Message from President

Photo of Hiroyasu Ando

Over the last several years, we have seen interest in Japanese culture rise overseas, while here in Japan, there has been increasing momentum to introduce Japanese culture to other countries.

Building on this momentum, the Japan Foundation has been working to expand its programs both quantitatively and qualitatively. With Asian countries with which Japan enjoys particularly closer relations, the Asia Center founded in 2014 will play a central role in carrying out programs worth around 30 billion yen by 2020. These programs will be designed to implement the new cultural exchange policy called the “WA Project”: Toward Interactive Asia through “Fusion and Harmony” unveiled by the Government of Japan. The Japan Foundation is committed to two-way exchanges that are aimed at not only introducing Japanese culture overseas, but also at creating new values through collaborative efforts and human resource development cooperation with partner countries, giving attention also to their cultures. We will implement these international cultural exchange programs, hoping that we can make as many new friends as possible.

At the same time, the Japan Foundation, nearly half a century since its founding, faces many challenges. The Japan Foundation must adapt appropriately to the changes in the domestic and overseas situations, being more conscious about collaborating with other organizations in Japan and conducting efficient and effective organizational management. In 2020, Tokyo will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We will engage in our programs more proactively, bearing in mind the Games which are both a sports festival and a cultural festival.

As the President of the Japan Foundation, I will chart a new path based on the many opinions we receive from all of you. We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

Hiroyasu Ando
The Japan Foundation

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