Training Programs

Japanese -language Program for Teachers of the Japanese-Language (On-site)

This training program is designed to provide teachers of the Japanese language who are necessary to improve Japanese-language skills further, with an opportunity to improve Japanese- language skills and to deepen their knowledge of Japan.
Special condition is set for this program aimed at Japanese language teachers of Japanese descendants who teach in Japanese-language educational organizations for Japanese descendants in Central and South America.

※Please check the Program Guidelines of the Japan Foundation to download application form and instruction.


July 4, 2022 (Mon.) – August 17, 2022 (Wed.) (tentative)


  1. (1) Individuals who teach Japanese language at overseas educational organization.
  2. (2) Individuals with more than 6 months of experience in teaching Japanese language.
  3. (3) Individuals who have a proficiency in Japanese of Level N4 or N5 in the JLPT, Level 3 or 4 of the old JLPT, Level A2 in the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education (JFS), or their equivalent.
    *Those who have the proficiency in Japanese more than the level described above are not expected for this program.
  4. (4) Higher priority will be given to applicants aged 55 or under.

※Please refer to the application instructions for other conditions.

Description of the Program

< Japanese Language classes >
Participants improve their proficiency using the Japanese-language which is necessary as teachers of Japanese-language through several language activities. Also, participants will organize knowledge about Japanese-language such as vocabulary and grammar.
< Japanese Culture/Japanese Society >
Participants will learn and experience Japanese culture and society that could be introduced to their Japanese-language classes by several ways such as lectures and workshops. Participants will obtain cross-cultural understanding ability through interaction with their classmates. In addition, field trip, visits to local schools and cultural demonstration such as tea ceremony are planned.
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