List of Fellows in 2014: Middle East and Africa

Middle East and Africa

State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
Iran SALEHIBAKHSH, Mana PhD Candidate, University of Barcelona Digital Media Art The Image and meaning of the water in Zen garden, Persian Garden, and its influence on digital media University of Tsukuba
Iraq HUSSEIN, Tareq Jasim PhD Candidate, University of Baghdad Modern History of Japan Japan in Isolation Era: A Historical Study of the Political, Economic and Social Transformations 1639-1853 The University of Tokyo
Israel OTMAZGIN, Nissim Senior Lecturer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Japanese Studies Geopolitics and Soft Power: Japan's Cultural Diplomacy in Southeast Asia National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Turkey GONEN, Hakan Assistant Professor, Yuzuncu Yil University International Relations and Foreign Policy The Importance of State Identity in Building Japan's Trust-based Relations with South Korea: A Turkish Assessment ※Short-term
Egypt ABDELMAKSOUD, Wael Mohammed Orabi Associate Professor, King Saud University College Japanese Modern Literature A Comparative Research on the points of contact between Modern Japanese and Arabic Literature International Research Centre for Japanese Studies
Egypt THRWAT, Heba Nail Abdelaziz Assistant Teacher, Ain Shams University Linguistics The passive between Japanese and Arabic -an applied study of "Asahi" and "Al Ahram" newspapers in 2011-2012- University of Tsukuba
South Africa SHELTON, Garth Lawrence Associate Professor, Wits University International Relations (East Asia) Key Decision Makers and the Japanese Foreign Policy Making Process: Japan's Africa Policy Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO

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