The Japan Foundation Awards / Special Prizes (1997)

The Japan Foundation Awards

Sun Ping-hua
President, The China-Japan Friendship Association
Sun Ping-huaAs President of the China-Japan Friendship Association and in other important posts over many years, Mr. Sun had made immense contributions in implementing cultural-exchange programs between Japan and China and in fostering mutual understanding and friendly relations between the two countries. We are sorry to announce that he passed away suddenly on August 15, 1997.
Roger Goepper Professor, University of Cologne
Roger Goepper A leader in Western research on esoteric Buddhism, Professor Goepper has contributed greatly to the spread of familiarity with Japanese art in Europe through his writings, including his study, Aizen-myoo-The Esoteric King of Lust: An Iconological Study, and his cooperation with art exhibitions on esoteric Buddhist art. His efforts, including guidance and training of upcoming scholars of Japanese art, have helped to facilitate better understanding of Japan overseas.

The Japan Foundation Special Prizes

Kai Nieminen
Translator of Japanese Literature, Japanologist, Writer
Kai NieminenWriter, poet, and eminent Japanologist, Mr. Nieminen has made enormous contributions to the introduction of Japanese culture to the people of Finland through translations of more than thirty works of Japanese literature-ranging from classics including The Tale of Genji and The Narrow Road to the Deep North, to such modern novels as Kokoro, The Makioka Sisters, and the recent Kitchen.
Centre of Japanese Art and Technology "Manggha" in Cracow
Photo of Centre of Japanese Art and Technology "Manggha" in CracowThe Center, established at the urging of film director Andrzej Wajda and with the cooperation of many individuals, corporations, and other organizations in Japan and Poland, is devoted to the exhibition of Japanese art collections of high quality, as well as holding symposiums, theatrical performances, concerts, and other events related to Japanese culture. The Japan Foundation applauds the process by which the Center came to be founded, and hopes that it will flourish as a center for activities introducing Japanese culture to Eastern Europe.

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