 3 (2013)
Cooperative Institute for Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Exchange with J. F. Oberlin University, the Japan Foundation established the Cooperative Institute for Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education in April 2008 and has been collecting information and conducting joint research on language education-related assessment and evaluation.

The principal activities include holding public forums on assessment and evaluation in language education and publishing the academic journal “Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education (AELE).” Now, as part of our activities, we are openly soliciting academic contributions to be published in the journal “Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education (AELE),” which is scheduled to be released in August 2013.

Submissions will be rigorously and fairly reviewed by multiple reviewers and the Editorial Committee in the selection of articles for publication. We are looking forward to the receipt of many manuscripts.

  1. 1.Journal Title
    Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education
  2. 2.Eligible Topics
    (1) Theoretical and practical research on language test theory, assessment methods and educational measurement methods
    (2) Applied research having great relevance to assessment and evaluation of language
    (Both are limited to previously unpublished articles.)
  3. 3.Accepted Languages
    Contributions may be written in either Japanese or English.
  4. 4.Manuscript Categories
    Research articles, research notes and book reviews
  5. 5.Instructions for Authors and Manuscript Guidelines
    Those wishing to contribute are kindly requested to be sure to read the following beforehand.
    (1) Instructions for Authors (PDF:24KB)
    (2) Manuscript Guidelines (PDF:223KB)
  6. 6.Submission Method
    When contributing, please attach both (1) and (2) below to an email and submit your contribution. (Submissions by post are not accepted.)
    (1) Cover Sheet (Sample File) (PDF:56KB)
    (2) Main Text (Sample File) (PDF:110KB)
  7. 7.Deadline for Submissions
    Manuscripts must be received by Friday, February 1, 2013 (limited to receipt by email)
  8. 8.Decision on Acceptance
    After a fair and rigorous review by multiple reviewers, the AELE Editorial
    Committee will decide on which contributions will be accepted for publication.
  9. 9.Publication
    Scheduled for August 2013
  10. 10. Copyright
    In principle, copyrights to all articles published in the Journal will belong to the Cooperative Institute. However, authors may make duplicates, translations or use their own articles in other forms. Please forward written notice beforehand to the Cooperative Institute about the purported use, and clearly specify the source.
  11. 11. Address Inquiries and Submissions to:
    AELE Editorial Committee, Cooperative Institute for Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education
    Contact: E-mail
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