• Countermeasures for the Great East Japan Earthquake
    1. (1)JET Memorial Projects
    2. (2)Kizuna (Bond) Project(U.S.A.)
    3. (3)“Genki Mail” Project
  • Invitation Program for U.S. Experts on Asian Affairs
  • Japan Travel Program for U.S. Future Leaders
  • U.S.-Japan Journalism Fellowship: Japan Visit Program for US Post-Graduate Students
  • Emerging Leaders Network Program
  • “Disaster Experiences and Lessons for Future” Project
  • Japan-U.S. Dialogue for Cooperation in Reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina
  • U.S.-Japan Innovators Project
  • NPO Fellowship Program
  • Symposiums/Events related to Abe Fellowship Program
  • Public Lectures in the U.S.-Japan Public Intellectual Network Program
  • JALD-related symposiums
  • Others

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