What is the Abe Fellowship Program?

The Abe Fellowship Program is a research scholarship system carried out in cooperation with the Social Science Research Council (SSRC)External link. The program aims to encourage international multidisciplinary research on topics of contemporary global concern and issues that require urgent attention. Focusing on individual researchers, the program also fosters the development of a new generation of researchers and journalists interested in policy-relevant topics of long-term importance, as well as reporting work, and who are willing to actively become key members of a world-wide network of researchers and journalists focusing on policy topics.

The Birth of the Abe Fellowship Program

The Center for Global Partnership was established in 1991 based on the vision put forward the year prior in 1990 by former Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe. Mr. Abe passed away soon after the establishment of the program, but it was named the “Abe Fellowship Program” in honor of his initiative.

Abe Fellowship Program Committee Members

The Abe Fellowship appoints program committee members and undertakes examinations for Abe Fellows. In addition, these committee members give advice to the program management and to individual fellows, as well as participating in various related initiatives.

Abe Fellowship (Researchers)

  • Hiroshi Nakanishi (Professor, Kyoto University), Chair
  • Marie Anchordoguy (Professor, Washington University)
  • Anil B. Deolalikar (Professor, University of California, Riverside)
  • Andrew Gordon (Professor, Harvard University)
  • Hiroshi Ishida (Professor, University of Tokyo)
  • Yoshiko Kojo (Professor, University of Tokyo)
  • Glenda S. Roberts (Professor, Waseda University)
  • Masayuki Tanimoto (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Abe Fellowship (Journalists)

  • Charles Burress (Public Information Officer, Berkeley Unified School District), Chair
  • Brigid Schulte (Director, The Better Life Lab and Good Life Initiative at New America)
  • Hiroki Sugita (Columnist, Kyodo News Agency)

(As of July 2019)


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