The Japan Foundation Award / Special Prizes (2004)

The Japan Foundation Award and The Japan Foundation Special Prizes are presented each year to recognize those who have made outstanding achievements in the field of international cultural exchange.

Japan Foundation Award

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Ms. Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Pianist, Jazz Music Composer [Japan]
As a jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader, Ms.Akiyoshi has contributed incomparably to the world of jazz and music. She has also made a life-long effort to work toward the alleviation of the problems facing humanity after the 20th century and ceaselessly promoted peace and co-existence in the world through her music.

The Japan Foundation Special Prizes


for Arts and Culture

for Japanese-Language Education

for Japanese Studies

Prof. Mr. James QUANDT
Mr. James Quandt
Senior Programmer, Cinematheque Ontario [Canada]
Mr. Quandt has significantly contributed to introducing Japanese films and filmmakers to the North American public, through the presenting of directorial retrospectives and thematic series. He has published widely on cinema as a critic and scholar, including articles on the history of Japanese film and monographs on directors Imamura Shohei and Ichikawa Kon.

Prof. YI Dok Bong
Prof. Yi, Dok Bong
Professor of Dongduk Women’s University [Korea]
Prof. Yi has been at the forefront of Japanese-language studies for years, while nurturing numerous excellent students in the field. He has been actively involved in developing national policy for language studies, and his efforts have contributed largely to advancing the mutual understanding of the Korean and Japanese people.

Prof. TAKARA Kurayoshi
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Prof. Kurayoshi Takara
Professor of the University of the Ryukyus [Japan]
Prof. Takara researches the history of Okinawa through the wider perspective of its relation to Asia, while pioneering the creation of a network for foreign researchers in the field. His research influences go far beyond academia and include a wealth of insights into the future, not only for the islands but also for Japan as a whole.

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