Donations to the Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation aims to conduct broader and more active international cultural exchange programs by securing understanding of Japan and support from the private sectors, organizations and individuals. To further promote international cultural exchange, the Japan Foundation sincerely asks for your understanding and generous support.

Your donations will support the Japan Foundation's worldwide activities.

Discretionary Donations
The amount and timing of donations may be decided at your convenience.
There are two different types of donations as follows.
Donations for program expenses [Individuals/Corporations]
These donations are allocated to expenses for the Japan Foundation's programs during the same fiscal year in which the donation has been received. According to the donor's request, the donation can be allocated to expenses for a particular project during the fiscal year.
Donations to operational funds (private endowments)[Individuals/Corporations]
These donations are deposited in the Japan Foundation's funds, and the accrued interest is allocated in perpetuity for program expenses.
Annual Donations as Membership Fee [Corporations]
These donations are allocated to support the Japan Foundation's programs on a long-term basis.
Corporate Membership System (Sanjo-Kai)
These donations are designed for corporations and organizations. For members, there are some benefits including invitation to events, free subscription or discounted sales of the Japan Foundation's publications and others.
※These donations are applied to the operating expenses of international cultural exchange programs implemented by the Japan Foundation. Such donations are not applied to general administrative expenses.
※Taxation benefits are applied to donations to the Japan Foundation in terms of income tax, corporate tax and inheritance tax in compliance with related laws in Japan. For more information, please refer to "Taxation Benefits".
Please contact us for inquiry about donations to the Japan Foundation.

Designated Donations Program

Under this program, donations from domestic individuals and corporations who intend to support international cultural exchange programs conducted inside and outside Japan are received by the Japan Foundation, which is a Designated Public Benefit Organization, with the understanding that they will be used for grants to the organizations that implement the specific cultural exchange programs. By utilizing this program, such donations to support the specific programs are treated as donations to the Japan Foundation, and the donors are eligible to receive taxation benefits.

For more information about Designated Donations Program, please visit: