Original Goods

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Image: JF Original Furoshiki

The Japan Foundation (JF) held in autumn 2010 the Second International Furoshiki Design Contest for students studying designs in 9 countries overseas, such as Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, US, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam and Singapore. Among all 217 submissions, the designs of one winner of Grand Prize (Vietnam) and three of Prize for Excellence (Singapore, United States and Canada) were newly adopted as JF original furoshiki.

Image: JF Original Furoshiki

In the summer of 2010, the Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan in Turkey and Consulate-General of Japan in Istanbul co-organized the Furoshiki (wrapping cloths) Design Competition for Turkish and Japanese students on the theme of “the imagery of fusion of Turkey and Japan” in commemoration of the Japan Year 2010 in Turkey. Among 177 entries, two best designs were selected to be produced as the Japan Year 2010 in Turkey Memorial Furoshiki.

Image: JF original goods Katagami series

The Japan Foundation (JF) produced the new line of original goods called “Katagami” based on the stencil designs in the catalog of “Katagami - Paper Stencils and Japonisme”, an exhibition held at Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris (The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris). The “Katagami” series have two products: JF original deli

bag and JF original personal set.

Photo: JF Original Furoshiki

The Japan Foundation (JF), in cooperation with its overseas offices, solicited designs for original JF furoshiki (wrapping cloths) from students of design in 10 countries (South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Vietnam) on the theme of “blending imagery from the entrant’ s country of residence and Japan.”
Three prizewinning submissions, one each from South Korea, China, and Brazil, have been selected for production as JF Original Furoshiki.

Image: Original design Japanese Towel by designers Asia 5

In December 2006, five leading fashion designers from different Asian countries visited Japan at the invitation of the Japan Foundation.
The designers put their thoughts about the encounter with the people and the culture of Japan, as well as their hopes in cross-cultural exchange together, and expressed them through their designs for the original Japanese Towels.

Image: Original design furoshiki (wrapping cloths)

The Japan Foundation, which is hosting the Yokohama Triennale, cooperated with the embassies of France, Mexico, and Canada, which are some of the countries participating in Yokohama Triennale’s National Day, and collected designs for furoshiki (wrapping cloths) from students that will bear the future of design in Japan with the fusion of Japan and each of thosecountries as the design theme. From the 120 entries, a total of 3 winning designs were chosen, 1 each from France, Mexico and Canada, and used for JF original furoshiki.

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