For Institutional Support

CGP Grant Program

The CGP grant program provides funding to non-profit organizations for projects in the following two categories:

Intellectual Exchange (Policy-oriented projects)

CGP supports a wide range of policy-oriented projects jointly conducted by U.S. and Japanese institutions. These policy-oriented projects explore contemporary issues of global concern and issues common to the U.S. and Japan, which involve cooperation among academics, practitioners, civil servants, and civil society organizations.

Grassroots Program (Education and Network-Strengthening)

CGP supports projects aimed to promote the understanding of Japan at the local level, and to foster networks and capacity building to support U.S.-Japan exchange outreach.

Those who consider applying for the CGP grant program from within the U.S., please refer to the CGPNY website:

-CGP Grant Program - Intellectual ExchangeExternal link

-CGP Grant Program - Grassroots ProgramExternal link

For Individuals/Intellectual Fields

Abe Fellowship Program

The Abe Fellowship Program is a research scholarship system focusing on individual researchers who will undertake investigative research projects. The program aims to encourage international multidisciplinary research on topics of contemporary global concern and policy issues that require urgent attention.

Abe Fellowship Program page

For Individuals/Grassroots Exchange

Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) Program

The JOI Program aims to promote interest and understanding of Japan by placing coordinators for two years in the U.S. to encourage grassroots exchanges. Through such activities, the program endeavors to foster leaders of grassroots exchange with Japan. CGP jointly administrates JOI with Laurasian Institution.

JOI Program page at Laurasian InstitutionExternal link