The Japan Foundation Award / Special Prizes (2005)

The Japan Foundation Award and The Japan Foundation Special Prizes are presented each year to recognize those who have made outstanding achievements in the field of international cultural exchange.

The Japan Foundation Award

  • Photo of Mr. Hayao Miyazaki
  •  Mr. Hayao Miyazaki Animated Film Director [Japan]

    Mr. Miyazaki's artistic endeavors, primarily in the medium of animated film, have succeeded in broadly conveying the universal appeal of Japanese culture and in capturing the hearts of young people around the world with his distinctive storytelling style.

The Japan Foundation Special Prizes

for Arts and Culture

for Japanese-Language Education

for Japanese Studies

Philippine Educational Theater Association
Philippine Educational Theater

PETA has been carrying out educational and community-building efforts through its theatrical presentations and has undertaken collaborative initiatives with artistic and civic groups in Japan and many other Asian countries. It is also expected to play a key role in the formation of an Asian art network.
Prof. YI Dok Bong
China Japanese Education
The Association has served as the central, coordinating body for Japanese language instructors at various Chinese universities and has been a major factor behind the enhanced quality of Japanese language instruction in China. It should provide further leadership as Japanese language education spreads throughout East Asia.
Prof. TAKARA Kurayoshi
Dr. Tabassum Kashmiri
Former Foreign Instructor, Osaka
University of Foreign Studies


Dr. Kashmiri has greatly advanced the research of the Urdu language and Urdu literature in Japan and is expected to contribute to academic and cultural exchange between Japan and Urdu-speaking peoples, as well as to deepened mutual understanding between Japan and Pakistan.

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