Since 2015, the Center for Global Partnership (CGP) has been implementing a network program inviting intellectual leaders from diverse communities in the United States to Japan to promote the networking of intellectuals in both countries. These leaders engage in dialogues with Japanese researchers, senior policy advisors, and leaders of civil society, as well as participate in public lectures in Japan. Since 2017, as a new component of this initiative, Japanese intellectuals are being dispatched for short periods to the U.S. to participate in public lectures and seminars on topics of mutual concern to U.S.-Japan relations.

Online Seminar

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on international travel, speaking engagements that cannot be implemented in person will be conducted online.

Mental Health Matters during COVID-19 and Beyond

Invitation Program

List of past participants

Photo of Invitation Program 1
Photo of Invitation Program 2

Dispatch Program

List of past participants

Photo of Dispatch Program 1
Photo of Dispatch Program 2
Photo (C) Japan Society/ Alan Klein