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Single Organization Applying for Multiple Projects

Q: If an organization plans to stage multiple projects within a single fiscal year and applies to programs for each one, is it possible that all the applications will be accepted?

A: The Japan Foundation carries out screening for each project individually based on its contents. In some cases, multiple project applications are accepted from one organization.

Applying while Receiving Other Grants or Donations

Q: When applying for a grant from the Japan Foundation, can I also apply for and receive a grant or donation from another organization(s) for the same project?

A: Yes, you can. However,certain conditions apply for receiving grants or donations from other organization(s) or corporation(s).

(a) The grant coverage of the Japan Foundation does not overlap with any part of the same project expense(s) that are covered by other funding sources.

(b) If you are applying to the Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists, please note that the Japan Foundation will not give grants to projects that receive financial support from the Agency for Cultural Affairs or other incorporated administrative agencies. Projects that receive sponsorships from corporations, or grants and subsidies supporting organizations in the private sector or local public organizations, are eligible to apply for and receive grants from the Japan Foundation.

(c) In case of a grant application related to Korea, it is not permitted to receive grants from both the Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation External link and the Japan Foundation for the same project

Q: I am thinking of applying for the Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Program. If I become a fellow, can I receive a fellowship, scholarship or research grant from other organizations during the term of fellowship?

A: No, you cannot. You cannot receive any kind of financial support from any organizations except the Japan Foundation during the fellowship period.

Receiving Grants on an Ongoing Basis

Q: Is an organization or individual that has received a grant in the past eligible to apply again?

A: Yes. However, the following restrictions apply.

(a) Please note that applicants will have to wait a set number of years before you can apply again for Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Program or a Japanese-language training program.

(b) In principle, grants will not be provided to individuals or organizations that have received support as part of the same program for three consecutive fiscal years (including the current fiscal year) for a fourth consecutive fiscal year year, unless the Japan Foundation assesses that there is strong justification for the continuation of the program. This measure has been put in place to prevent the immobilization of beneficiaries, as well as to create opportunities for more individuals and organizations to obtain support. While it is possible to apply for support for the same program for the fourth consecutive year, please note that low priority is typically given to such programs.

One Project, One Program Principle

Q: Is it possible to apply for multiple programs for a single project? By doing so, is it possible for one project to receive support from more than one Japan Foundation program?

A: No. If applicants are unsure which program to apply for, please consult the Japan Foundation overseas office or the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General External link, when there is no Japan Foundation office in your country of residence.

Grant Program for Japanese-Language Education Activities FAQ

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