The Library provides access to the following databases.
Please ask the Library staff in using these databases.

  • Japan Knowledge
    Provides full articles from the “Encyclopedia of Japan” and other basic encyclopedias and dictionaries.
    Also contains the full texts of “Toyo Bunko”
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies Online
    Contains more than 500,000 records on all subjects pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present. Western-language monographs, articles, and book chapeters can be searched for.
  • CiNii Articles
    Enables to search academic journals and research bulletins in Japan, and grants access to the full texts of papers.

The following items are also available on the Internet:

* Databases on newspaper articles and persons are searched by the Library staff.

  • Electronic Journals
    24 titles of English jounals can be accessed online within the Library.
    *For access from the outside, only the title list is available.

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