Communication Center

The Japan Foundation Communication Center provides information on international exchanges in Japan and abroad through its websites and periodical Wochi Kochi. It also supports and rewards people-to-people international activities.

JFIC Facilities

JFIC is a site for information gathering and research on Japanese culture and international exchange, as well as the networking by people interested in these fields.
JFIC located in the 1st and 2nd floor of the JF headquarters, features a library and a lounge area.

JFIC Leaflet (PDF:1MB)

  • Photo of JFIC Library
    The Japan Foundation Library
    The Japan Foundation Library maintains the collection on Japan, international exchange, and publication of the Foundation to provide an extensive information services on these topics.
  • Shop
    At the JFIC Shop in the Library, the Foundation's publications are available.
  • JFIC Hall "SAKURA"
    Event Space
    Are used for the symposiums, conferences, etc.
    Information is available on our website.

Public Relations

The following is provided to publicize the Japan Foundation's activities and international exchanges.

Cooperation with other international exchange centers and associations

Receiving group visitors such as students in school trip


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